«Sinupret» in the sinus, and the treatment is helping

Does «Sinupret» in the sinus?

The inflammatory process in the maxillary sinuses can cause a lot of discomfort. So patients looking for a way out, trying to choose the most effective drug. One such medication is «Sinupret». This medication is produced from vegetable raw materials and possesses strong anti-inflammatory and antiviral effect.

This drug is used from sneezing, coughing, various mucosal secretions yellow or green. In addition, «Sinupret» is indicated for the treatment of sinusitis, sinusitis, rhinitis and other viral infections and inflammation. But despite positive reviews about the drug consider the question whether the «Sinupret» in the sinus, more.

Action «Sinupret» in the sinus

«Sinupret» is a vegetable preparation with pronounced action in infectious or viral lesions of the body. «Sinupret» is indicated for runny nose, cough, colds, flu and other ENT inflammation.

It is therefore not surprising that tablets «will Help» to me have a productive action.

After taking the medicine the patient feels reduce swelling and mucous secretions, moisturize and protect the mucosa of the sinuses, as well as other results.

Eliminating the inflammation, the medication does not harm the entire organism, but, on the contrary, a positive effect on the immune system. So the treatment is transferred painlessly, and virtually has no side effects.

The main advantage of the medicine herbal ingredients drugs, so you can quickly get rid of the signs of sinusitis. The composition of the drug includes only the roots or flowers of plants, which helps to eliminate puffiness and different selection in the short term.

It is worth noting that the drug does not lead to dysbiosis of the bowel and does not cause adaptation of the organism to the medicinal components. In addition, the tool favorable effect on the immune system and increases the level of protection of the organism against viruses and bacteria. This is particularly important in the case of the treatment of chronic sinusitis.

However, treatment of sinusitis involves a complex therapy, which includes use of antibacterial drugs.

In the case of combining «Sinupret» with antibiotics increases the efficiency of medicines, and the healing occurs much faster.

Among the advantages of drug «Sinupret» there is almost complete absence of side effects and age restrictions. This indicates the potential to treat even the youngest patients.

As sinusitis is characterized by inflammation in the maxillary region, the usual treatment of a cold is inappropriate here, as the slime rapidly accumulates and thickens. The main function of the drug «Sinupret» regardless of the form of preparation (tablets, pills or drops) to decrease the allocation of the mucous secret, as well as rapid removal of mucus from the sinuses, reducing swelling of the mucous membrane in the sinuses and destruction of microbes and viruses.

The task of spray, drops or tablets in the sinus «Sinupret» – reducing the viscosity of the allocated secret that promotes rapid removal of mucus.

After the first application of the medication to patients can decrease nasal congestion and eliminate other signs of inflammation. If you follow the right course of treatment, the sinusitis has been held for fourteen days.

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Thus, when the correct dosage and the correct course of treatment, the patient is waiting for the following effect:

  • the decrease in mucosal secretions;
  • eliminate the phlegm that accumulates in the bronchi;
  • cleansing the sinuses from accumulated mucous;
  • reducing swelling of the mucous membranes;
  • increase the protective functions of the body;
  • strengthening the immune system;
  • improving excretion of mucous fluid from the paranasal sinuses;
  • the removal of the inflammatory process.

When the complex components «Sinupret» inflammation is at the third receiving medication.

«Sinupret» provides effective result that does not injure the body, but rather softly by the accumulated mucus from the body. Therefore, this drug is considered to be one of the best drugs for the treatment of sinusitis.

Immediately after completing the course of treatment restores drainage of the maxillary sinuses, and also eliminates the negative micro-flora that is triggering the process of inflammation.

Due to its gentle action, this drug is easily tolerated.

The drug has virtually no contraindications or side effects, and symptoms of allergic reactions are completely absent. Therefore, many experts prescribe a «Pill» not only adults but also children.

According to numerous reviews «Sinupret» in the sinus effectively cope with the inflammation and normalizes the condition of the patient is already on the fifth day of application. In addition, the drug is prescribed to patients who have marked problems with the immune system.

How to apply «Sinupret»

The manifestation of sinusitis, many doctors prescribe pills «Sinupret». Following the instructions, «Sinupret» in the sinus you must apply three times a day with medication is a small amount of water. The standard dosage in the case of inflammation sinusitis or three times a day.

Important mention: the pill cannot be chewed. Thus, they retain their positive properties.

If necessary, such as during pregnancy or excessive gag reflex tablets can be replaced by drops.

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They can be diluted in juice or plain water.

The best course of treatment lasts for fourteen days. But your doctor may change the form of treatment.

It may depend on the nature of inflammation and its appearance. In the case of acute inflammation, treatment may be repeated in order to avoid relapse.

In the course of treatment affects not only the form of the disease, but the weight and age of the patient, as well as the individual characteristics of the patient.


«Sinupret» in the form of drops are assigned for ingestion.

Keep in mind that the composition of the medication in addition to herbs and roots of plants, a small amount of ethanol.

This form descends in the form of bottles, with a volume of 100 milliliters.

When sinusitis apply «Sinupret» in the form of drops as follows:

  • for the treatment of adults assigned to fifty drops;
  • from the age of six should take no more than 25 drops;
  • from two to six years recommended fifteen drops.

Before applying the medication, the drops should be diluted with purified water in proportion of two to one. Before you apply the medicine bottle should be shaken.

You should know that after the first opening period of action of the drug end after six months.

Tablets or pills

«Sinupret» in the form of tablets or pills should be used only from the age of six. Treatment of very young children is unacceptable. The standard dose for treatment of sinus infection – one tablet, but in the case of progression of inflammation specialist can double the dosage.

A single dose involves the use of one pill or pills that you should drink a small amount of water.

Not dissolve or chew the pills, as in this case the drug will lose its effectiveness.

In some cases doctors substitute for dragees or tablets, the intense form of drug «Sinupret Forte. However, their use is only permitted in the case of aggravation of inflammation. In addition, «Sinupret Forte helps reduce irritation in the gastrointestinal tract, reducing the effects of side effects.

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In case of maxillary sinusitis in young children, you need to buy «Sinupret» in the form of syrup.

It has a pleasant taste and does not cause irritation in babies.

The required dosage is assigned by the attending physician, based on the weight and age of the baby.

Remember, to apply the syrup alone is strictly prohibited, as in the treatment of very young children needed the supervision of a qualified physician.


Most of the patients treatment «Sinupret» transferred easily and without consequences. However, pay attention to the components included in the preparation. In case of hypersensitivity to certain plants, the use of this drug is unacceptable.

Separately it is necessary to say that the use of the described medication in the form of drops is forbidden in the case of treatment for alcoholism. As well as in the treatment of patients is strictly forbidden to consume alcohol. The fact that the preparation includes ethyl alcohol.

In addition, the drug use is unacceptable in the case of dysfunction of liver or kidneys, as well as trauma to the brain or skull.