Saline for nasal lavage at home: sodium chloride solution

How to wash the nose with saline at home?

Lavage is mandatory for the treatment of various diseases of the nasal cavity. It is absolutely safe and can therefore be used to treat patients of different ages. People often wonder how to use saline solution for nasal lavage at home?

With this purpose it is necessary to follow a few simple rules, which will be discussed below.

What is the saline for nasal irrigation?

Saline is a solution describeany water, and common salt. Saline sodium chloride is fairly simple and harmless drug, which is widely used in medicine. With it, provides not only treatment but also prevention of various diseases of the nasal cavity.

Due to the safety of this drug, allowed its application not only to adults, but even infants.

Also saline with a cold may be applied by the fairer sex during pregnancy.

This tool is recommended for patients who have chronic diseases occur.

Women during the lactation period newborns babies at the breast, also recommended the use of saline.

This drug is made in a variety of diseases of the oral cavity. It helps remove allergens from his mouth. The medication effectively fights with bacteria and viruses, to eliminate the possibility of development of various pathological conditions.

In some patients, the question arises: is it possible to wash the nose with saline? In the autumn and winter time, this procedure is simply necessary. This is due to the emergence of the need for protection of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity from pathogens.

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When drying there is a loss of the protective function, which gives the opportunity to fully develop viral infectious processes. In season, people are encouraged lavage to limit the possibility of occurrence of infectious process two times a day.

Preparation of saline solution

About how does saline nasal can be judged on the basis of the peculiarities of its preparation.

To prepare a saline solution for nasal lavage can be your own.

In this case, it is recommended to strictly adhere to the proportions.

It is necessary to take an ordinary distilled water and add kitchen table salt in a ratio of 10 : 1. More information can be found here.

Saline is not the primary treatment. It is used for the relief of the disease. It should be applied in combination with other drugs. During the period of medication provided by the liquefaction of mucus. The solution is hydration of the mucous membranes of the nasal passages.

The medication eliminates bacteria and viruses. At the regular conduct of manipulation is updated flora of the mucous membrane in the nose. With the help of saline is performed with maximum quality, the suppression of inflammatory processes in the nasopharynx. The use of medication is carried out in the presence of certain contraindications.

Thanks to the universal properties of drug therapy:

  • rhinitis;
  • colds;
  • sinusitis;
  • inflammation of the adenoids.

Rinsing the nasal cavity is completely safe procedure with no contraindications and side effects. Therefore saline can be used by pregnant women and infants.

The procedure

Every patient needs to know how to wash the nose with saline.

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Fit for washing

To that end, the use of a special device that has a small spout and handle. By design, it resembles a small teapot. This vessel is used for children from 6 years and adults.

If you need to rinse the nose of an infant, then, is the use of ordinary pipette. You can also use the pharmacy bag for holding rinse.


For easy rinsing, the patient is required to position the head over a wide capacity in the sideways position. Strictly forbidden to a man to hold your head back. In one of the nostrils inserted the tip of a syringe or the nose of the fixture is filled and the pharmacy saline nasal. During treatment of young children it is recommended to put the tool to the maximum slowly.

In the process, you need to open your mouth. This will allow the tool to flow through the mouth and eliminate the possibility of its falling into the respiratory tract. It is best to carry out the procedure so that the saline solution poured in one nostril, and flowed through the second.

This will maximize the effectiveness of the procedure. Conducting rinsing is carried out until such time as from the nose will not flow out completely clear fluid. Manipulation be conducted using medicine that is at room temperature.

The frequency of the procedure

In order not to harm the health, need to know how often to wash the nose with saline.

Most doctors recommend washing at least two times a day, to provide healthy microflora.

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This will eliminate the possibility of the development of pathogenic bacteria in the nose and will limit the possibility of development of various diseases.

Babies also need to manipulation 3-4 times a day, which will eliminate the possibility of the development of crusts in the nose. Read more about the technology here.

For disease prevention it is recommended daily the procedure.

To determine the frequency of the procedure in the period of occurrence of diseases directly what the room temperature and humidity. To achieve the desired result, you need to wash every three hours.


Nasal lavage is an effective procedure in the treatment and prevention of various diseases of the nose. It is conducted using a variety of devices.

To recovery came as quickly as possible, you need to wash regularly.