Shooting the ear off a child: what to do, and how to treat

What to do if you shoot the ear off a child?

Many adults are familiar shooting pain in the ear. Everyone remembers these painful and very unpleasant. However, if you shoot an ear of the child is doubly painful.Often the reason a patient ear become colds, for example, the common cold or flu. The virus getting into the Eustachian tube of a child, causing unbearable pain.

Recall that the Eustachian tube of a child because of their age in times shorter than that of an adult. This causes frequent colds.Pain in a child often have rapid and unexpected nature. The disease tends to occur in the dark. The main question remains, what to do, the child shoots the ear?

Inflammation of the ear of the baby

Inflamed any division of three available: the outer ear, middle and inner. If the child recently had a viral illness, monitor its health, and in particular, the ears.

If you notice the first symptoms of any complications, whether the otitis media or shooting the ears, the treatment will be more effective and faster in the beginning of the disease.

If weakened immunity in the middle ear is the accumulation of fluid and mucus. In a healthy body, it exits through the Eustachian tube further into the outer ear. However, a poor immune system is the slime past her, accompanying a sharp and shooting pain.

This may be the beginning of the disease, and the Tuesday of the inflammation. In either case, contact a qualified physician for diagnosis of the disease.

Unfortunately, pain in children are accompanied by a more pronounced fire effect than that of an adult.

Pay attention to the nature of the disease: if the seizures are severe and prolonged, most likely, the child had inflammation of the otitis.

The causes of the disease usually become obvious in the common cold, flu or other inflammatory processes in the nasopharynx.

The basic cause of shooting ear and otitis as a consequence of a runny nose.

Children, generally, do not have the habit to blow your nose, so pull all the mucus back in.

Getting into the Eustachian tube, the fluid provokes the emergence of viruses and bacteria.

It is important to monitor symptoms of the disease:

  • worse the patient begins to hear sounds;
  • a feeling of stuffiness;
  • fever;
  • discharge from the ears.

Noticing these symptoms, immediately begin treatment of the child. Usually the doctor prescribes a specialized ear drops, heat therapy, or laser, extra lotions and compresses.

If the disease has spilled over into more serious diseases or a previous treatment has no effect – the child antibiotics.

Start treatment in a timely manner, otherwise you can’t get around diseases such as:

  • Inflammation of the meninges. Especially common in children under 6 years of age.
  • The infectious process in the mastoid. In this case, the ear may appear on the Appendix.
  • Inflammation of the inner ear.
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The causes of the disease

However, backache in the ears can cause an ear infection. The reasons may be the following:

  • during air travel, when the pressure falls sharply and rises, clogged Eustachian tube, causing shooting sensations in the ear;
  • a large accumulation of water in the middle and inner ear. Most often in the summer, when we opened the swimming season in lakes and ponds;
  • pay attention to the condition of the teeth of the child. Eliminate the possibility of tooth decay or gum disease;
  • wear a hat on the baby in the cold season, and when the windy;
  • protect baby from drafts. They become a common cause of ear inflammation;
  • inflammation of the mucous membrane of the throat;
  • trauma to the ear while maintaining hygiene.
  • foreign object in the ears;
  • frostbite of the ears.

If you notice these signs, start the treatment, but after you will consult the doctor-otolaryngologist.

One of the common causes sharp and shooting pain in a child can be a blockage;

In order to verify the diagnosis you need to go to the doctor for diagnosis.

Commonly in this case, the child is prescribed instillation of hydrogen peroxide to two drops twice a day.

Many parents like this tool because of its ability to gently and painlessly to mitigate sulfuric stopper. After softening, sulfur is derived independently, significantly reducing pain.

Sometimes specialist appoints specialized drops, such as «Remo-Vaks».

Do not remove the tube yourself. So, you can cause serious injury and cause complications of the disease.

If the pain caused by water or foreign object

Before beginning treatment, inspect the ear.

There is a likelihood of foreign object in the ear canal. It can provoke severe pain.

If you notice a foreign object, do not make sudden movements and do not try to pull it yourself.

Thus, you can push the object deeper.

In the first place will go to the nearest emergency room, where you will provide specialized assistance.

If pain systematic and come after bathing, wipe dry the child’s ear with a towel. Next, make a warm compress of salt or warmer. Apply it for 15 minutes to the infected ear. At the end of the treatment, put it on the child warm hat.

