Sea salt for nasal irrigation: how to dilute and rinse at home

How to wash the nose with sea salt at home?

To ensure the health of the person needs to have a easy breath. Every day, in the nose there is accumulation of mucus, allergens, dust, viruses and germs. To eliminate the possibility of the negative impact of these factors is necessary to carry out a nasal wash with sea salt at home. Here you can see a review of the best drops with sea water.

Preparation of the solution

In order to properly carry out the procedure, you must know how to breed sea salt for nasal irrigation. There are several ways to prepare the solution, the choice of which is dependent on the state of human health.

The first method

For the preparation tool, you must boil the water in an amount of 0.5 liters. Next add the teaspoon of sea salt and stir until dissolved.

The procedure should be performed twice a day, which will ensure the maximum effectiveness of treatment of rhinitis. Flushing the nasal passages is performed by using a tool at room temperature. When using boiled water prior to conducting the procedure, the solution must be filtered.

The second method

It is to prepare concentrated solution. After boiling 250 ml of water add one tablespoon of sea salt.

The solution is thoroughly mixed and used to rinse the nasal cavity. As it is highly concentrated, it can be used only when the need arises. This solution is used by people who often breathe polluted and dusty air.

The third way

Pre-tachypacing per liter of water, you must use the 2.5 teaspoons of salt. Preparation means is carried out according to the standard method. With it is rinse not only the nasal passages, and throat.

The fourth way

There is another highly effective recipe, which is used for irrigation of the nose with a pipette. For its preparation is taken two teaspoons of salt. They need to add pre-pressed juice of one lemon.

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The resulting drug is diluted with water at a ratio of 1:10. Nasal lavage is a means of necessity.

Attention! The drug is characterized by vasoconstrictive effect. It can help you to get rid of puffiness in the period of occurrence of the common cold.

Preparation of saline solution for rinsing nasal passages is a most simple procedure. It can be done at home by anyone patient. If you follow all the proportions, the treatment method of washing will be as effective as possible.

Features of the procedure

To wash the nose with sea salt you can use a variety of methods. Their choice depends on the wishes and possibilities of the person. The link you can read how to wash the nose out with saline.

Using the kettle

Carry out the rinsing of the nasal passages, you can use the kettle, which is small in size.

Capacity must be pre-sanitized. This is to avoid the infection process.

The tool is poured into the vessel. The procedure is carried out by tilting the head to one side.

The spout is inserted into the upper nasal chords. It should be possible to rapidly remove the liquid which will drain through the lower nostril.

Then the head turns to the other side and the procedure is repeated. During rinsing it is necessary to breathe through the nose.

With capacity

If there are no special fixtures, then rinse the nasal cavity can be performed with conventional deep tank. It is necessary to pour the sea salt solution. One nostril closed with your finger. The nose needs to dip into the solution and pull the fluid through the second nostril in the nose.

To spit means necessary through the mouth. Then you need to change the nostril. This technique is quite complex. The procedure is recommended as carefully as possible, because of risk of ingestion of water.

It is very important that nasal sprays did not cause addiction — we picked up a list of good drugs.

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Flow flushing

With simultaneous congestion of both nostrils using flow-through washing.

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Otherwise, the application of this method is not recommended due to the possibility of contact with the Eustachian tube.

Improper conduct flushing can be diagnosed the damage to the auditory channels.

Conducting rinsing is carried out in the position of the head on one side. In the upper nostril under the pressure of the poured mortar that will flow through the bottom.

To ensure it doesn’t hit the area of the pharynx it is necessary during the washing to stretch the sound And. The larynx at this period will close, eliminating the possibility of ingress of liquid into the respiratory tract.

Active flushing

To eliminate the sniffles using active washing. It requires the use of the aspirator. The patient must lie on her back. The procedure can be performed only by a doctor. It inserts into the nostrils of the patient two soft tube. One of them pumped fluid, and the second is actively pumped.

Important! To the solution does not get into the throat, the person in the period of the procedure, it is constantly advisable to say «cuckoo».

Nasal lavage in children

Treatment of rhinitis sea salt in children is performed most commonly with the use of pipettes.

For carrying out flushing need to take a sterile pipette, to recruit pre-cooked means and drip alternately in both nostrils, tilting the head back.

After a few minutes the solution will come out of the nasal passages with mucus and bacteria. If not, then the person is recommended to blow your nose. Repeat the procedure several times. Immediately after the conference there will be relief of nasal breathing.

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To wash the nose with sea salt-the child is with a syringe. It is a liquid and runs forward progress. It is necessary to watch, that my head was in a sideways position. That is why toddler pre-placed.

This method can be used for adult patients. In some cases, instead of a syringe, use the syringe. Prior to the rinse bag is a solution. Its tip is inserted into one of the nasal passages. Hereinafter a pear, you must squeeze with your hands. During the period of washing the patient’s head should be tilted slightly forward position.


Sea salt nasal apply at home quite often, due to not only its effectiveness, but also safety. Most often with the help of this tool, carry out the washing of the nose.

There are several types of solutions depending on the severity of the occurrence of pathology. The method of flushing is determined in accordance with the age and individual characteristics of the patient. It is best that the choice of technology rinsing was carried out by the doctor.