Sinuforte to me: the feedback on the drops and the spray, instructions for use of the drug

The drug Sinuforte to me: reviews and usage instructions

The main objective in the treatment of sinusitis is a natural outflow of fluid, which accumulates in the maxillary sinus and provokes pain, signs of intoxication. Stagnation of purulent secret promotes migration of inflammation to other organs that an indication for carrying out the puncture.

An alternative way to stimulate a reflex secretion is the preparation of local action «Sinuforte». Reviews of doctors in the sinus confirm the high therapeutic effect of Pharma products which drug therapy precludes surgical intervention.

Therapeutic effect in disease

Inflammation in the maxillary sinuses in the majority of cases is the result of recurrent rhinitis, acute respiratory viral infections and acute respiratory infections, infectious diseases (scarlet fever, measles).

Less likely to provoke sinusitis inflammation of the mucosa of the mouth (stomatitis), infectious pathology limfoglotochnogo ring, congenital or acquired deviation of the nasal septum.

Depending on the etiology of the disease in otolaryngology sinusitis differencebut into several types (rhinogenous, odontogenic, hematogenous), which predetermine the further preparation of therapeutic regimens.

The mechanism of development of sinusitis triggers a complex pathophysiological process of interaction of anaerobic microorganisms with the mucosa of the nasopharynx and maxillary sinuses. The latter perform a number of functions – from warming air, mechanical purification from microbes, to generate the secret for humidification of incoming air.

Because of the local inflammation, the sinuses are not performing their main function. Appeared swelling impedes air circulation, a natural outflow of mucus.

The secret of accumulating in the sinuses acts as a favorable environment for bacteria activity and further development of the inflammatory process. It is therefore important to ensure that the natural drainage of the sinuses, to renew the message of the sinuses with the external environment.

For reference! International health statistics show that annually with inflammation of the maxillary sinuses was facing more than 10% of the population in developed countries. Among all pathological processes of the nasal cavities, sinusitis is diagnosed in 50% of cases when referring to a specialist.

How does Sinuforte

The cure for sinusitis «Sinuforte» is sympathomimetic to allow the outflow of fluid from the sinuses, eliminating surgical intervention. The combined action of the components provide the stimulated reflex secretion after drug administration.

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Intense physiological drainage of the nasal cavities is ensured by the therapeutic action of cyclamen (the active substance of the medicine). Nitrogen-free glycoside – saponin contained in the plant, alters the rheological property of the fluid, diluting and drenarea it.

This effect is achieved by the action of cyclamen at the end of the trigeminal nerve, which innervates the mucosa of the paranasal sinuses.

«Sinuforte» is widely used in the treatment of pathological inflammatory processes. The use of the drug is indicated for sinusitis, acute and chronic sinusitis, frontal sinusitis, sphenoiditis, ethmoiditis, polysinusitis. Also frequently used in postoperative practice (endoscopic operations on the sinuses).

It’s kind of a unique product with triple action, a unique one does not exist. «Sinuforte» works as a decongestant, sekretomotornym and regenerating means.

For reference! The diluted product should be stored not more than 15 days, subject to temperature conditions (+2-8), preventing direct sunlight.

How to use the medicinal product

Before using the medication it is necessary to prepare a solution by combining a solvent with liofilizirovannam powders seal the nozzle spout, thoroughly shaken. This is followed several times, spray the cleaner into the air for the system to spray properly filled with mortar.

With daily drug, therapeutic course of treatment should not exceed 6-8 hours. Depending on the etiology and stage of the disease, your doctor may prescribe the use of medicine «Sinuforte» through the day. In this scheme of treatment duration varies from 12 to 16 days. The daily rate is equal to 1.3 mg. of means (one irrigation).

During irrigation the nasal cavity is necessary to strictly observe the dosage, avoid contact with eyes, as it can burn the eyes and cause inflammation of the conjunctiva.

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The drug is included in therapeutic treatment to patients who have reached the 12th age. Use of the «Sinuforte during pregnancy» lactation due to the lack of research on the subject of process of distribution of drugs in the body, conversion to the metabolites.

During treatment, the drug of possible adverse effects. Mostly demonstrated a local reaction in the form:

  • burning sensation in the nasal cavity;
  • redness of the skin;
  • increased tearing;
  • short-term pain in the area of the sinuses.

The severity of side effects depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. These symptoms are not an indication for interruption of therapies.

In the treatment of sinusitis «Sinuforte» does not replace antiseptics and antibiotics, a combination of these groups of medicinal products allows to achieve maximum therapeutic effect.

Method of production

Drops in the nose «Sinuforte» from sinusitis manufacturer does not release, the tool is implemented in only one formulation – lyophilized powder for preparation of solution and the solvent. The drug is equipped with a special nozzle at the dispenser, allowing it to be used as a spray.

The spray allows you to accurately measure the amount of medicinal substance in the irrigation of the nasal cavity with the use of the drops overdose is possible. In the composition of the extract of cyclamen contains poison, therefore exceeding recommended doses is fraught with undesirable consequences.

Important! It is strictly forbidden to use the juice of cyclamen in the home. Pure drug can cause severe burns to mucous membranes of the nose. Treatment should be carried out only according to the recommendations of the attending physician, under his strict control.


Veronica. Colds are my constant companions. All anything, but almost everyone I have SARS ends with complication. Last time I was faced with severe sinusitis. The doctor advised «Sinuforte» came to the pharmacy, I was a little confused is the price for medicine was announced in 1830. Deciding that health is not worth saving, I bought a spray.

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I will say this, the medicine is worth the money, I did not regret even once that I had to spend. After the first use of drugs to have a burning sensation in the nose, from his eyes ran tears. After five minutes began to frequent sneezing. From his nose came a lot of nasty things to breathe much easier.

My condition improved markedly by 7 days with daily use of medication. Among the shortcomings will allocate, of course, cost and short shelf life in the divorced state (15 days).

Irina. «Sinuforte» helps blocked sinuses. Without prescription use is not recommended, the drug is effective, but with a «hard» effect. After the first puff I started wild sneezing, and nose was «fire». It lasted for twenty minutes.

After two days of application all the side effects passed, on day 10, when using medications a day, my nose was completely healthy. Recommendation: the product should be diluted immediately before use, store in the refrigerator.


Spray for the treatment of sinusitis «Sinuforte» eliminate the accompanying symptoms in the treatment of sinusitis, restoring the drainage function of the nose and normalizes the ventilation of the maxillary sinuses.

The use of a medicinal product requires prescriptions of the attending specialist, strict observance of dosage and duration of therapy.