Runny nose and watery eyes: what to do, and how to treat

What to do if watery eyes with a cold?

Symptoms of rhinitis are delivered to the patient is very unpleasant moments. For example, in acute inflammation of the nasal mucosa of the patient appears the body temperature and congestion in the nasal passages. In addition, patients often complain of sneezing and watery eyes.

If from the accumulation of mucous secretions can be eliminated by using nasal lavage and use of vasoconstrictive drops, repair the symptoms with watery eyes much harder. In this article you can learn how to treat severe runny nose and watery eyes. However, before use of medicinal drugs pay attention to the annotations of medicines and do not break the rules of reception of each drug.

Causes and symptoms of the common cold

Rhinitis appears in the background of bacterial or viral infection of the body. Cold in this case acts only as a symptom, not an independent disease. The sooner you notice symptoms of inflammation, the easier it will be to cure.

In addition, the cold can also appear on the background of trauma in the nasal passages, as a result of long walks in the cold, due to improper or excessive use of drugs, especially vasoconstricting drops.

Other reasons include penetration of the nasal cavity foreign object, insect bite and dysfunction of the mucous membrane due to exposure to air conditioning or dry air in the room.

However, the most common cause of epiphora and education of a large number of secretions of a mucous nature – is a year-round or seasonal allergic rhinitis.

How to treat find out here.

The situation worsens if the patient appeared watery eyes. Discharge from the organ of vision and burning sensation in the nasal cavity bring severe discomfort to the patient and degrades the quality of life. If the patient has snot and her eyes, should pay attention to other symptoms.

Rhinitis causes fever, weakness throughout the body, severe discomfort. With the decline of the immune system these symptoms occur especially hard hit.

Necessary medical therapy

In the formation of a catarrhal inflammation of the important to know what to do if watery eyes with a cold and quickly start therapy.Treatment depends on the underlying cause the formation of nasal congestion and watery eyes.

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If watery eyes and snot flowing in an adult, the doctor appoints the medical direction necessary to destroy the source of inflammation.

Treatment for colds

If a stuffy nose and watery eyes due to colds of the respiratory patient is assigned to the following medications:

  • To destroy infections of influenza, SARS or other infections that are localized in the respiratory tract, is necessary, «Amiksin».
  • To reduce the activity of pathogenic viruses, and to eliminate the swelling in the lining of the patient is prescribed «Kagocel».
  • To stimulate the protective cells of the body, the patient should take «the Doctor». In addition to the basic action, the agent will improve immune system function.
  • To prevent synthesis of viral cells, the patient is administered Tamiflu.
  • In the treatment process, it is important to stimulate the activity of lymphocytes. For this, the patient needs to take drugs to enhance the immune system. To achieve this goal, patients are often prescribed»Arbidol».

These drugs should be taken for one week. Do not stop the treatment even after symptoms of the disease and improve well-being. Stopping the medication could result in a relapse of the disease.

Important! If after three days of treatment you don’t feel better, contact your doctor. May need to reconsider the course of therapy and to replace some medicines for more powerful.

Cure rhinitis

To eliminate tearing completely only after the elimination of the causes of the disease. Therefore, in the complex treatment included the use of vasoconstrictor nose drops. However, to apply the drops for constriction of the blood vessels can be no more than five days. Otherwise they will cause dry mucous membranes and a number of adverse symptoms.

Depending on the nature of rhinitis, is assigned to the following medications:

  • To cleanse the nasal passages and moisten the mucous membranes are assigned rewetting drops «Marimer», «saline», «Humer».
  • To narrow blood vessels and reduce the swelling in the mucosa need the following drops «Tizin», «Otrivin», «Galazolin» and others.
  • In most cases, watery eyes appears on the background of allergic reactions in the mucosa. To reduce the sensitivity of the histamine receptors, the patient is assigned to anti-allergic drugs — «Orinol», «Rinofluimutsil».
  • For comprehensive treatment of the assigned antimicrobial drops «Baktroban», «Framycetin». They will destroy the affected cells and speed up the healing process.
  • To reduce the swelling in mucous membrane and restore the function of the respiratory organ are appointed by the hormonal drops «almost four years», «Flixonase».
  • In addition to these nasal of funds to get rid of the inflammation of the mucous to the end is impossible without antiviral drugs — «Kipferon», «Grippferon».
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Keep in mind that to cure rhinitis should in one week. In the future, the disease will pass to a chronic stage and cause more difficult symptoms.

The most famous drops to help reduce symptoms of rhinitis.

The reorganization of the nasopharynx

To improve well-being when watering it is important to wash out the nasopharynx every day. With reorganization, you’ll be able to eliminate infectious processes in the mucous membrane and not allow the disease to spread to nearby tissues.

For nasal use the following drugs: «Aqualor», «Aqua Maris», «Dolphin», «Physiomer», «Humer», «no-Sol». If you prefer home methods for rehabilitation of the nasopharynx, you can use saline solutions. To prepare the saline mix into a glass of warm water one teaspoon.

Important! For washing the nasal passages of the baby dosing should be reduced by half!

As a rule, after the first nasal lavage, the patient noted the elimination of epiphora and improvement of the patency of the nasal passages.

Elimination of epiphora conjunctivitis

Watery eyes often signals the beginning of a unilateral or bilateral conjunctivitis. The treatment in this process should be directed at eliminating the causes of inflammation. The causative agents are allergens, viruses and bacteria.

In itching sensations in the eyes, the appearance of an abundant mucous discharge from the nose and redness of the whole face, complete diagnosis. Probably the patient is allergic conjunctivitis, which can only be cured with the help of comprehensive treatment.

Be aware! Often, this form of inflammation is accompanied by accumulation of pus in the corner of your eye.

Treatment of conjunctivitis is as follows:

  • When microbial eye disease are appointed antibacterial drugs, is able to eliminate the pus and watery eyes, as well as to moisten the mucous membrane of the eye. It is best to deal with it the following means — «Sulfacetamide», «TOPEX», «Vigamox».
  • With viral nature of the disease is established antiviral drugs «Ophthalmoferon», «Lokeren», «Dexamethasone». They not just eliminate the viral flora, but also active in non-purulent inflammation of the cornea.
  • To reduce itching and burning the sore prescribe anti-Allergy drugs — «Lacritin», «Cortison».
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In the treatment process, it is important to observe the rules of hygiene and to monitor the patient’s condition. In case of wrong treatment the patient may receive a number of dangerous complications. Most often conjunctivitis causes loss of vision or keratitis.


The final stage of treatment will be to take antihistamines. They will reduce swelling of the mucous membranes, eliminate itching in the eyes, will restore the patency of the airway.

The most polar drugs are considered «Zyrtec», «Effective», «Suprastin», «Aerius», «Zodak», «Parlazin», «Cetirizine». However, for the treatment of children, these medications may not be appropriate.

If the child has a runny nose and watery eyes, use baby products: «Lomilan», «Loragexal», «claritin», «Ruppen».

Find out how to treat allergic rhinitis here.


To get rid of watery eyes can only after establishing a clear diagnosis. It is impossible to eliminate only one symptom, as rhinitis and lacrimation evidence of serious respiratory injury. Do not ignore the symptoms and start treatment promptly. The only way you can avoid chronic ailments