Skin cancer of the nose: symptoms and treatment, photos and the initial stage

How to recognize and treat skin cancer of the nose?

The most common cancer on earth – the cancer of the skin. In Russia this type of illness sick about twelve percent of the total population and in the number of this sad statistic increases. The insidiousness of this inflammation is that it can form on any part of the body. Most often, skin cancer develops from normal moles. This inflammation is called melanoma and is more common the other two times.

Melanoma is the most malignant form of skin cancer of the nose. Appearing on the mole, the inflammation progresses within a few months. Growing on the skin, inflammation brings the patient severe discomfort, the patient feels fever, sees lesions on the face. For getting rid of this type of cancer, you must seek medical help early on.

How does skin cancer

The symptoms and treatment of skin cancer of the nose is determined by the attending physician, but to identify the first signs of the disease, the patient can own.

Skin cancer most often develops on exposed parts of the body that are not covered by clothing. Therefore, inflammation in the nose are formed more often than others. The risk group includes not only the nose but also the face, neck, eyes, ears. To recognize the initial stage of skin cancer of the nose can be on several grounds.

Skin cancer of the nose, with the classification code for ICD-10 C44, is marked by inflammation on the surface, in which several knots are combined into one.

The tumor has a pink color, firm consistency and an elevated temperature in the damaged area.

With the progression of the disease, the patient notes an increase in tumors in size.

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The surface of the bundle changes shape and color, and inside the inflammation formed a dense ball of solid consistency.

Malignancy occurs much more frequently than benign. The most frequently malignancy is the surface form, so the patient notices her education in the early stages. According to statistics, this form of skin cancer is far more common than others. But there are several other forms and varieties of cancer.

In people over fifty years old, who often spend time in the cottages or gardens, and do not protect the face from sun people have noted squamous cell carcinoma of the skin of the nose. The root cause of the formation of such a disease include various injuries, sores and other types of violations of the integrity of the skin. If untreated, even common scratches, inflammation may be covered with dense edges and a bleeding bottom, which provoke the formation of squamous cell carcinoma.

The main symptom of this type of inflammation is formed on the surface of the skin that have sharp edges. This files most often occur only on one area of skin, but may reside in several places.

If untreated, skin cancer, having a malignant character, almost instantly penetrates deep into the skin, infecting even the healthy cells. Therefore, in addition to the described signs of inflammation, note the standard symptoms:

  • the main symptom of cancer – the formation of angiomas;
  • redness of the skin only in one place;
  • peeling of the skin;
  • itching and burning of the affected area;
  • the increase in existing ulcers;
  • scarring.

Symptoms and signs may vary. Their severity and progress depends on the form and stage of the disease, but in any case, the formation of malignant inflammation in the body was already present pre-education. If you notice their appearance before the appearance of lesions on the body, treatment will be much faster and smoother.

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There’s not much to be afraid of, if the root cause of the formation of the cancer has become angioma. They are benign tumours and lie in the form of red dots. The treatment of this pathology takes a short time and in most cases takes place without any further relapses.

Do not leave the symptoms of the disease without attention and seek qualified help. In this case, there is a favorable chance to cure the disease quickly and without consequences.

Please note the photo of inflammation in the early stages:

Treatment and surgery

Today cure benign or malignant tumors using several traditional methods. Most often, doctors prescribe surgical exposure, during which occurs the education, and affected lymph nodes.

It is believed that this type of treatment is the most effective and safe. Why patients choose this method of treatment more often than others.

After surgery the patient is waiting for a rehabilitation course, which lasts about two weeks. At this time the patient is assigned drugs and a course of vitamins.

There is another method of skin cancer treatment – radiotherapy. In the course of this treatment the affected area is exposed to irradiation. Allows radiotherapy to destroy diseased cells without affecting healthy.

This method is considered more modern and less traumatic. Often radiotherapy administered after conventional surgery, when not removed all the affected cells.

After radiotherapy, the doctors prescribed drugs that enhance immune system function.

Skin cancer is best treated in the early stages, when it is possible to remove all the damaged cells. In addition, in this phase, the cancer does not affects the surrounding tissue and has no metastasis. At this stage the patient may appoint a shallow excision of the skin, which removes the affected cells, and radiation therapy.

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This method is much more effective as a standard surgical method removal of the tumor often affects healthy cells. Therefore, this method cannot be considered as effective.

In addition to sighting the removal of hard-to-reach infected cells, the doctor may prescribe chemotherapy.

This method is applied for destruction of cancer cells.

If the inflammation does not have a large volume and is located on the surface typically used cryosurgery is the freezing of the inflammation with liquid nitrogen. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

Preventive measures

The first signs of the formation of the disease – ulcers, peeling or discoloration of the skin. Don’t leave these symptoms unattended and then the treatment will take place quickly. But do not forget that each disease is its own preventative measures.

To avoid skin cancer of the nose, you need to protect your skin from long exposure to the sun, to wear hats in the summer and sunbathe.