Right-sided sinusitis: symptoms and treatment at home

How to cure sinusitis right?

The most frequent disease is the inflammation of the maxillary sinuses. Sinusitis can affect only a single paranasal sinus or localized in two areas. According to the current medical statistics, to date, are most often diagnosed acute right maxillary sinusitis. This disease is accompanied by severe pain in the head, with feeling of pressure from the affected parties, sleep disturbance, loss of appetite and other symptoms of intoxication.

If you have symptoms of the disease okolonosovyh sinus take immediate action. Sinusitis can become chronic stage or become the primary cause of more complex processes in the body. In case of wrong treatment or a wrong diagnosis, purulent accumulations that are circumcised in the maxillary sinus, spreading to nearby tissues and cause a number of dangerous diseases.

The causes of sinusitis

Right-sided sinusitis is one type of sinusitis. In this condition the process affects only one maxillary sinus, which was localized on the right side of the skull. At this time, patients complain of pain only on one side.

Right maxillary sinusitis is the most frequent form of the disease. The cause of its manifestation lies in a weak immune system, various benign or malignant neoplasms, congenital pathological disorders of the structure of the nasal sinuses or as a result of viral damage.

In addition, maxillary sinusitis on the right side may appear due to an infectious disease, goes untreated acute respiratory disease, prolonged rhinitis, or because of incorrect drug therapy of acute rhinitis.

Additional causes of sinusitis on the right side include a deviated septum or trauma to the nose due to a game or contact sport.

In addition, sinusitis can occur due to allergic reactions to medications, six animals, bloom, some food.

Important! Spa treatment begins with diagnosis of the disease. To apply any medications to determine the type and localization of the disease is forbidden!

Symptoms of right-sided sinusitis

To determine the onset of the inflammatory process by the appropriate clinical picture of the disease. If the patient has a long time a sore nose with one hand, he feels unwell, refuses food and sleep poorly, it is important to undergo examination by a ENT doctor. Signs of intoxication appear as a warning symptoms.

The main symptoms of inflammation of the right side of the maxillary sinus include:

  • pain mainly on the right side of the face;
  • feeling pressure from the inflamed side of the maxillary sinuses;
  • pain on palpation of the nose;
  • bursting between the eyebrows;
  • watery eyes;
  • the increase in body temperature up to 39 degrees Celsius;
  • photophobia;
  • the appearance of abundant mucous or viscous secretions of transparent color;
  • stuffy nose only on the right side;
  • violation of nasal breathing;
  • with the progression of the disease the patient appear yellow or green snot;
  • the patient sleep only on the left side;
  • refusal to eat;
  • twang;
  • soreness after ingestion;
  • dryness of the nasal mucosa;
  • itching and irritation in the nasal passages;
  • swelling of the eyelids;
  • change tone of voice;
  • swelling of mucous membrane;
  • change the color of the nose and mucous membranes;
  • strong signs of intoxication.

In contrast to the acute or chronic form of the disease, sinusitis on the right side accompanied by severe fatigue, presence of foul-smelling aromas from the mouth or nose, and persistent cough.

Important! Cough associated with sinusitis appears as a reflex process for draining mucus in the throat.

In addition, additional symptoms may include the formation of small cracks in the right nostril and crusts in the nasal ways.

Regardless of the causes and clinical picture of the disease, identify symptoms and prescribe treatment right sinusitis needs attending.

Diagnosis and further treatment

So the patient was prescribed the necessary medication, the patient should undergo several types of inspections and tests. Combined therapy may be appointed only after establishing a clear diagnosis.

Experienced ENT physician should determine the localization of the disease, to determine the form and mechanism of disease development and determine the degree of damage okolonosovyh sinus. To do this, the audiologist should conduct the examination with otoscopy, endoscopy and computed tomography. To identify the number of pus in the right maxillary sinus is sufficient to hold an x-ray.

