Sinusitis breastfeeding treatment how to treat

How to treat sinusitis breastfeeding?

During breastfeeding a woman needs to more closely monitor their health, because many drugs are forbidden in this period. Due to a weakened immune system, any colds may be complicated by sinusitis.

In this article we will discuss how to treat sinusitis breastfeeding.


Symptoms of sinusitis are similar to signs of flu and acute respiratory viral infections, the main symptoms are:

  1. High temperature. Can vary in the range of 37-38.5° C.
  2. Headache. As a rule it is localized in the frontal part and is enhanced by turning, tilting or movement of the head. Often the pain is severe and persists only painkillers.
  3. Runny nose. The secreted mucus is thick, yellow-green color.
  4. Night cough. Flowing through the throat mucus can get into the respiratory tract, causing painful bouts of coughing.
  5. Reduced sense of smell. In some patients it may not be lost during the disease.
  6. Dryness and sore throat. May be observed when the patient attempts to cough because of the bad feelings from flowing down the throat of mucus.
  7. Purulent bad breath occurs because the mucus is often unpleasant smells.
  8. General weakness and malaise.

Sinusitis can occur with clear symptoms and a latent form.

In chronic sinusitis can swell the face and lower eyelids. When you press on the swollen areas the patient experiences pain. In this case, you must immediately go for medical assistance.

Drug therapy

When the first symptoms of diabetes should immediately visit a doctor, because self-medication can only aggravate the situation. Wrong medicines can harm the baby. Treatment without antibiotics can occur only at the initial stages of the disease, so it is important to seek help as early as possible.

Doctors can prescribe a nursing woman taking anti-inflammatory drugs as well as homeopathic remedies. The latter are appointed in order to thin the mucus. They also help to prevent the disease took a chronic form.

If there are painful sensation close to the maxillary sinuses, can be applied to diseased parts pain ointment with the content of paracetamol.

Nasal lavage

It is very important when treating sinusitis while breastfeeding to wash the nose to clear nasal passages of accumulated mucus. Effective means are Dolphin and Kviks. In addition to these drugs, you can use a saline solution, sold in any drugstore or a salt solution prepared independently.

Also helps with washing solution Furatsilina and Chlorophyllin. Such rinsing will not cause any harm to the health of the baby.

After washing should be drip vasoconstrictor drugs. You should only monitor the reaction of the child to rule out allergies.

During lactation allowed to use vasoconstrictor drops:

  • Rinofluimutsil;
  • Glycine;
  • Galazolin.


If the treatment of the disease could not be managed without antibiotics, then prescribe drugs that do not have a detrimental impact on the body of the baby.

Such drugs include:

  • Augmentin;
  • Ceftriaxone;
  • Amoxiclav.

If the child after ingestion of an Allergy or similar symptoms, at the time of treatment feeding should be suspended.

Important! If prescribed antibiotics, you must take the full course, even if the relief came much sooner.


In most cases, if a nursing mother was diagnosed with a sinus infection, she prescribed a procedure called «cuckoo». The procedure got its name due to the fact that the patient during it should continuously repeating «cuckoo». This is done in order to block the channel of the communication of the pharynx with the nose.

During the procedure the patient into one nostril with a catheter, a feeding solution Furatsilina, in the second nostril is inserted into the suction. Continuous pronunciation of sounds minimizes the possibility of falling into the windpipe of the liquid. With suction the solution from the slime is pumped. Deposited on the walls of the cavity Furatsilin will prevent the accumulation of purulent mucus.

Physical therapy

Along with medication, it is necessary to make physical therapy. Treatment in such cases is much faster and usually without complications.

When physiotherapy treatment is used on the nose:

  • electrophoresis;
  • allocnow lamp;
  • ultrahigh-frequency inductothermy.

Puncture of the maxillary sinus

If the treatment does not give results, then appointed potent drugs is prohibited during lactation, or held puncture of the maxillary sinus.

Puncture of the maxillary sinus is carried out in several stages:

  1. First we need to conduct anesthesia. For this purpose, a thin spatula and wrap-wool impregnated with anesthetic agent. In most cases, apply Lidocaine.
  2. During the procedure, the bony wall between the sinus and the bow stroke is pierced. To do this, use a large sterile needle with a curved end.
  3. After puncture of the sinus washed with saline. The mouth must be opened because the outflow of the contents takes place through him, and all the liquid falls into a special vessel. In order that the pus no longer accumulated in the sinus, they introduced an antiseptic, most often it is used to recover.

Usually after a puncture in the patient’s condition improved after 1-2 days, the temperature decreases, the swelling and congestion subside.

Important! Sinus puncture is an effective method in the treatment of sinusitis during the period in which it is possible not to interrupt breast-feeding.

Folk remedies

Treatment of folk remedies should be performed with caution and after consultation with your doctor, as many can cause allergies in the baby and reduce milk production mom.

Traditional methods to treat sinusitis:

  1. The introduction of drugs with turundy. If the mother is not allergic to bee products, it can be used diluted in warm water solution of propolis. Wool or cotton pads are twisted, are impregnated in the resulting fluid and inserted into the nasal passages. After 10 minutes, the cotton wool needed to pull and thoroughly blow my nose. The method is quite effective. Propolis is practically not ingested by the mother.
  2. Drops. Also in the treatment of sinusitis while breastfeeding use the infusion made with strong black tea, honey and tincture of eucalyptus. It several drops instilled into each nasal passage.
  3. Inhalation completely harmless during lactation. They can be carried out with chamomile, eucalyptus, mother and stepmother etc.
  4. Flushing the nasal cavity with infusion of St. John’s wort can help get rid of accumulated mucus.


Few people know that sinusitis may develop because of problems with teeth, so as prevention is to carefully monitor the condition of the teeth and gums and promptly treat them.

It is not necessary to hypothermia and to prevent the development of colds. In the period of high risk of getting sick should be to smear the nasal mucosa oxolinic ointment or use other permitted antibacterial drugs. If cold failed, the maxillary sinus need to massage and warm up.


When the first signs of sinusitis in lactating women, it is necessary to visit a doctor. Self-medication in this disease may cause serious consequences for both mother and her child.

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