«Sinupret» in pregnancy: instructions for use and contraindications

How to take the «Pill» during pregnancy?

The most important moment in every girl’s life – pregnancy. At this time in a woman’s body can be arranged favorable conditions for the development of the baby, but despite this, the immune system of the body begins to slacken. Therefore, the childbearing woman is vulnerable to various infectious diseases. It is understood, viral diseases and SARS is dangerous for pregnant women their consequences. Imennno for this reason, it is important to get treatment as soon as possible.

It is known that women while waiting for the baby banned many drugs. Various tablets and drops can undesirable impact on the fetus. Salvation in a seemingly hopeless case will tablet Sinupret. This medication allowed during the period of development of the embryo, it is safe and effective.

About the drug «Sinupret»

Homeopathic remedy «Sinupret» is a bean, which includes gentian root, primrose flowers, sorrel, elderflower, verbena. Natural remedy supplemented with auxiliary ingredients, among which was starch, purified water, gelatin, glucose syrup and other elements that complement the action of the herbs.

«Sinupret» is not only in the form of pellets. The medication comes in the form of drops containing the same ingredients, a small amount of ethanol.

In the event of difficulties with swallowing pills, which often causes a gag reflex in pregnant women, select a medication in the form of drops.

«Sinupret» this is the first combined drug unit of plant origin. It allows you to eliminate bacteria in a very short time. And the drug has keratoliticski action.

The drug promotes the flow of mucous secretions from the nasal area of the upper respiratory tract.

This favorable action of the drug allows the use of «Sinupret» in the case of acute sinusitis, as well as in the treatment of chronic inflammation, which is accompanied by a mucous secretion.

In addition, doctors prescribe the drug in the case of frequent sneezing, nasal passages and the appearance of thick mucous secretions. Plant origin of the drug allows the use of pills and drops, in case of pregnancy. Means effective to cope with many respiratory inflammation, the appearance of which provoked the penetration of viruses and bacteria.

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In addition, the «Pill» allows you to cough and reduces sputum viscosity.

Using «Sinupret» in the case of pregnancy can not be afraid of allergic reactions and other side effects, since the effect of the drug is due to active components which are not harmful.

«Sinupret» in pregnancy — usage instructions

In case of viral or infectious inflammation in a pregnant woman it is necessary to take urgent measures.

Even common cold can cause the appearance of dangerous diseases, such as otitis media or sinusitis.

Therefore, if you feel unwell you need to contact the therapist.

It is important to understand that the application of antibacterial drugs or other drugs which can have detrimental impact on child development is strictly prohibited.

So do not self-medicate and listen to the advice of a doctor.

When cold, nasal congestion, or sneezing, the appearance of which provoked colds, experts prescribe «Sinupret».The product is based on plant roots and has virtually no side effects. During pregnancy medication is prescribed when the inflammation such as:

  • sinusitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • allergic rhinitis;
  • laryngitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • tracheobronchitis;
  • disease of the bronchi or lungs;
  • respiratory inflammation;
  • a cold or flu.

The active ingredient of the medication reduces swelling and normalizes the work of the upper respiratory tract, regenerates damaged cells, promotes the removal of mucous secretions and liquefaction of sputum. In addition, the medicine protects the nasal passages and removes harmful components from the body.

«Sinupret» acts in a gentle way, so pregnant women should not be afraid for the baby’s development.

Numerous studies have shown that taking medication does not pose a risk to the fetus.

Reviews on pills «Pill» during pregnancy illustrate the effective result.

If we apply the described drops or pills even in the case of acute inflammation, the medicine for a short time destroys viruses and bacteria, and normalizes the condition of the patient.

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However, despite the positive opinion about the drug, before taking this medicine you should consult with your doctor, as you must correctly calculate dosage and duration of treatment.

Usually in case of no acute inflammation, patients prescribed two tablets or dragee twice a day, morning and evening. Make the drug should be used thirty minutes before meal, washing down a pill and a small amount of liquid.

If you gave the preference to the drops it is necessary to use the drug for twenty minutes before taking food three times a day. One dose should contain thirty drops to be diluted with water.

How to apply the medication in the first trimester

After you have consulted with your doctor, you need to choose the type of medicines: drops or pills. However, many doctors advised in the first trimester to use the drug in pill form.

The course of treatment is chosen strictly individually, because the nature of treatment depends on the type of inflammation.

And apply drops in the first three months is not necessary, as the alcohol contained in the product, may negatively affect the development of the baby.

«Sinupret» in the second trimester

In subsequent months I also have to give the preference to the tablets or pills.

The course of treatment is made after analyzing the state of the baby and the expectant mother.

Apply drops recommended in case of use of inhalers. Drops it is necessary to dissolve in saline.

Treatment during the third trimester

Apply «Sinupret» in the last stages of pregnancy can be in any form as a risk factor for the development of the fetus does not already exist. Starting from the seventh month of pregnancy, you can use a drop of pre-making the absence of allergic reactions.


Contraindications pregnancy «Sinupret» almost does not matter.

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However, you need to make sure that no allergies to the ingredients included in the medicament.

Otherwise, the «Sinupret» can be dangerous for pregnant women. Only in special cases:

  • unpleasant painful sensations in the nasopharynx;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • itching and burning;
  • swelling;
  • allergic reactions.

Be aware that in case of improper treatment or violation of dosage, possible changes in blood pressure. It is dangerous for kids, so stick to the assigned dosage.

If you are allergic to lactose, to use pills as the composition of the drug includes lactose monohydrate as an auxiliary component.

If you are taking a drop, it is necessary to consider that in the case of trauma to the head or inflammation of the brain, the use of the drug should be monitored by your doctor. Apply «Sinupret» in the time of feeding the baby’s chest is prohibited, as are trials on this topic were not conducted.


Remember that regardless of trimester, therapy for healing of infectious lesions should be held under the supervision of a qualified physician. In any case do not do self-treatment because you can provoke the emergence of more serious diseases and cause uncontrollable consequences.

In case of inflammation, the therapist will prescribe an individual course of treatment and will also define the right dosage, given your position. Therefore, you should listen to the advice of doctors.