Sinusitis and sinusitis: what is the difference, what is the difference, the worse the sinus infection or sinusitis?

What distinguishes sinusitis from sinusitis?

Inside the pneumatic bones of the skull are hollow space. They are called paranasal sinuses. The air can freely penetrate into the cavity, combined into a single system.

When inflammation of the paranasal sinuses in humans, there is sinusitis. What is the difference between sinusitis and sinusitis? To understand the features of these diseases need to know the anatomical structure of man.

Anatomical features

In total, the human body is 4 kinds of sinuses:

  1. Frontal sinuses in children under 3 years do not exist. They are located above the eyes and continue to develop until the completion of puberty.
  2. The maxillary sinus is located inside the upper jaw. It is the largest voids which have a volume of about 30 cubic cm
  3. In most of the thicker sphenoid bone are the main sinus. The partition divides the sinus into 2 parts.
  4. The ethmoid bone consists of a large number of voids, which can vary greatly by location and size.

Comparison of sinus infection and sinusitis

What distinguishes sinusitis from sinusitis? The hallmark of sinusitis is a clear localization. The disease only affects the sinuses in the upper jaw. The infection does not spread to other tissues. In this case, the runny nose occurs with lesser intensity.

Depending on the affected area of the following types of diseases:

  • when inflammation of the frontal sinuses of a person has sinusitis;
  • getting an infection in the maxillary sinuses leads to sinusitis;
  • the development of pathogenic microorganisms in the sphenoid sinus becomes the cause of sphenoiditis;
  • in case of inflammation of the ethmoid labyrinth in the patient begins etmoidit.

The greatest harm health causes sinusitis, since it is capable of hitting not only the maxillary sinus. The inflammatory process develops in several places of the nasopharynx. The duration of treatment depends on the nature of the disease.

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Causes of sinusitis and sinusitis

The disease can be triggered by the same factors. At risk include the lovers of water treatments. Swimming in the pond can lead to hypothermia.

It lowers the immune system and causes a surge of microbial activity.

Pathogenic bacteria can be long enough to be in a latent state.

Intensive secretion of pus may be associated with contact with mucous membranes of the nose are strong allergens.

Unpleasant symptoms may be due to hormonal changes.

Sinusitis occurs in people suffering from polyps. In the absence of the treatment of education gradually increase in size and complicate breathing.

The deviated septum is another reason for the development of sinusitis or sinusitis. To eliminate this pathology is possible only by surgical methods.

Provoke profuse discharge from the nose can be too dry air. Particularly sensitive to composition and temperature of the air inside the infants. Read here about the optimum moisture content for children.

Some people are born suffer from inflammation of the adenoids. The situation is exacerbated by the decreased immunity.


Despite the different localization of the symptoms of sinusitis and sinusitis are largely the same. An inflammation of the sinuses accompanied by:

  • the headaches, which deprive the patient of rest;
  • the patient has a sensation of pressure in the place of the head where the inflammation;
  • the formation of pus in the sinuses can cause tooth pain;
  • the patient complains of fever and chills.

Intense cold leads to the fact that in the sinuses accumulate a large amount of pus. The patient is complicated by the breath and changes voice.

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To distinguish sinusitis from sinusitis only after passing the examination. Patient sent for x-rays. Based on the obtained results, the doctor makes a diagnosis.

Inflammatory processes depending on the affected area can be divided into unilateral and bilateral. A lot depends on the form of the disease.

In exudative sinusitis in humans, the fluid accumulates inside the cavities. The productive course of the disease is accompanied by tissue growth.

The disease can occur in acute or chronic form. The hardest to treat patient who suffers from constant bouts of the common cold.

When inflammation of the sinuses on one side only of the face of the patient there is hemisinusitis. Some patients for inflammation of all the paranasal sinuses. Such a case can lead to death.

Sinusitis develops only in the maxillary sinuses and refers to a form of sinusitis.

Methods of treatment

The treatment of sinusitis and sinusitis requires a multifaceted approach. After passing diagnostics specialist chooses the method of treatment.

In bacterial infection patients are prescribed antibiotics, which destroy pathogens.

But such drugs are absolutely useless when infected with viruses.

To eliminate viral sinusitis used antivirals.

To facilitate nasal breathing patients will be advised to bury vasoconstrictors.

What’s worse than a sinus infection or sinusitis? The answer to this question depends on the severity of the disease. Sinusitis can hit multiple nasal sinuses.

This represents a great danger to the patient. Some people due to sinusitis serious complications arise.

Sinusitis affects only the maxillary sinuses. A clear localization of the disease facilitates the process of patient care.

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The inflammatory process in the sinus has a clear localization. Infection in the maxillary sinuses. Only in the human body there are 4 types of cavities.

Sinusitis can cause inflammation of several types of the sinuses. This complicates the patient’s condition. Methods of treatment of sinusitis and sinusitis depend on the type of the causative agent.

In bacterial infection patients prescribe drops with antibacterial effect. To get rid of a viral cold can be due to the antivirus tools.

Treatment of allergic sinusitis requires considerable effort from the patient and the doctor. Professionals difficult to understand the cause of allergies.

Cold can begin when hit in the nose of particles of animal hair, plant down or after eating certain foods.

Eliminate allergies by using antihistamines. To help such patients, if you take a course of lavage of the nose. You can use the solutions based on sea water.

In the treatment process is the removal of irritating the mucous components. Gradually swelling decreases and disappear the symptoms of rhinitis.