Shilajit when sinusitis: recipes and reviews on the treatment of sinusitis folk remedies

Recipe mummy from sinusitis

Most people have catarrhal inflammation at least three times a year. Colds accompanied by profuse mucous secretions, fever and deterioration of health. If the treatment is not supplied in time, there is a risk of complications such as sinusitis, from which escape is not so simple.

This disease causes a number of unpleasant symptoms that adversely affect the patient’s condition. To get rid of sinusitis, you need to seek medical help. Along with medication, the patient can advise drops with glycerin and Shilajit from sinusitis.

How to use Shilajit

Treatment of sinusitis mummy and glycerin known in the medical community for a long time. This method of treatment can alleviate the symptoms of inflammation and restore breathing. But in each case, the treatment requires medical supervision, as the progress of the inflammation may be acute or immediate transition into the chronic stage.

Therefore, to ignore even a simple cold can’t. It can provoke not only sinusitis, and otitis media, inflammation of the Eustachian tube and a number of other ailments.

If you have an mummy with sinusitis, you should learn the medicinal properties of this ingredient.

History of use of Shilajit begins over 4000 years ago. This balm has different healing properties and are antiseptic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action.

The composition of biologically active retinoid substances include:

  • amino acids: glycine, glutamic acid, glycine, histidine, phenylalanine, methionine, threonine, tryptophan, and others;
  • fatty acids;
  • organic acid;
  • phospholipids;
  • essential oil;
  • retinoid components;
  • vitamins.

In addition, the biochemical composition contains many trace elements and flavonoids, which contribute to the rapid elimination of the virus from the body.

Despite the many positive opinions about the effect of Shilajit from the common cold in children and adults, to use this component without a doctor’s permission can be dangerous.

Not always alternative therapies act, as described in some recipes.

Therefore, before taking the medicinal component is required to consult a doctor.

It is known that treatment with Shilajit has a strong effect not only in acute sinusitis, but in the case of chronic inflammation.

Drops from mummy

There are several effective recipes Shilajit from sinusitis, but there is a perception that the drops from this material have a pronounced effect. In addition, Shilajit in the form of drops has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and analgesic effects.

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It is important that Shilajit can be used during the development of the fetus, and at the time of feeding your baby breast.

To prepare the solution for treatment of sinusitis requires the following:

  1. Get 0.2 grams of dry active substance of the Smolny.
  2. Dissolve it in one Cup of cold purified water.
  3. Stir the mixture until complete dissolution of the substance.

The resulting mixture should be instilled into each nasal passage with three drops five times a day. Pre-rinse nose with salt solution or any special medication. For this approach, and Throat, Dioxidine, Miramistin.

To consolidate the effect every morning to drink a solution mumie. To do this, dissolve a small amount of a component in warm water and take small SIPS. Such a reception of the drug will allow to remove bacteria and infections from the body.

Mummy with glycerin

For getting rid of the symptoms of sinusitis and relief of the patient’s General condition is a good way established the following recipe.

  1. Mix one teaspoon of glycerin and 10 grams of purified water.
  2. Add to the solution three grams of Shilajit.

The resulting mixture should be instilled into each nostril up to five times a day for five drops. To continue the treatment by this method should not be more than five days.

How to treat mummy with glycerin

Smolny the use of biological substances for medicinal purposes with the inflammation of the sinuses should be controlled by the attending physician. Independent application of the described methods may lead to undesirable consequences, which affected the mucous membrane of the nose or produces other side effects.

If on the third day of taking the medicine you feel no improvement, further treatment requires revision. Probably, the organism does not perceive this therapy.

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In the case of the first symptoms of sinusitis it is necessary to prepare the solution mummy with the addition of peach or apricot oil.

  1. To do this, mix a ten percent solution of Shilajit with oil in the ratio of one to one.
  2. Enter the drops in the nose every four hours five drops.
  3. Adhere to this method of treatment is necessary until complete recovery.

If the sinus infection has passed the acute stage, you need more serious treatment. At this phase of a doctor’s consultation and drug treatment. Shilajit glycerol can act as a way of therapy.

  1. To do this, prepare a mixture of glycerin and Shilajit.
  2. Add to the mix a few drops of camphor oil.
  3. Instill two drops in each nostril three times a day, seven days in a row.

In the case of the transition from the acute course of inflammation in the chronic stage, you need to use a more complex course of treatment prescribed by your doctor.

Recipes from mummy and glycerin can help in the reduction of symptoms and normalization of the General condition of the patient.

In addition to the eye drops mummy and glycerin in the nose, remember to drink the solution every morning.


Reviews about the mummy and glycerol from sinusitis are very different from each other. Read them before using the app.

Denis Chugunov: «he Took glycerin and Shilajit in acute sinusitis, which appeared immediately after the cold. Recipe knew long ago from my grandmother. Was eyedrops five times a day for five days. On the third day of treatment the mucus from the nose has become more fluid, and after two days everything went. In the treatment process felt a slight burning sensation after the administration of funds, but did not attach any importance to this. As it turned out, the mummy dries the mucous membrane, which is not very helpful.»

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Eugene Kresina: «Treated mummy and glycerol when there is sinusitis. Recipe used from the Internet, but sooner about this method heard from friends. Prepared a solution by following all the rules, but the effect is not felt. When the sinusitis began to get acute stage, turned to the doctor. He prescribed the medication and then I recovered completely.»

Julia Gavrikova: «When formed sinusitis, have used the old known method: a solution prepared from glycerin and the mummy. Buried in the morning and evening six days in a row. Before using the drops cleaned the nose with a solution of furatsilina. At the end of treatment all symptoms disappeared».


Sinusitis is a serious inflammation, which requires special treatment. In the case of an incorrect specific diagnosis or a patient ignoring the doctor’s advice inflammation passes into the chronic stage. In this period of the disease the treatment is long and expensive.

For this reason, follow your health status and prevent complications of the common cold. Remember that sinusitis has a number of undesirable consequences. Very often suffering from sinusitis complained of pain in the head, the nose, the frontal sinus. Later it became clear that the patient produces inflammation of the brain.

Do not delay treatment of sinusitis and use the recipes described at the first signs of the disease.