Shoots ear: what to do at home — how to treat

Than and how to treat the shooting in the ear at home?

Pain in the ears deliver to the patient one of the most unpleasant feelings. In addition, pain and shooting sensations in the ears are among the most painful because these symptoms are resistant to medical treatment. Therefore, treatment of folk remedies has gained much popularity among the population, as many plant roots and decoctions of the flowers help to eliminate the pain.

Regardless of the age of the patient, the pain indicates the beginning of the inflammatory process, therefore, requires special attention. Often shooting sensations appear about the flu or common cold, sore throat or otitis media. Treatment in all cases, you need timely and comprehensive. In today’s article we’ll look at what to do at home if the ear shoots.

Why shoots in the ear

If the patient complains of pain and shooting sensations in the ear, must pass a comprehensive examination. The reasons for this characteristic lie in the education of the disease that must be diagnosed and cured. Most often, shooting pain occurs when otitis media and sore throat. Other inflammation include:

  • catarrhal diseases;
  • goes untreated acute respiratory infections;
  • inflammation of the maxillary sinuses;
  • disease rhinitis;
  • long-term rhinitis;
  • injury ears;
  • severe change in blood pressure;
  • violation of the integrity of the eardrum.

In some cases, the medical examination are not required.

In cases of hypothermia or abrupt changes of temperature and air travel, the ear can manifest discomfort.

Despite these signs, often shooting sensations appear during otitis media.

This inflammation appears as a result of complications of the flu or colds and if you get an infection in the nasopharynx. The pain is accompanied by congestion of the ears and rise in body temperature and a feeling of unusual sounds in the ears.

Often crosses into the ears appear due to inflammation in the nasopharynx of the patient, and also in diseases of teeth.

For accurate resolution of the diagnosis is sometimes enough external examination of the doctor, as in certain inflammations need more serious examination. But all types of illness, it is important to make a diagnosis from a qualified physician and begin treatment immediately.

How to treat if shooting ear

Treatment shooting pain depends on the form of inflammation and disease. If the pain is there because of the development of otitis media requires a holistic treatment, which includes physiotherapy and medicines. The question arises, what to treat when firing the ear?

  1. In acute forms of inflammation of external and middle ear of the patient to prescribe antibiotics – «Augmentin», «Suprax», «Sumamed», «Dioxidine», «Amoxicillin», «Cefuroxime», «Azithromycin», «Clarithromycin».
  2. Relief after the well-being and reduce symptoms should instill drugs «Kandibiotik», «Anuran», «Sofradeks» or «mefenamic acid». In the composition of drugs is antibiotics, which reduce the severity of symptoms on the third application. But drops must be at least five days to avoid relapse.
  3. If symptoms of otitis media are not strong, and the lesion is localized to the external ear patient enough to hold rate of heating and use of alcoholic lotions. However, remember that when purulent secretions or an acute form while warming up is prohibited, as it can trigger the development of the disease.
  4. At the end of the treatment the patient is assigned physical therapy exercises.
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Viral inflammation

Other inflammation doctors prescribe the use of Otipax drops or Otinum. They have antiinflammatory action and reduce pain for a short time.

When shooting pains in children it is necessary to address to the otolaryngologist, as the kids tolerate the pain especially hard.

For the temporary relief of health give your child painkillers based on paracetamol and ibuprofen.

If you go to the doctor in the near future, start treatment at home. To ensure the normalization of health, treatment needs to contain vitamins, warming of the ears, the introduction of ear drops, and in severe cases the use of antibiotics.

If the pain has caught you by surprise, enter into the ears drops Drops or Otinum, and Naphazoline. For the proper introduction of the clean the ear with hydrogen peroxide or ear stick. Then tilt your head to one side and gently pull the earlobe down. Thus, you will open the ear canal and drops will fall into the place of the inflammation.

After you save the pose for several minutes and then close the ear with a gauze bandage or a pellet.

Treatment for severe pain

If the pain becomes unbearable, buy drops antibiotic – Normaks, Garazon, Otofa, Kandibiotik or Dexon.

Before applying you should carefully read the instructions and side effects.

If you experience itching and burning sensation after instillation of the drug, the use of the medication should be discontinued, and you must verify the integrity of the eardrum.

If shooting pain is localized not in the ear canal and the outer part, lubricate the affected area pain-relieving salves Xylocaine or EMLA. They will not help to cure the ear, but will reduce the symptoms.

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With increasing temperature and strong shooting sensations the patient needs the antibiotic «Augmentin», «Suprax», «Sumamed», «Dioxidine».

They reduce the symptoms of pain and other signs of inflammation on the third day of use. At this time, many patients stop the treatment course that is a big mistake.

In this case, a recurrence of the inflammation, but with a vengeance. The course of treatment with antibacterial drugs is about one week.

It is important to understand that treatment is necessary, even if you have no way to contact the clinic or another medical center. Ear pain can cause otitis media or meningitis, as well as serious disorders of the brain.

Drug therapy in the patient ear is assigned only after the diagnosis of inflammation. So if possible consult a doctor in the near future, here are some safe methods of alternative medicine. However, it should be remembered that traditional medicine only eliminates the symptom of the disease. To see a comprehensive treatment recipes of alternative medicine desirable.

Traditional medicine

The roots of many herbs and plants can eliminate the pain, therefore, traditional medicine enjoys great popularity in the treatment of shooting pain.


Patients often use warming. For this heat on a cast iron skillet a small amount of salt, and then collect it in a fabric pouch.

Ensure that the lotion was not hot, otherwise you may burn the ear.

Hold the compress to the affected ear until the salt has cooled. This method has a productive effect immediately after application.

In addition, after the thermotherapy in the ears, you need to enter a small amount of onion juice mixed with olive oil. This mixture will have the effect of fixing.

Decoction of chamomile

Common method is the use of chamomile decoction. The flower eliminates pain and restores hearing and normalizes the General condition of the patient.

To prepare the broth you’ll need fifty grams of flowers. Fill them with water and allow to steep on low heat. Then the broth to cool. Strain the infusion and drink in small SIPS five times a day for five days.

Tincture of propolis

Propolis has many beneficial properties. This bee product not only kills the inflammation, but also promotes healing of the affected cells.

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Tincture of propolis can be purchased at the pharmacy, but it is better to make it yourself. So the most useful properties will be saved.

For the manufacture of propolis purchase fifty grams of the product and RUB it. Then pour two cups of rubbing alcohol or vodka. Express the obtained solution in a dark and dry place at least fourteen days.

Remember, the longer infused propolis, the more positive attributes.

Ready to apply the infusion to read. Instill three drops in the morning and two drops in the evening, and then type in a sore ear turundas. Thus, you secure a positive effect.

A solution of geranium

Not many people know that geranium has many beneficial properties.

To prepare the decoction from the flower it is necessary to boil a geranium in a small amount of water.

Then strain the decoction and add a spoonful of honey.

Drink this mixture half an hour before each meal for ten days.


It is known that onion has antiseptic properties and quickly reduces the symptoms of ear inflammation. For the manufacture of lotions from onion peel and finely chop onions.

Then add the mixture to five drops of tea tree oil. If such ingredient in the house was not, the oil can be replaced with olive.

Wrap all ingredients in a compress and apply to your ear for two hours. If the ear passage was itching and burning sensation, the bandage should be removed and flush the ear with warm water.


Each of these methods provides productive action, however, before applying you should consult with your doctor. In acute, the continuing symptoms should immediately consult a doctor.

Otherwise, the crosses in the ears can lead to serious inflammation, in which the patient will greatly worsen the hearing.