Ringstop: instructions for use, spray, drops and tablets and rates

How to use «Ringstop»?

Most doctors in the treatment of acute respiratory infections and SARS include in the therapeutic regimen the drug «Ringstop». Instructions for use this medical product is evidence of the effectiveness «of Rhinoscope» as symptomatic treatment to reduce the pronounced inflammation of the nasal mucosa.

The pharmacological effect of «Rhinoscope» and its composition

In the appointment of this pharmacological agents, some patients wonder: drug «Ringstop» vasoconstrictor or not, as they fear the appearance of possible side effects of the drug.

Medication for intranasal use belongs to the group of medications alpha agonists acting on adrenergic receptors, located in vascular walls of the nasal mucosa.

In other words, «Ringstop» has a pronounced vasoconstrictor effect, which helps to alleviate nasal congestion, eliminate swelling of the mucosa and hyperemia.

To exclude side reactions can be adhering to the correct dosing of the drug. Following the exact doctor’s instructions, the likelihood of adverse reactions is minimized, and the effect of the use comes instantly.

The photo shows areas of inflammation of the mucosa that are affected by the «Ringstop». Therapeutic effect begins in 2 minutes after use and last for 8 – 10 hours.

The therapeutic range of use is wide enough. In practice is used for the treatment of rhinitis bacterial, allergic and viral nature:

  • rhinitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • hay fever;
  • sinusitis.

Also included in treatment of otitis media in the preparation of patients for diagnostic, laboratory research, as well as to the treatments of the turbinates and nasal passages.

«Ringstop» refers to drugs whose action develops in the place of its use, virtually eliminated absorption of substances in the blood system. The minimum concentration of active substance in the extracellular liquid part of blood (plasma).

Exact dosage of medicinal product does not prohibit its use before driving does not affect the coordination state of the human psyche and blood pressure.

In case of exceeding the value of single total or the application of medication is necessary to abandon the operation of the vehicle.

Important! The application of the «Rhinoscope» excludes the simultaneous treatment of tetracyclic antidepressants and monoamine oxidase inhibitors, which are used for the treatment of patients in the doldrums.


The main active substance is Xylometazoline. Has a decongestant effect, promotes easier breathing. This substance is often found in the composition of medicines to eliminate nasal congestion of various etiologies.

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Xylometazoline actively suppresses the production aconselho secret, which greatly facilitates the patient’s condition.

The «Rhinoscope» contains auxiliary elements in the form of sodium chloride (NaCl), ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, benzalkonium chloride, sodium phosphate, monokaliy and purified water.

Depending on the method of production of the drug composition may vary slightly.

Release form

«Ringstop» is presented in pharmacies in several dosage forms – solid dosage form, liquid form as drops and spray, syrup:

  1. Nasal drops in the nose «Ringstop» produced with different concentrations of the active ingredient of 0.05% and 0.1%. The quantitative composition of the solution with the figure of 0.05% is intended for the treatment of children. Vials with a capacity of 10, 15 and 20 ml. equipped with a special dropper that allows you to control the assigned dosing of the drug. Therapeutic effect is noticeable after 5 to 10 minutes.
  2. Spray «Ringstop» is implemented in the identical drops with the ratio of active substance to the solution. The only difference is the availability on the bottle nozzle sprayer. The spray allows you to irrigate a large part of the nasal mucosa, the effect of the application is observed within 2 minutes. Consumers available in bottles of 10, 15, 20 and 30 ml.
  3. Pills «Ringstop» represent the combined means, which contains paracetamol. The effect of the drug aimed at eliminating symptoms of a cold, reduced body temperature, suppression of free histamine, vascular constriction and elimination of puffiness of the nasal cavity. Also the tablets have bronchodilatory and antitussive effect. Packing – 10 tablets per package.
  4. Syrup. Prescribed for colds, flu, allergic rhinitis. Used in the treatment of children. Has the same effect as the pills. Is sold in vials of 100 ml. Therapeutic effect occurs within 20 minutes.

Important! While using «Rhinoscope» with a group of drugs corticosteroids there is an increased risk of developing glaucoma.