How to cure sinusitis right

After all analyses, the patient may prescribe outpatient treatment. It consists of receiving the following drugs:

  • In bacterial development of sinusitis in the right side is assigned antibiotic therapy. Usually patients prescribed the following drugs – «Amoxiclav», «Cefazolin», «Ceftriaxone», «flemoksin soljutab», «Azithromycin», «Sumamed», «Micropin». The course of treatment should not be less than five days and no more than two weeks.
  • To release the nasal passages necessary vasoconstrictor nasal sprays and drops. To eliminate mucus are assigned «Naphazoline», «Galazolin», «Naphazoline», «Nazivin», «Otrivin», «Nazol». To apply nasal drops can be no more than seven days. Dosing is selected based on the nature of the inflammation.
  • In allergic sinusitis okolonosovyh the right sinus drops are necessary to reduce the symptoms of inflammation. In this case, it is best to use the drops of the second group, for example, «lower blood pressure mother».
  • To get rid of allergic sinusitis, you can use antihistamine drugs – «Zyrtec», «Tavegil», «Effective», «loratadine». However, complete cure comes only after the removal of the allergen.
  • In the course of treatment right sinusitis include nasal lavage with the use of antiseptics. For the rehabilitation of nose use solutions by the use of «Miramistina» or «Dioksidina». They destroy the bacterial concentrations in the mucosa and improve the function of organ of respiration.
  • In addition to rehabilitation of the nose with antiseptics, the patient required combined drops – «Izofra», «Polideksa» or «Bioparox».
  • To reduce pain in the treatment you can use analgesics «Aspirin», «Nurofen» or «Panadol».
  • In the treatment of sinusitis on the one hand it is important to thin out the secretion which has accumulated in the right paranasal sinus. To do this, use mucolytics «Sinuforte», «Acetylcysteine».

To right-sided sinusitis disappeared forever in the course of treatment add drugs to improve the immune system.


If the treatment of sinusitis conservative method did not produce results, the patient can assign surgery. Surgery is required if symptoms persist, and the patient’s condition deteriorates with each passing day.

To date, surgical treatment can be carry out in the following ways:

  • with the help of puncture of the right maxillary sinus through the sinus wall;
  • with Yamik catheter according to Dr. Kozlova;
  • with the expansion of channels in the nasal passages (balloon sinusplasty);
  • During open surgery, called hamartoma.

Important! Treatment of diabetes by surgery can be avoided if you just went to the doctor.

Traditional methods

In some cases, physicians may recommend alternative therapies. Treatment right sinusitis in the home is not prohibited, but use recipes only after consulting with your doctor.


To reduce symptoms doctors advise to use onions. Its healing properties help to eliminate mucus and return to nasal breathing. To use the vegetable should:

  1. Peel a small onion and finely chop.
  2. Squeeze the juice of the vegetable.
  3. In the mixture, add five drops of water and stir the product.
  4. To enter the tool nose after washing the nasal passages.

A day doctors recommend, place to four times. At once enter no more than three drops. The treatment lasts for fourteen days.

Beet juice

To reduce the symptoms of sinusitis, use another method based on beet juice. This product will help to rid the patient of mucus in the nasal pathways, to soften the shell and to return the function of organ of respiration.

  1. To cook drops on the basis of beet peel the vegetable and grate it on a fine grater.
  2. Squeeze all the juice out.
  3. Add in a solution of five drops of pure bottled water.
  4. Stir the remedy and put in the refrigerator for fifteen minutes.

Enter nose drops morning and evening for one week. Then take a break and repeat the course of treatment.


In the complex treatment of sinusitis includes moisturizing the sinuses. Use the product of beekeeping. Lubricate fresh propolis nasal mucosa, and after fifteen minutes rinse it way with warm water. After that drip into the nose, one drop of any oil.


Remember that the right treatment for sinusitis it is best to start at the earliest stages. In this case, you will be able to avoid the formation of chronic. If the cause of sinusitis is in the patients teeth, the patient is required to pay to the dentist.

In allergic rhinitis get tested at the allergist. Treatment can begin only after identifying and removing the irritant. When trauma to the nasal passages, which caused sinusitis, eliminate mucosal edema and inflammation only after surgical intervention.

Following the basic rules, you will heal sinusitis for a very short time.

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