Rotokan during pregnancy: instructions for use, rinse

Can I use Rotokan during pregnancy?

Everyone knows that during the development of the embryo in the belly of the expectant mother, the woman suffer from many limitations. At this time forbidden to be treated by many drugs, as most of them are dangerous for the baby. Uncontrolled medications medications can trigger pathological development of the child.

To avoid the adverse consequences of the inflammatory process in the body of a pregnant woman, treatment should be carried out with the help of a doctor. The most common cause of respiratory inflammation are diseases for which required lavage of the nose. In this case, doctors prescribe rinses «Protocanon». How to carry out the procedure and whether «Rotokan» during pregnancy learn this article.

The use of «Rotokan» in case of pregnancy

«Rotokan» is the most popular drug for lavage of the nasopharynx in the case of pregnancy. This drug reduces signs of inflammation and has a strong effect due to plant origin. For this reason, many pregnant women are not afraid of lavage this drug.

Rotokan is a collection of plant herbs, but the active substances are:

  • yarrow;
  • chamomile;
  • calendula.

The combination of these herbs allows you to provide effective result in viral and infectious inflammation.

It should be noted that active components of the drugs do not penetrate into the blood vessels, so they are not dangerous for the mother and for the fetus.

Exerting anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effect, the medication gently cleanses the nasal passages from mucous secretions.

In addition, the drug destroys the virus and infection, which caused the formation of a cold, flu, rhinitis.

Some doctors say that if you distrust drug «Rotokan» for nasal irrigation you can use its active components separately. To do this, purchase yarrow, chamomile or calendula in a pharmaceutical item and to make the solution. A decoction of these plants helps to reduce the symptoms of inflammation and provide effective treatment of catarrhal inflammations.

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Medicine «Rotokan» recommended for the manifestation of severe pain in the region of the nasopharynx, in the event the swelling and irritation and at the first sign of a sore throat, sinusitis or nasal congestion. After rinsing the patient is experiencing the restore functions of the nasopharynx and facilitate nasal breathing.

In addition to these inflammation, «Rotokan» can be used indoors in case of gastritis, colitis and other unpleasant inflammations of this region. But with this treatment the drug is strictly contraindicated for pregnant women. It is known that the drug is very harmful for the placenta to fetus, so risks the maximum.

If you during treatment «Rotokino» the ingestion breastfeeding, it is necessary to abandon lactation. This is due to the composition of the drug. Its structure is alcohol, which can lead to any negative outcome in case of gestation.

Any treatment should be supervised by the attending physician as necessary to exclude any risk of complications.

Among other contraindications noted the ban on use of medication with individual intolerance of active components of the medication, and possible allergic reactions.

In the second case, the drug is not contraindicated, but you need to be especially careful lavage.

With the appearance of itching, burning, sneezing, swelling mucous membranes, and any other manifestations rinse nose and mouth with purified water. In continued taking the drug undesirable.

Keep in mind that any contact with the allergen, swelling of the mucous membrane may be increased. In this case, there is the risk of angioedema, and dysfunction of the upper respiratory tract.

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How lavage

Instructions for use of «Rotokan» during pregnancy warns that to do any manipulation with the inflammation of the body of the expectant mother should be under the supervision of a physician.

During pregnancy you cannot apply the full dosage, despite the fact that the drug does not cause side effects and can be applied in any trimester, without fear of consequences.

To use the medication, it is necessary to carry out the following manipulation:

  1. Prepare the solution directly before the application.
  2. Do not store the solution for washing for a long time.
  3. For cooking liquid, you must use disposable dishes. Each manufacturer mixes use only new containers.
  4. Do not use metal utensils for cooking impurities.
  5. Boil small amount of water and add one teaspoon of the drug.
  6. Stir the remedy and leave to cool for a few minutes.
  7. The tool should be warm, but not asarualim.
  8. Dial a small amount of the mixture in your mouth and bend your head back.
  9. Gargle for sixty seconds and spit you out.

Repeat the procedure for five minutes four times a day. Rinse the throat necessary for thirty minutes before taking food. Taking food immediately after rinsing, you will neutralize all the active components of the drug.

After the lavage, the patient can appear dizziness, nausea or even vomiting.

The first two cases are fairly common. In this case, a pregnant woman should lie down for fifteen minutes.

After the procedure it is necessary to analyze the condition of the patient.

For all forms of itching, burning or irritation in the nasopharynx, and in the case of swelling of the mucous membrane or a sudden tearing you must consult a doctor. Such features characterize the emergence of Allergy to medicinal components.

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In the absence of side symptoms treat need every day. Usually after the fifth application of the medication all the symptoms of inflammation are. But in order to avoid relapse you need to wash the throat for another two days.


Despite the fact that «Rotokan» a harmless drug, we should not forget that its composition is ethanol. The penetration of such substances in the blood are not excluded unwanted effects on the embryo. Therefore, lavage this drug should only as directed by your doctor. During the procedure, try to do not get a solution in the esophagus.

When you assign «Rotokan» doctor nose clean, you need to strictly follow dosing. If any adverse action lavage should be discontinued.