Ringing in ear: causes and treatment — what to do for deliverance

Why ringing in the ear how to cure it?

Tinnitus (the medical term is tinnitus) is able to indicate the presence of disease of one of ear departments. Most often tinnitus is only a symptom that indicates the presence of one of ailments. Distinguish bilateral and unilateral noise. Experts indicate that while in complete silence, people can hear to physiological noise, which is normal. This ringing indicates the movement of blood in small vessels is in the region of the inner ear.

Most often 90% of the population appears tinnitus and it is the norm. Therefore, if the patient wants to know what he’s talking about ringing in the ears, the doctor is obliged to check a variety of factors to identify whether the noise pathology. If the patient complains of constant ringing in the ear cavity, in 80% cases, it indicates the disease of hearing. Experts distinguish two types of ringing: subjective (it can only be heard by people) and objective (very rare, such noise hears not only the patient, but also the surrounding).

Causes of ringing in ears and head

Factors causing the noise in your hearing quite a lot. The most common reasons why you may receive a sharp ringing in the ear, are:

  • diseases of the internal organs;
  • administration of drugs stimulating the nervous system (caffeine, nicotine, quinine);
  • professional activities (work on the airfield, punch in the shop, mine);
  • loud and harsh sounds when listening to music (sound goes after people a good night’s sleep);
  • stressful situation;
  • the use of medications (aspirin, duaration, antidepressants, antibiotics).

The types of diseases

Tinnitus in some cases it indicates the presence of degenerative disc disease. In this disease the bone tissue grows and begins to pinch the vertebral artery and nerve fibers. Such changes provoke sound vibrations.

Noise can provoke an otolaryngological disease (catarrhal otitis media, tubootitis), in which fluid accumulates in the Eustachian tube. In these phenomena to understand why my ears are ringing — just as it is the resulting liquid affects the transmission of sound waves and causes a resounding crack.

With dystonia tinnitus can occasionally occur and disappear. With acute migraine there is noise in the ears that disappears after the headache subsides.

Prolonged hypertension affects the auditory receptors. With this ailment may decrease the hearing, the patient hears strange sounds. Trigger noise in ears hypertension and atherosclerosis, which in the most severe cases cause a nervous breakdown in a patient.

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Unpleasant pulsating ringing appears in atherosclerosis. Neurinoma of the auditory nerve are also accompanied by noise in the ear cavity. In this case, the patient complains loud and long lasting sound.

If the patient does not know why the ringing in the ear causes should also be sought in endocrine diseases. In this case, diabetes and thyroid disease can cause periodic appearance of ringing in the ears.

Tinnitus may indicate diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Meniere’s disease, sensorineural hearing loss, hypotension.


Before you assign a therapy, the doctor performs a complete diagnosis and know what drugs the patient is taking.

Constant ringing in ears causes of which triggered by medications (treatment in each individual case is assigned to a different), is easily eliminated by selecting the proper medicine.

If medication is chosen correctly, then the patient then disappear complaints of tinnitus. In the absence of disease of internal organs the doctor enough to clean the ear canal from accumulated sulfur to eliminate tinnitus.

To understand how to eliminate ringing in the ear, the doctor can only after a thorough medical examination of the patient.

If the noise is in the ear cavity is associated with disease of other organs, the doctor may prescribe a treatment option:

  1. Migraine and dystonia the patient is obliged to observe the regime and take tonic medicines. To eliminate noise in the ears help drugs that stimulate the cerebral blood flow (cinarizin, piracetam), and vitamin B.
  2. For the treatment of tubootitis, the patient should use medications that help to bring the accumulated in the Eustachian tube fluid (Serrat). Antibacterial drugs (flemoksin, Amoxiclav) are also an important part of therapy.
  3. In the case of cervical osteochondrosis the doctor prescribes a set of procedures.
  4. Hypertension the patient will be discharged receiving beta or alpha blockers, which eliminate ringing in the ears.
  5. In the treatment of General symptoms, the doctor prescribes antidepressants, recommends reducing caffeine intake, as well as a light sedative at night, etc.
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Traditional methods of treatment

Those who still don’t know what to do if the ringing in my ears, unable to see the folk remedies.

To get rid of tinnitus is possible using potatoes with honey.

Potato slices pre-treated with honey and puts in his ears.

In each ear it is necessary to have one piece of vegetable. Head at the top should be bred with a handkerchief. The procedure must be performed until the noise disappears completely.

Resolve tinnitus will help congee. To cook 3 tablespoons of rice, pour 2 cups boiling water overnight. In the morning the water must be drained and add another 2 cups of liquid, then boil for 2-3 min.

In rice mixture added to a 3 prong garlic. The finished pudding should be eaten warm. If the use of therapeutic consistency regularly, the ringing will soon pass.

Ear drops are prepared on the basis of the onions and cumin eliminate severe ringing in the ears (the cause of which may be different). To prepare the medication will need 1 onion and bake in the oven, pre-stuffed it with caraway seeds.

When the onion is ready, you must squeeze it, and instilled into the ear (2-3 drops) twice a day. Treatment should be carried out for three days.

Preventive measures

To prevent ringing in the ears are possible, if carefully monitor their health. Doctors recommend promptly treat infections and colds. Not to aggravate the aggravation of ailments such as: sinusitis, rhinitis, COPD, otitis media. The patient is required to treat colds, not allowing the infection to spread to the middle ear.

If a person has low back pain, prevent tinnitus help massage (self-massage) of the head and neck region of the neck. Physical exercises to strengthen the cervical spine, will also help to prevent the appearance of noise in the ear cavity. Daily walks in the fresh air, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and adequate sleep (7-8 hours) is an effective prevention against this unpleasant phenomenon.

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Fans of music need to stop wondering why sometimes ringing in the ear, and begin to monitor the volume in their headphones. To listen to audio on the train is not recommended, as it is a double burden on the ears. If the profession of the person associated with the noise, then it will be helpful to use earplugs in the workplace.

Especially carefully it is necessary to use ear sticks (or refuse their application), because incorrect cleaning sulfur only gets deeper in the ear wire.

Whatever the causes of ringing in ear treatment should appoint only the doctor after passing the mandatory consultation. Doctors advise patients to try to avoid stressful situations, as they may adversely affect the operation of the hearing aid.

Specialists suggest that drinks containing caffeine (alcohol, coffee, tea, energy) should be consumed in moderation.

Ringing in the ears may not always indicate the presence of disease, as quite often physiological. Due to the fact that the noise is a symptom pointing to disease of various organs, then the treatment shall be done only by a physician.

To prevent noise in the ear cavity is much easier than treatment, so it is extremely important to adhere to simple measures and to monitor their health.