Sex after menopause: indications and contraindications

Many women fear menopause, but rather changes in the body, despite the fact that the process is a natural, inherent nature. With the onset of menopause in the female body, there is a serious reorganization of a hormonal background, so the usual way of life changes starts showing signs of aging. With the approach of menopause women are worried about how to change the quality of their sex life.

Need to say that these concerns unwarranted, but only if the woman will be able to internally tune, breaking the psychological barrier. Internal attitude is very important because the loss of libido in women is a psychological problem, not physical. In addition, the decline of sexual desire with the onset of menopause occurs only in some women. Many of the fair sex on the contrary have noted an increase in sexual desire. Can I have sex after menopause? Does a woman orgasm?

The effect of menopause on reducing sexual desire

As you know, with the onset of menopause in the female body decreases the level of sex hormones estrogens that can cause changes in the female sexual activity. Women say that they are driven not so easy, but affection is no cause for such feelings as before.

Lower estrogen level is not the best way appears on the blood supply of the vagina, resulting in vaginal lubrication is produced is not enough. It causes discomfort and sometimes pain during sexual intercourse.

Sexual activity in women during menopause and after it can also be affected by the following factors:

  • stressful situation;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • urinary incontinence;
  • depression;
  • failures of the heart;
  • administration of various medicines.

Improve sexual activity before, during and after menopause

Many women are embarrassed to discuss the problems of an intimate nature occurred after the onset of menopause. Are there any problems really? In any case, it is necessary to consult with your doctor.

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A woman should understand that an intimate relationship with a partner after menopause is not necessarily just sex, but for many couples this is a real test of their feelings. At this age, love and intimacy is expressed in other ways. Here is much more important to spend more time together, romantic evenings and walks, to do a light massage each other. Then sex will be all normal, and does female orgasm will depend on her mental attitude and sensitivity partner.

To improve sexual relations, help such recommendations:

  • Self-development. With the approach and onset of menopause a woman is concerned about the fact that her body will change and she will not be able to live such a life as before. To understand what is happening in the body with the entry into menopause and after it, you can learn more information about how the female body.
  • Arousal. Sexual life should be as diverse as possible. You can try various erotic materials to increase the excitement.
  • Distraction. We must try by any means to distract from the disturbing thoughts, because the more, the more worse the condition of the woman, to the point of depression.
  • Intimacy without physical intimacy. To improve relations with a partner are encouraged to practice relationships that do not involve physical intimacy. There are many different methods of receiving sexual satisfaction without physical contact. For example, it can be erotic massage or other stimulating actions. In any case, sexual relations have become.
  • To remove the discomfort. As already mentioned, because of vaginal dryness, sexual contact causes discomfort and pain. Controlling the depth of penetration by changing the position during sex can significantly decrease discomfort. And the use of special funds helps to reduce pain.
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Support sexual desire

To longer get pleasure from sex, it is important not to be lazy to provide high quality sexual life after menopause. A very important physical activity you need to organize. This ensures that the status of the reproductive system to improve. Proved the effectiveness of Kegel exercises to the pelvic floor muscles, and various relaxation techniques, fitness exercises. It is important to remember that skeletal muscles are maintained in good shape also contributes to the bright orgasm, because it gives the opportunity for a woman to do during sexual intercourse, vigorous pelvic thrusts and painless to keep the high breath rate and heartbeat. The increase of blood circulation in the pelvis contributes to the abundant blood supply of the uterus, the vagina, especially the labia, which significantly increases the sensitivity to sexual stimulation.

Negative manifestations of menopause are adjusted with the help of hormone replacement therapy, herbal remedies, infusions of herbs, but after the examination and only as directed by your doctor.

Enjoy sex after menopause, as was the case earlier, a woman can get if to talk openly with the sexual partner. Because it doesn’t know what’s going on in the head of the woman, and what her feelings of intimacy after menopause.

Women need to remember that sexual relations must preserve intimacy. After menopause it’s time to focus on yourself and your sex partner.

At this time no longer need to pursue the number of sexual acts, much more important is their quality, but also on the regularity should not be forgotten. Because of this you can greatly reduce such symptoms of menopause, like mood swings, hot flashes, sudden changes in blood pressure. And orgasm after menopause will help a woman to feel still the same young and attractive. To cope with excessive vaginal dryness in women, making intercourse not too pleasant, and sometimes painful, the doctor prescribes special candles or cream.

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Should sex after menopause to be protected?

While premenopausal women need to use contraceptives if she doesn’t want to get pregnant. In addition, you also need to protect your body from diseases that can be transmitted sexually. It is important to understand that the risk of Contracting such diseases exists throughout sexual activity and changes in the reproductive system does not it affect.

Do not ignore the diseases transmitted sexually. If you do not protect the body, they can lead to more serious health problems, and in some cases even death. If the sex was regular until the onset of menopause, it is very important to maintain this trend after menopause. This will help to significantly prolong youth and health.