Ringing in ear after shooting — what to do if laid his ear

What to do if laid his ear after the shooting?

Often human activity involves a risk to health, even the traditional hobby may turn into a «professional» diseases. Fortunately, many of them, except for serious «production» of injury, not have a negative impact on our lives in the long run.

These problems include, for example, ringing in ear after shooting. In some situations, this symptom can really promise long-term treatment, but often fails to do physiotherapy treatments, simple exercises, and short-term methods of medicines. It is important to understand why the ringing in ear after shooting paired this phantom sound with the development of a serious illness, and — most importantly — what to do in such situations.

The nature of the symptom

As you know, any loud noises affect hearing people. Even if these sounds are the result of playing music in my ears (in the interior) is the process of damage to tiny nerve endings.

Often this is the cause of the nagging ringing noise and hum in my ear. Under the influence of loud sound disrupted and blood vessels passing in the ears.

In addition, the hearing impaired or the occurrence of phantom sounds might be related to the fact that under the influence of powerful sound waves suffered little hairs, which are located on the cochlea.

Against the background of such damage is a negative impact on nerve endings:

  • inflammation;
  • deteriorating hearing;
  • sometimes changing the perception of your voice;
  • arise phantom sounds (buzzing, ringing, noise, hum).

Shooting on the range, not the exception, because the source of the loud sound during shooting is extremely close to the ear of the person. Patients often complain doctors otolaryngologists for ringing in the ears that won’t go away for weeks.

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Of course, it is better to adopt preventive measures to protect ears while shooting, but if you prevent these unpleasant sensations, failed, it is important to know what to do if laid his ear after firing, or if this congestion is accompanied by a haunting phantom noises.

Conservative treatment

To clarify the reason why the shooting turned ringing and congestion in the ears, it is best to see a doctor — sometimes Hobbies turn out to severe diseases.

Shooting, for example, can cause acoustic trauma to the auditory analyzer during which a patient is concerned about all of the above symptoms. As a result, the patient can diagnose a neuritis of the auditory nerve, which is fraught with partial or complete loss of auditory functions.

As a rule, in such cases, the patient is administered:

  • vascular therapy;
  • auditory alone;
  • massage and physiotherapy (electrophoresis, magnetic therapy);
  • vitamins;
  • biologically active substances, biogenic stimulators;
  • acupuncture.

Important! Sometimes congestion and ringing in the ears may be accompanied by severe pain. In such situations, the doctor sudolog in conjunction with the otolaryngologist can make a decision on the appointment of sedatives, painkillers.

Laid the ear after shooting: what to do?

Pre-events are reduced to simple dressings, and exercises through which a person can try to eliminate arose after the shooting, the ringing and noise in ears at home.

Doctors in one voice say that the disease is a signal that you must abandon the self-medication.

In cases where urgent visit Laura is not possible, you can try to alleviate the condition in the following ways:

  1. Breathing exercise. It is necessary to tightly close the nostrils with thumb and forefinger and then try to exhale through your nose (your mouth is closed). If this exercise in the case of the patient is effective in the process of exhalation in the ears can occur «click», followed by improvement of hearing, the disappearance of phantom sounds.
  2. Clicking on the skull. One home exercise that is sometimes effective after the shooting, is the creation of alternative noise. Necessary with reasonable force to knock the index finger on the skull near the ear of disturbing (in a process similar to clicks, which checks the ripeness of watermelons in the summer season). After about 40-50 clicks, some patients noted the disappearance of the phantom sounds and improve hearing.
  3. Alcohol turundy. It is necessary to wring out wool thin the wicks, soak them in water diluted with alcohol (vodka is sometimes used) and insert into the ear for 2-4 hours. Such turundy will warm the ear canal and, often, will improve sound.

Important! If the above methods do not work then you must cease the initiative and to go to the doctor.

Thus, the emergence of a sense of stuffiness and ringing in the ears after shooting is not uncommon. Immediately after noisy activities should not panic: to consult a doctor for initial examination, and audiometry are required, if after a few hours of unpleasant noises and ears are not.

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However, only a timely appeal to the doctor often allows you to eliminate the disease quickly and without negative consequences, so zealous «medical Amateur» in the case of the ear nerves is impossible.