Scored a gray ear — what to do if a clogged ear

What to do if a clogged ear?

There are unpleasant moments, when people notice that the hearing has decreased. There is a feeling of oppression of the ear. Probably the cause of this problem is the excessive buildup in the ears sulphur and as a consequence the formation of traffic jams.

When the ear is incorporated, may arise unpleasant to the ears, up to the pain. What to do when ear is clogged gray? Options out of this situation such to try to remove the tube in case of failure – refer to otolaryngologist.

About hygiene of the ears

Sulfur in the ears performs a protective function and prevents the penetration into the ear canal foreign bodies, bacteria. Ears, like many human bodies, able to self-clean.

In the normal functioning of the body, sulfur is produced in the right quantity. In this case there is no need to actively clean the ears of sulfur. When moving the jaws in the process of eating, talking, sulfur has the ability to fall out. When taking a shower with warm water sulfur is also removed from the ears.

To do cleaning of the ears is recommended only after taking a shower. In this case, sulfur is softened, remove it from the walls is necessary, and in any case do not try to penetrate the ear for maximum depth. Wash your ears with warm water and clean hands. Wipe with a soft towel blotting movements.

A big mistake is the use of cotton swabs for ear hygiene. From the use of such sticks, you can get more harm than good.

The dangers that can trap a person during cleaning of ears with cotton swabs:

  • injury to ear drums and as a result headaches up to the loss of the ability to hear;
  • education microRNAs in thin skin and easy access through broken skin pathogens, which can lead to external otitis ear;
  • seal sulphur to the state of the tube and advancing it deep into the ear.
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Thus, if you scored ear that is not recommended, so use it to clean cotton swab.

Why the ears appear waxy build-up?

The desire for «purity» can play a cruel joke. People begin vigorously to release the ear passages from sulfur and thereby disrupt the normal activity of the glands. This can lead to excessive formations, and to the cessation of generation of sulphur at all.

When large amounts of sulfur are formed of cork, in cases of its deficiency in the ears is felt itching and increased dryness.

Sulfur jams occur for several reasons:

  • improper cleaning of the ears sanitary chopsticks (actually themselves formed tube);
  • sulfur actively works secret due to excessive cleanliness, the more sulfur is removed, the more it produces;
  • water in the ear (swimming, etc.), which leads to swelling of the sulfur inside the ear canal;
  • an increased level of cholesterol in blood can lead to excess sulfur secretions;
  • great dryness of the air leads to the formation of solid tubes;
  • variations in the anatomical structure of the ear canal (too narrow and winding);
  • dust jobs (cement, flour, etc.);
  • sudden changes (increase) pressure on the auditory channel, «push-in» tube when diving deeper into the water, takeoff, etc.

What to do if the clogged ear

To get rid of cerumen at home can be provided that it is light in color and soft consistency. In the case of curing, dry and tight fit to the walls of the ear canal do not try to get rid of the tube itself. You can only hurt your hearing (injury, infection).

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Step by step instructions:

  1. Hydrogen peroxide by instillation for 3 days, 2-4 times a day a few drops is possible to achieve softening of the tubes. It can be done if the tympanic membrane is not injured (no perforations) and no chronic otitis media.
  2. The passages are allowed to wash only with warm fluid (37). You can boil water and cool to a comfortable temperature. The best option would be the use of saline solution furatsilina etc.
  3. To collect fluid in a suitable container (pear sprintsevany, more than 20 ml. syringe, the syringe Jeanne).
  4. To perform a simple manipulation. You will need to pull the ear to the nape, and then pull up. Little children tabs pull up and down. This procedure will straighten the ear canal.
  5. Tilt the patient’s head side of the basin, a washbasin. Not under very strong pressure to send the fluid up the wall of the ear canal. Should leave a gap between the end of the syringe (or Turkey Baster) and the entrance to the ear canal. The liquid needs to penetrate freely inside. You should not give a great pressure, this can lead to injury of the eardrum.
  6. If the plug is out, lay a cotton turundas in the ear.

In cases where the tube came out the first time, you can get a little warm olive, vegetable, and mineral oils. Hold the head of the sick ear up for five minutes. Repeat lavage with warm fluid in a few hours.

To remove the tube will help special vitovec, ready pharmacy drop. They should be used after consulting a doctor and strictly according to instructions.

If you are not able to get rid of cork, a visit to the doctor should not be delayed. It is strictly forbidden to engage in the extraction tube at home in case of chronic otitis media and perforation of the tympanic membrane. Dry, rigid tube are removed in the hospital by an audiologist.

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Ear irrigation should not be afraid. The procedure is virtually painless. Relief the patient will feel with the end of the procedure, and access the contents of the tube. If water manipulations did not lead to the desired result, then the tubes are extracted with a special tool by the dry method. This is done painlessly.

Tube can lead to hearing loss and other diseases (neuralgia, dysfunction of the cardiac muscle, etc.). What to do to the ear is not clogged gray? Spend as prevention from occurrence of cerumen.

Protect your hearing organs from dust headphones, earplugs. Prevent hypothermia, the transfer of long-term dryness of the surrounding air. Seek help from a qualified audiologist.