First aid — the child shoots into the ear

You, like anyone else, know what pain can cause shooting sensations in the ears, therefore take urgent action on the problem.

The question arises, what to treat, when shooting the ear off a child?

To help deliver the baby compress, which will reduce the pain. Here are a few effective warming lotions:

  1. Purchase at the pharmacy a gauze and fold it to make a tight bandage.
  2. Next, you should prepare the solution. It includes vodka and plain water, mix them in a one to one ratio.
  3. Soak a gauze in the composition and carefully press.
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To protect baby’s tender skin, apply to ear and beside him the cream and then put the bandage on the ear. To strengthen the effect of tie ear warm towel. Hold the compress over an hour.

Effective is considered another way:

  1. Fry the salt in a large pan to a temperature of 65 degrees Celsius. As a result, it must acquire a Golden color.
  2. Pour the mixture in a cloth bag.
  3. The resulting compress put on the sore ear and hold until until cool salt.

After the procedure measure the temperature of the baby. If it is greater than 36.6 degrees Celsius soak a cotton pad in Bourne alcohol and insert it into the infected ear.

To strengthen the result area on top, close the dry disc.

It is known that after applying this method, the pain subsides, but not forever. These methods will help only for a time, to improve the General condition of the child.

After visiting the specialist will prescribe a more effective ointment or drops. If diseases of ears, baby sick cold, try to get rid of it as soon as possible.

If the pain appear after bathing procedures, thoroughly dry the child’s ears. This can be done using cotton towels or cotton pads.

How to treat shooting the ear off a child

After examination by a specialist drug therapy is prescribed. Analyze in detail the question of how to treat shooting the ear off a child.

First check the General condition of the child and the signs of a cold or flu. Then help to normalize breathing by clearing the nose. Commonly this occurs with vasoconstrictor drugs such as «Nazivin», «Vibrocil» or «Glycine».

In order to relieve pain in the ears doctor prescribes an individual means, in the case of illness of the child. However, there is an overall treatment regimen.

In severe case of prescribe a course of antibiotics.

To relieve ear pain accept «Drops» or boric alcohol. In addition, prescribed «Nurofen» or «Analgin Efferalgan».

Provided that permanent damage to the eardrum not assigned «Anuran», «Otinum» or «mefenamic acid».

In the absence of temperature allowed warming lotions.

If you notice that a child is easier – don’t stop the treatment. Otherwise, the disease can take a chronic form.

Folk remedies

If the disease is in the initial stage, and the child is still very small, prescribe traditional medicine. In traditional medicine there are several effective and effective recipes.

Heat camphor oil and enter into the affected ear three drops a few times a day. The method is considered to be one of the most simple but really effective.

To help the child prepare a poultice of beet.

  1. This will clean it from the skin and cut into cubes.
  2. Boil the beets in a liter of water.
  3. To improve the effect, add to the pan with three large tablespoons of honey.
  4. The resulting mixture was beat with a blender and cover with a bandage. Attach to your ear for half an hour.
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There are longer courses of treatment. For example, effective method is a propolis tincture, but a treatment course should be 10 days.

For treatment: take 10% extract and mix with olive oil, in a proportion one to two. Soak cotton pads in the mixture and put in the ears for 2.5 hours.

If your child is suffering from inflammation of the ears from birth, cook him a tincture of lemon balm.

  1. For this you need to chop the leaves of grass until smooth.
  2. After that, mix in a glass of vodka.
  3. Remove the glass sheets in a dry and dark place for one day.
  4. Then place two or three drops in each ear.

In very acute diseases, as also in purulent otitis media in a child will approach a poultice of crushed onions.

For its preparation chop the onion and add the butter.

In the resulting structure, smokinite cotton swab and enter into the ear for a few hours. Repeat step one for five days.

Provided that the patient has markedly decreased hearing and shooting feeling is increased, use calamus root.

To do this, one tablespoon of plants, pour a glass of water.

Next, the resulting solution should be boiled for 30 minutes. Drink the broth in one big spoonful three times a day.


Ensure that the child was healthy and happy. This is necessary to prevent.

Try to maintain the immune status of the child. To do with him charging in the morning, sagalevitch and drink vitamins.

If a child is ill, seemingly harmless runny nose, do not start the disease. Rinse the nose with the help of specialized solutions.

Follow the food baby.

If the baby is still ill, and he started to have unbearable ear pain you first need to consult your doctor.