Runny nose in the morning and sneezing: causes of snot in the morning, the child and the adult

Why in the morning you receive the sneezing and runny nose?

Runny nose and sneezing in the morning many people perceived as a normal variant. But is it and should I be concerned about this? Let us consider in more detail. These manifestations practically does not prevent the existence and work, so many do not take them into account.

First, a person often begins to sneeze after waking up. After some time, appear transparent snot.

Causes of runny nose in the morning

This phenomenon has long been studied by doctors otolaryngologists. Studies have identified common causes, namely:

  1. Nasal mucosa is too dry. This symptom occurs when the room is very hot, the air dry. During nocturnal sleep in man dries up the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity and it formed a crust. Profuse discharge from the nose is a natural reaction of the body, the purpose of which — cleaning of the nasal passages.
  2. Allergic reactions to dust. Bed linen contains a huge amount of dust. Sometimes it infest ticks. These pests secrete waste products that are allergenic to humans. It was at night time there is prolonged contact with the irritant occurs. Once a person leaves the bed, and ends with an allergic reaction.
  3. Hypothermia. If while sleeping the room is too cool: the window is open, the air conditioning, the cause of the common cold — a cold.
  4. Plant pollen. This phenomenon is most common in autumn and spring, during flowering of plants. Also, the appearance of allergic reactions contribute to the open ventilation window, through which the pollen into the home.
  5. The use of drugs. Prolonged instillation of vasoconstrictive drops, you may experience dryness of the nose. As a result, the body will secrete mucus, to remove the dried crusts. Today, many medications cause dryness in the nose.
  6. Rhinitis which has passed into the chronic stage. Why morning sneezing and a runny nose in this case? Throughout the day the body is in a vertical position, while mucus drains into the throat and signs of rhinitis no.. In the horizontal position of the body, the mucus builds up and comes out only in the morning.
  7. Allergic to animal dander. If you live in an apartment cat, he usually sleeps in bed with his master, or somewhere nearby. People who have this type of allergies claim that the most intense symptoms were observed in the morning.
  8. If the child in the morning, the snot, the reason can be either enlarged adenoids or polyp formation, which prevents the normal passage of air.
  9. Otolaryngologists argue that the deviated septum is one of the causes of runny nose. The curvature may be an anatomical feature or consequence of injury.
  10. The manifestation of vasomotor rhinitis. When you experience this disease there is an inflammatory process, then the mucosa swells. The signs are most pronounced upon awakening.

Experts say that the snot in the morning in an adult, may bring forth about the beginning of a serious illness. If you notice such symptoms, you must consult with your doctor.


Before starting therapy, and necessary to diagnose and know the cause of the common cold. It is necessary to address to the otolaryngologist.

Diagnostic procedures to identify the common cold:

  1. Nasal rhinoscopy.
  2. Palpation of lymph nodes.
  3. X-rays of the sinuses.
  4. Skin Allergy tests.
  5. Swab from nasopharynx for laboratory research.

After identifying the causes of the common cold, the doctor prescribes a therapy to get rid of the disease. How to treat runny nose and sneezing in the morning without fever in an adult with allergies?

To get rid of allergic rhinitis, you must eliminate the irritant. Rinse your nose with salt or saline solution. To take antihistamines, which allow for a short period of time to stop the negative symptoms. The drip vasoconstrictor drops to reduce swelling.

Infectious coryza requires constant flushing of the nose with medications or saline solution of salt water. It is also recommended to apply a drop of seawater.

Shown taking antiviral agents and antibacterial drops. During treatment, the patient should drink plenty of fluids, a great option — bottled still water, broth hips, stewed fruit, green tea and so on.

If the cause of rhinitis is adenoiditis, sinusitis, formation of polyps, a tactic is selected depending on the extent of injury and personal characteristics of the organism.

If there is a deviated septum, in such cases, surgical intervention, during which the septum is corrected.


Initially, you must identify the cause of the common cold. For this you need to make an appointment to see the doctor and pass the necessary tests. It is not necessary to self-medicate, because it may cause negative effects. Be healthy!

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