Seal sex lip: causes and treatment

Finding a seal on the genital lip of any kind, you should immediately contact the medical facility. Independently to understand is the formation of benign or not — is impossible.

Causes of seals

Sometimes dense buds, are localized on the labia, is found in children as congenital. In such situations parents are advised to take blood tests to check for syphilis, as this disease can cause such modifications in infants.

There are other reasons of formation of pathological seals located on the labia.

  • birth defects;
  • abnormal development;
  • neoplastic processes;
  • the development of the human papilloma virus.

Often the root cause of the formation of lumps directly on the labia becomes bartholinitis. This inflammation is caused by blockage of the excretory ducts of Bartholin’s gland, located on the site of the vestibule of the vagina. The main functional purpose of the gland is production of mucous secret, which serves as lubricant during sexual intercourse. The pathogens often penetrate into the gland from the adjacent vagina, as well as the source of infection is often urethra.

Inflammation occurs due to a lack of thorough personal hygiene labia in women. Included in the list of root causes weakened immune system, thrush and also harmful bacteria – gonorrhea, Trichomonas, chlamydia, precipitating diseases such as gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, chlamydia.

Analyzing the seal on low sexual lip in conjunction with similar formations on big lips, we can distinguish several types of tumors.

Mostly large labia lips revealed fibroids, which are located in the structure of connective tissue, or fibroids, the material for which serve the muscle fibers.

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Adipose tissue in the form of a knot can be formed lipoma in close proximity to the vulva. She can be single or multiple bumps and secured with the legs.

Sometimes hardening is found for hidradenoma arising as a result of individual pathology, in particular, excessive activation of functioning of sudoriferous glands.

The development of symptoms

Symptoms of bartholinitis are beginning to emerge in the form of a dense knot in about two and a half weeks of education with the primary inflammatory focus. Gradually the discomfort, pain, a burning sensation with swelling of the labia. Special concern is the suppuration of seals, accompanied by high fever, weakness. During pregnancy there is a risk of spontaneous abortion.

This process can develop from two sides, which is typical gonorrheal infection, or may remain unilateral. In medical practice there are three varieties in accordance with the clinical picture: acute bartholinitis, acute and chronic inflammatory process sexual lip.

Acute onset occurs in the case of inflammation within the excretory duct, resulting in eye-catching secret provokes a superficial redness of the skin small lips adjacent to the opening of the ducts. On palpation there is thickening, quite painful.

There is swelling on the genital lip, overlapping the release of the secret, which becomes gradually purulent. At this stage, there is fatigue, weakness, fever. The pain is worse while walking and sitting. On examination, the doctor usually reveals swelling of the big lips, extending in the direction of the inlet opening to the vagina.

Subacute bartholinitis becomes the next stage in the development of the disease with less severe symptoms, resulting in the emergence of chronic forms of inflammation. In this case, the woman experiences recurrent exacerbations under the influence of unfavorable external factors. The usual outcome is getting the cyst with the occurrence of pain and discomfort when walking and intercourse. The doctor finds swelling of the big lips with virtually no discoloration. On palpation feels weak and painful education, to clarify the diagnosis is taken the secret.

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Lipoma dangerous complications. If it is not properly treated, then there is bleeding, swelling. Education is susceptible to infection. Hidradenoma detectable in the form of a single solid nodule. She is also able to be distributed over the entire surface of labia. She has a tendency of degeneration into malignancy.

The greatest danger of a malignant tumor. The localization of the labia they give characteristic symptoms odor discharge.


If the doctor has identified the presence of bartholinitis, the decision is made strictly on the evidence, assigning the necessary drugs. The outbreak of acute bartholinitis becomes the basis for admission. The patient is prescribed mandatory bed rest. In the therapeutic complex includes the cold zone of the inflamed gland, antibiotics after determining their side effects, pain medication. The usual treatment does not exceed ten days.

Most problematic is the situation with frequent relapses of inflammation of the labia, which become the provocateurs of the development of a Bartholin’s cyst. Require surgical intervention to remove the seal with the subsequent strict implementation of the instructional guidance of a doctor the diet, taking anti-inflammatory drugs and passing the necessary physical treatment.

If there were an abscess, the primary measure will be the opening of the abscess, cleanse the cavity of pus, with subsequent drainage of the wound. Only after a few hours when there will be a full cleansing of the skin, antibacterial therapy is appointed, the task of which is to prevent recurrent phenomena. At home after the hospital will need carefully to choose measures of personal hygiene, adhering to medical advice, and avoid hypothermia.

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In parallel is the treatment of urethritis or vaginitis are identified to prevent re-infection. Chronic bartholinitis at the stage of attenuation allows for sedentary baths with a temperature of three degrees above the normal human, dissolving 2% solution of potassium permanganate medical (a table spoon) in a liter of water. You can do a bath with infusion of chamomile, it will help to get rid of the seals on the genital lip. Duration is on average 20 minutes. May be assigned to physiotherapy treatment in the form or inductothermy UHF-therapy.

Fibroma, fibromyoma lipoma or require surgical care and further restoration and maintenance therapy. Hidradenoma needs to be treated immediately before she began to take the form of malignant tumors.