Contraindications to the use of

In order to avoid responses of the organism, the drug is assigned exclusively to a treating specialist after determining the etiology of the disease and the individual patient.

With caution is included in the therapeutic regimen of patients:

  • with individual intolerance to the active substance of the drug;
  • with tachycardia;
  • hypertension;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • after undergoing surgical treatment help in the meninges;
  • dystrophy of the shell nose (atrophic rhinitis);
  • with a diagnosis of angle-closure glaucoma;
  • with chronic defects of the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract or duodenum;
  • children under 2 years of age.
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«Ringstop» may trigger a spasm of blood vessels and preeclampsia in the period of carrying a child, therefore it is not recommended for use in all trimesters of pregnancy.

Lactation allows for the use of the drug only if the threat to the life of the mother outweighs the risk of potential risk to the fetus.

Possible side effects

Failure to comply with the values of single or daily use of the medical product increases the likelihood of adverse reactions in the form of cardiac arrhythmias (bradycardia, tachycardia), skin rashes and itching hyperexcitability.

You may receive a feeling of tiredness, a sleep disorder, to be sleepy. In rare cases, after prolonged use of the medication, the patient may encounter:

  • with swelling and dryness of the nasal mucosa;
  • with a reflex eruption of stomach contents through the mouth;
  • pain in the head or neck;
  • excess discharge of mucus from the nose;
  • with irritation and frequent sneezing;
  • with deterioration of visual function of the eye.

How much is the «Ringstop»

The drug is released in pharmacies without a prescription. Depending on the method of production, the cost may vary slightly. Average prices for «Anestop» range from 90 – 300 rubles.

How to use «Ringstop» adults and children

Depending on the dosage form means the dosage and course of treatment may vary. The daily rate of the drug determined by the attending specialist, based on the age of the patient.

Drops (the duration of therapy should not exceed 5 days):

  • for adults and children over 6 years 1 – 2 drops in each nasal canal, not more than 2 – 3 times a day;
  • for children 2 – 6 years are assigned a «Ringstop» of 0.05%, 1 drop in each nostril, not more than 3 times a day.

Spray (treatment, not to exceed 5 days):

  • adults and children over 6 years – 1 irrigation channel of each nose, 3 times a day;
  • children from 2 – 6 years, appointed by the spray of 0.05% by one injection in each nostril, not more than 3 times a day.

Tablet form of the drug (therapy limited to five days):

  • adults and children over 12 years – 1 tablet four doses a day;
  • to 12 years – daily rate equivalent to 2 tablets, which are taken after equal time interval four times per day (one pill split in half).
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Syrup (the duration of treatment – no more than 4-5 days). Often prescribed to patients young age (2 – 12 years):

  • children from 2 – 5 years – the daily rate should not exceed 10 ml.;
  • from 5 – 12 years – 20 ml. a day.

Important! For children under the age of six years, «Ringstop» of 0.1% is contraindicated.

Analogues drugs

In case of any side effects, you must consult a doctor for treatment. The pharmacological market offers a sufficient number of medicines with similar action, in which similar components:

  1. «Taufon».
  2. «Rinorus».
  3. «Xylometazoline».
  4. «Xylitol».
  5. «Glycine».
  6. «Espanoles».

It is very important not to self-medicate and to entrust the selection of such drug to a doctor, who will select the optimal dosage is based on your individual circumstances.

Patient testimonials

Elena. I am an opponent of vasoconstrictor drops, as they are addictive. But sometimes I have to step away from their beliefs, without them, I, alas, do not always cope with nasal congestion. Optimal for me is «Ringstop». I quite 3 days of treatment, then escape regular washing of the nose.

Irina. Use «Rhinoscope» quite a long time. Really helping me out. Quite a few drops and nasal congestion, you can forget ten hours. A huge advantage for me is its price, quite affordable option vasoconstrictive drops. In autumn and winter, stocking up on several bottles.


«Ringstop» quite effective pharmacological agent in the treatment of many diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Compliance with the exact requirements of a healthcare specialist will allow you to avoid unexpected reactions of the body and get rid of this pesky cold.