Severe cold: how to treat what to do if all else fails

What to do with a strong fever?

Profuse runny nose is familiar to every person. Prolonged rhinitis poses a serious inconvenience, irritate, raises the risk of sinusitis or otitis media. So everyone on the planet wants to get rid of a cold as fast as possible. To schedule a treatment with a strong fever, it is necessary to pass diagnostics and to determine the root cause of the formation of mucous secrets.

Profuse discharge usually result from viral or infection of the mucosa. Other causes include fungal and bacterial stimuli, as well as hypothermia and weakening of the immune system. To get rid of such reasons is quite simple. Patient is prescribed drops for constriction of blood vessels and hydration of the mucosa and antiviral or antibacterial drugs. But if the cold is very strong and nothing helps, the patient may need more complex treatment.

Causes of rhinitis

A cold is recognized as a permanent feature of catarrhal inflammation. Rhinitis provokes dysfunction of the mucous membrane, occludes the Eustachian tube and causes severe nasal congestion. I have the patient’s irritation of the nasal cavity, redness of the nose, signs of intoxication, poor health and General malaise.

Doubly frustrating when the rhinitis is accompanied by copious secretions. In this case, mucus can penetrate into the paranasal sinus and to cause the formation of acute sinusitis or sinusitis.

Before you ask a question how to treat a bad cold, it is necessary to establish the cause of the disease. Remember that rhinitis is just a symptom. It can cause a rise in temperature, infringement of function of organ of respiration and other symptoms.

The reason for this process lies in viral infection or infectious disease. Furthermore, rhinitis often appears on the background of allergic reactions or due to chronic inflammation.

Assign drug can only be experienced by the doctor after diagnosis of the disease and examination of the nasal cavity. For the treatment of severe and profuse rhinitis only needed powerful drugs, as well as inhalation, daily washing and other forms of treatment.

What to do with seasonal allergic rhinitis.

To cure rhinitis easy, but only under the condition of maintaining a proper course of treatment. It is impossible to take any drugs without consulting with your doctor.

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Vasoconstrictor drops

To cure profuse rhinitis patient is prescribed the use of vasoconstrictor drops or sprays. Their action is aimed at relieve swelling and constriction of blood vessels. This effect allows you to expand the nasal passages and ease nasal breathing. However, these medicines cannot be used for more than five days, as they are highly addictive or to cause the formation of drug-induced rhinitis.

Remember! With abundant secretions in adults, the treatment may last up to seven days, but in the treatment of young patients enough and four days.

When selecting products should take into account the individual characteristics of the organism. Vasoconstrictor nasal funds are divided into several types:

  1. Drugs with the active substance called Oxymetazoline. Such tools include the Long, Expra and others. Their effect lasts for twelve hours and have a positive effect on the mucosa.
  2. The second part drops Xylometazoline. Such medications are not advisable during pregnancy, in the period of lactancia and treatment of young children. To drugs of this kind include Glycine, Ringstop, Touch. Typically, the effect of the drug end after six hours.
  3. In the third the form of drops include naphazoline. Such drugs include Naphazoline, Sanorin. They can cause dryness of the mucous membrane and cause a number of side effects. The action drops ends four hours later.
  4. For treatment of rhinitis doctors recommend the use of drops of essential oils — Pinosol, Evkalipt. They act as gentle drugs and able to cure prolonged and profuse rhinitis without harm to the mucous, as well as to eliminate numerous bacteria and viruses.

Almost all kinds of drops, in addition to the latest, have a quick effect. Therefore, they can be assigned as self-therapy, without additional drugs for the treatment of rhinitis.

Antiviral drugs

To get rid of the heavy flow days you can use antiviral medications in pill form. They are able to destroy the inflammation and restore the function of the mucosa.

Antiviral tablets be given only in viral nature of the disease. Therefore, the patient’s prescribers to reduce the risk of complications.

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Antiviral medicines are divided into three types:

  1. Preparations, main action of which is aimed at the destruction of groups of viruses A and B. To the popular tools of this form include Tamiflu, relenza, and Oseltamivir. Their action is aimed at reducing the activity of viruses and complete destruction in the nasal cavity.
  2. The second type of antivirals effect on blocking M-channels. Such medications necessary to prevent infection of healthy cells. The best drugs are Rimantadine, Orvirem. They are usually prescribed at the first sign of profuse rhinitis.
  3. Another group of antiviral medicines is based on interferon. Such drugs include interferon, Tsikloferon, Grippferon. They increase the stability and protective functions of the body.


The treatment includes antihistamine medications. They will help to get rid of puffiness of the mucous and restore breathing through the nose. Best to use pills claritin, Cethrin, loratadine, Zyrtec, Aerius. But to achieve a rapid effect, the doctor can prescribe nasal sprays to lower blood pressure mother, Dr. Reddy’s, a good cough medicine or drops Vilozen, Bancap.

Mandatory antihistamines in allergic rhinitis, but may be assigned, and viral inflammation. However, to apply the products without determining the cause is not worth it.

Nasal lavage

In the course of treatment profuse rhinitis is a daily nasal lavage. As saline can be used decoctions prepared at home. It is recommended to use medicinal plants – chamomile, St. John’s wort, Bay leaves, and roots of raspberries and oak, leaves mother-and-mahachi and others.

For reference! The patient can purchase ready-made solutions – the Phrase, Dolphin, no-Sol drops, Aqua Maris and others.

With abundant secretions, you can use a solution Furatsilina. This ingredient has strong anti-microbial properties, which is especially coveted in the treatment of rhinitis.

To apply the funds for the rehabilitation of the nose needs every three hours. If rhinitis is an abundance of secretions, rinse your nose often.


As adjunctive therapy to facilitate nasal breathing and improve health, the doctor can appoint carrying out of inhalation.

As a medicinal ingredient, you can use essential oils of orange, lemon, eucalyptus, peppermint and others. When choosing it is necessary to consider allergic reactions and, if available, to replace the drug.

Remember! In addition to oils, water for inhalation, you can add a Bay leaf or leaves of wild rose.

Treatment with long-term rhinitis

If the runny nose lasts more than a week and hurts the patient’s severity of symptoms, the doctor may prescribe antibiotic therapy.

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In this case, the patient is assigned a combination of nasal drops Izofra, Polideksa or Bioparox. They should be used not less than ten days.

In each case, the dosage is selected individually.

As a holistic treatment specialist may prescribe systemic antibiotics Amoxicillin, Clarithromycin, Azithromycin, Cefaclor, Co-trimoxazole. Dosing is selected based on the patient’s age, weight and height.

In addition, the doctor-the otolaryngologist may prescribe some physiotherapy. Their effect is to improve the functions of the mucous membrane and the overall health of the patient.

Prolonged rhinitis is granted:

  1. Laser treatment of rhinitis.
  2. Coagulation under local anesthesia.
  3. Spot burning on the inside of the nasal cavity.
  4. Ultrasound treatment.
  5. Electrophoresis.
  6. Treatments aimed at improving blood vessel tone.
  7. Hirudotherapy.

All procedures are carried out only in a hospital under the strict supervision of a physician.


The generous treatment of rhinitis may take up to two weeks. At this time, follow the patient’s state of health and don’t forget about the importance of wet cleaning in the living room. Regularly ventilate the room and wipe the dust.

During treatment, the patient should take plenty of water and try to rest more.