Rinofluimutsil during pregnancy: 1, 2, 3 trimester and instruction

As to “Rinofluimutsil” during pregnancy?

Pregnancy does not exclude the possibility of infection with pathogenic microorganisms that pose a threat to the life of the mother and fetus. In violation of the respiratory process triggered by inflammation of the nasal mucosa, the current will be «Rinofluimutsil» during pregnancy. The reviews about the drug to prove its effectiveness.

But the opinions of medical bodies about the safety of the product is twofold. The use of pharmacological agents without the appointment of a qualified endangers the health of the mother and child.

The description of the drug

Nasal spray belongs to the group of decongestant drugs whose action is directed to the relief of the edema of the nasopharynx, removal formations of nasal secretions.

In comparison with other vasoconstrictor medications, medicine of the Italian pharmaceutical plant «Sambos.p.A» — «Rinofluimutsil» deserves special attention.

In the composition of the drug contains two main components:

  • acetylcystein, under which there is a gap disulfidnykh compounds in the molecules of mucus, thinning of the mucous formations. Drug has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant abilities;
  • the tuaminogeptana performs sympathomimetic function, has a vasoconstrictive effect.

The presence of these components helps to improve the condition of the patient, relieved breath, however, if used improperly, the ingredients can cause side effects.

How to get the smell at home, you can find here.

The drug is liquid transparent color with a mint scent. Packaged in bottles with a capacity of 10 ml, equipped with a spray to irrigate the nasal passages.

Doctors do not call to completely abandon the drug, and interpretiruya it as a complex therapy of inflammation of mucosa and blood vessels of the turbinates. Its application is justified when the diagnosis of acute rhinitis with the formation of purulent exudates.

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Application and contraindications

Instructions for use of «Rinofluimutsil» during pregnancy allows for its use in the diagnosis of the following pathologies:

  • sinusitis;
  • chronic rhinitis with the formation of purulent mucus with clots;
  • vazomotornaya.

Contraindicated use of the drug in conjunction with antidepressants. If the regimen is supplemented with inhibitors of MAO, before using the nasal spray must be at least 14 days.

Among the contraindications are diseases of the cardiovascular system, hypersensitivity, diabetes mellitus and closed our coal glaucoma.

Overdose or undesirable effects are listed below deviations:

  • a tremor of fingers of the upper extremities;
  • acne or an allergic rash;
  • the increase production of sebaceous secretion;
  • heart palpitations;
  • violation of urination;
  • dryness of the mucosa of the turbinates;
  • high blood pressure.

To improve the effectiveness of the drug before the procedure, the sinuses are freed from mucus with saline. The cure is found in each nasal passage 2 injections 4 times every 3 hours.

The rate of application does not exceed 7 days, to prevent the addiction to medical substances.

«Rinofluimutsil» in pregnancy 1 trimester

In the period from the moment of conception until 12 weeks of pregnancy laid the bodies that formed the beginnings of the Central nervous system, stretches the lower limbs, occurs cell division and fetal development.

An important condition for the natural formation of organic systems is to supply the body with useful substances, minimizing interventions in the development process.

For reference! At this time it is acceptable to use saline solutions, nasal products mineral composition, which have a beneficial effect on the epithelium of the nose: «Phrase», «Akvamaris», «Humer», «Allergol», «Cold», «Pikovit», «Euphorbiaceae».

Active components «Rinofluimutsil» causes narrowing of blood vessels that can trigger the development of fetal hypoxia.To preserve the baby’s health drugs, the drug is not appointed for the first trimester.

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Side effects from the use of 2 trimester of pregnancy

The second trimester covers the period from the 13th to the 27th week. By the end of this period, the organic system of the fetus is almost formed, so the proper use of medication is not a threat to life of the unborn child.

The drug has no teratogenic action. In compliance with therapeutic norms, the constituent elements do not enter the blood stream, do not participate in the process of lymph flow.

«Rinofluimutsil» during pregnancy (2nd trimester) is an effective anti-inflammatory for nasal cavities, is not a threat to the life and development of the unborn baby.

The effectiveness of the drug in 3rd trimester

The last three months of gestation starts from 27 weeks and ends with birth (40 weeks). The lack of air on late-term threat to the fetus of oxygen, as a result of premature birth or the risk of intrauterine death, CNS physiological abnormalities.

Important! Regardless of trimester of pregnancy is absolutely contraindicated «Protargol», «Pazin», «I», «Farial». Medicines, where the composition includes the components of Oxymetazoline, fenilafrina, ephedrine, phenylpropanolamine.

The list of valid medication with the approach to the final months of expanding, supplemented with antibiotic and vasoconstrictor drugs. When diagnosing diseases of viral etiology, symptomatic treatment will be ineffective.

Advisable to doctors prescribe complex therapy, including «Rinofluimutsil». During pregnancy (3 trimester) permitted short-term use of this pharmaceutical preparation according to doctor’s recommendation.

Speaking about efficiency and safety «Rinofluimutsil» for girls in the period of carrying a child, you need to weigh the benefits of a drug with the potential threat to the development and life of the fetus.

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The use of pharmacological agents show a positive trend with limited use on the second and third trimester, strictly according to the recommendations of the doctor without exceeding the daily value and therapy.


Alexander. 15 weeks pregnant caught SARS, and pus. Depressed condition aggravated headache, mucosal swelling, shortness of breath. The therapist has appointed «Rinofluimutsil» in a child’s dosage, the course of 3-4 days, citing bacterial nature of the disease. On the third day the condition had improved, which was followed by treatment with mineral Foundation. So, «Rinofluimutsil» promptly removed the symptoms of the common cold without the threat of risk to the health of the fetus.

Anna. Hospitalized before birth with the diagnosis of respiratory infections. In the complex treatment was designated «Rinofluimutsil». The effect is felt on the third day of use, it became easier to breathe, decreased mucus. Pleasant surprised by the cost of the drug (200 rubles). Now the whole family at the first symptoms of a cold virus escape character «Rinofluimutsil».