Runny nose early pregnancy: what is dangerous and how to treat

How to treat a cold pregnant in the early stages?

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in every woman’s life. But even if we carefully plan, it still comes unexpectedly. The woman’s body artificially lowers the immune system to the embryo root was not rejected as a foreign body. On the background of a weakened immune system, very easy to catching a cold in early pregnancy.

And immediately the mother panic, because everyone is aware of how dangerous it is to be sick during pregnancy, and very scared for the possible consequences to the fetus. But do not panic – there are safe methods of treatment. For pregnancy dangerous not so much the cold, as those medicines that women in the position of trying to treat it.

Causes of runny nose

The appearance of a runny nose indicates a variety of diseases occurring in the pregnant woman’s body, so the first thing to find out exactly the cause and then treat. This can be a viral disease, allergic to bloom (if the first trimester of pregnancy fell in the spring) or the flu.

From a nasty encounter with a dangerous virus in a big city, unfortunately, go does not. They can appear everywhere: in shop, in public transport, in the office and even in the Elevator of her house. The organism of future mother is weakened, therefore, the chances that the virus will hit it much higher.

If the expectant mother are prone to allergies to foods or pollen, it is necessary to foresee possible problems. Some pregnant women prefer to go to another region at the time of flowering of potentially dangerous plants. Better to be safe than frantically trying to cure rhinitis.

During pregnancy may escalate the reaction to the dander, household dust and chemical cleaners, which a woman used for washing dishes, washing clothes and disinfecting surfaces in the home.

By identifying the cause of disease, you can find an effective medication which helps to quickly and effectively cure the disease. Runny nose and get lost as a consequence of the recovery of the body.

There is such a thing as rhinitis of pregnant. The emergence of new life is a huge stress for the woman’s body, almost instantaneous changes in hormonal levels. And often the result is a runny nose. While doctors and specialists cannot find the cause.

The only thing known at the moment is the fact that rhinitis of pregnant women directly influences the hormone estrogen. It is from his actions increases the amount of mucus produced. Some women are forced to walk with a runny nose the entire pregnancy until birth. Then he disappears as suddenly as it had begun.

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What is the danger of a cold during pregnancy?

Yes, unfortunately, swelling during pregnancy is quite dangerous. In the case of viral diseases threat the virus through the blood to get into the uterus and infect the fetus. This can often result in premature termination of pregnancy. In the early stages of gestation the common cold can adversely affect the formation and development of the embryo.

Almost all vasoconstrictor medications containing decongestants narrow blood vessels throughout the body, and hence in the uterus too.

This can lead to miscarriage or missed abortion.

In antihistamines are also present threat to the fetus of substance.

On the background of the common cold can appear numerous side effects:

  • nosebleeds;
  • swelling and inflammation of the larynx;
  • the hearing loss, the sounds of «clicks» in the ears;
  • the reduction in the severity of smell.

Runny nose and nasal congestion do not allow the expectant mother to breathe, and oxygen is not supplied to the body in required amount. Accordingly, the fetus also suffers oxygen starvation, which can adversely affect brain development.

Attention! Not all problems of development of the embryo is visible to the specialist immediately. Some of them manifest after birth when there are signs of delayed physical and mental development.

Of the disease in the first weeks of pregnancy can complicate not only for pregnancy, but also to influence the process of birth.

Due to the fact that nasal congestion woman has to breathe through the mouth, unfiltered air enters the body, and so he becomes vulnerable to many bacteria around it.

Treatment of a cold in the 1st trimester

Given the strict restrictions on medications, doctors give following recommendations how to treat a cold pregnant in the early stages:

  1. Regular inhalation. Do not have to sit over a saucepan with boiled potatoes – so you can overheat the face and worsen overall health. There is a special professional inhaler at affordable price. In a special section you can fill the healing mineral water and regular breathing vapors. After each inhalation, feeling of swelling and congestion subside.
  2. Nasal rinses. In the market of medical drugs long prescribed various saline solutions for nasal lavage: Dolphin, Akvamaris, Physiomer, Humer and others. They allow you to quickly remove excess mucus from the sinuses and reduce swelling.
  3. Homeopathic remedies. Using to treat with these drugs, do not look for immediate tangible effect – the results appear 4-5 days after the start of therapy. Such medications should be applied as a complementary method of treatment to the aforementioned.
  4. «The cuckoo». In case of appearance of signs of pus in the mucus discharge (during flushing, you notice that the mucus was yellowish or greenish) pregnant women are often prescribed the procedure «Cuckoo» for the efficient removal of accumulations of mucus in the sinuses. Such manipulations can prevent the development of sinusitis.

Important! In no case should not self-medicate! This can make the condition worse when cold, but also cause great harm to the mother and fetus.

In addition, there are folk remedies that are not so much aimed at the treatment of the common cold, how to improve the overall body’s immunity and improve its ability to withstand external threats:

  1. Plenty of warm drinks – tea, compote, uzvar. Depending on the individual readings, you can add honey, raspberry jam, lemon, peeled ginger. Main thing to factor in allergies to these products, in order not to worsen the condition.
  2. Humidification of the room. In the house it is advisable to check the level of humidity, as dry air can trigger rhinitis and edema of the mucosa. If the humidity is low, it is advisable to purchase a humidifier. Some models allow you add water to the scented oil.
  3. Accurate massage points at the base of the nose will also help to relieve. Their massage the index fingers of both hands first clockwise and then counterclockwise. The total duration of this procedure is up to 5 minutes. Usually this is enough time to pregnant relieved.
  4. Nasal rinses and gargling. At home you can prepare a solution with sea salt and to rinse and gargle.
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Prevention of the common cold during pregnancy

Everyone knows that to treat much more difficult than to try to prevent the disease. Especially hard it is during pregnancy.

Unfortunately for all of us, viruses are perfectly transmitted through the air. They may settle on surfaces in crowded places and stay «alive» for several hours. But there are methods of protection that pregnant women should not neglect, protecting not only their health but also the health of the baby.

Following these rules, the chances of getting sick are greatly reduced:

  1. Wear protective mask if you have to go to places with large concentrations of people. Don’t be afraid of dirty looks or the fact that you will look ridiculous. Health is more important.
  2. Lubricate the sinuses of the nose oxolinic ointment.
  3. Practice good hygiene. Coming from the street home, immediately wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap. Don’t forget to wash your face and rinse sinuses to remove any pathogens.
  4. Carry special disinfecting liquid. Now on the market is their huge variety in a convenient no leaking packaging. If you went to the supermarket and was going to take the cart, take the time to wipe the handle of the fluid, as the handle taken thousands of people and hardly anyone washes then these handles. Do the same after he took up the money.
  5. Wear gloves in the street. In the spring, fall and winter try not to take off the gloves when you go in public transport and hold on to the handrail.
  6. Follow a balanced diet. Not worth it at all to give up some foods during pregnancy.
  7. Take vitamins. Consult with your doctor about taking more vitamin complexes to enhance natural immunity. However, it is not necessary to assign them yourself, as the excess of any item can be no less dangerous than their deficit.
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Of course, a runny nose during early pregnancy is extremely unpleasant, but if timely treatment to the doctor and adequate treatment, can be quite fast and safe for health to get rid of unpleasant symptoms. It is important not to delay treatment and to follow the guidance of professionals.