Smears from throat and nose for staph: as take the analysis-smear and does it hurt

As a swab taken from the nose and throat for staph?

There are situations when long treatment does not bring proper results. Moreover, the pathological process progresses.

In such cases, the experts in order not to burden the patient too much, and maybe even unnecessary drugs, prescribed to take swabs from the throat and nose for staph. This procedure helps to determine the cause of the disease and to find effective drug in each case.

As a swab taken from the nose and throat for staph

Staphylococcus aureus – a bacterium belonging to the group of gram-positive cocci. Modern medicine accounts for approximately 30 varieties of this bacterium.

Threat to human health is considered to be the following varieties of this bacteria:

  • epidermal;
  • saprophytic;
  • Golden.

Help. About 20% of the world’s population are carriers of Staphylococcus aureus, while they themselves do not get sick.

Data pathogenic agents able to disrupt the functioning of the immune system and release toxic substances.

Actually for the detection of pathogenic agents and determining their sensitivity to antimicrobial drugs doctors recommend that patients do a swab from the nose or throat. Fence biomaterial is quick and painless.

Further detail will talk about the preparation and conduct of this procedure.

Preparation for the procedure

To ensure the greatest reliability of the results, you must create the necessary conditions for the selection of the biomaterial.

So, you should prepare by following a few simple guidelines:

  1. 7 days before the procedure stop taking systemic antimicrobials.
  2. To renounce the use of solutions, rinses, sprays, ointments for 2 days before the manipulation.
  3. Before the procedure you can drink water, brush your teeth, chew gum.
  4. Manipulation is performed on an empty stomach.
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Subject to all of the above points, analysis on pathogenic microflora will be objective.

An algorithm for manipulation

To ensure that the staff correctly did a swab from the throat, the patient should tilt your head back and your mouth wide open.

Next specialist with a spatula presses the tongue to the floor of the mouth to determine the exact location of the antennas.

Then use a swab with a special tool – a sterile cotton swab which is after placed into the test tube with a solution that prevents the deaths of microflora during transportation.

Help. During the manipulation is unacceptable contact of the tool with other surfaces, since the results will be unreliable.

The procedure is painless but some discomfort is present. This is due to the fact that the touch tool to the mucosa can provoke a gag reflex.

Analysis of nasal Staphylococcus aureus does not differ almost from the above, with the exception of several moments.

The procedure of collection of material from the nasal cavity as follows:

  • the patient throws her head back;
  • the nasal passages are pre-cleaned of mucus;
  • the skin around the nostrils is processed antiseptic;
  • a sterile swab is introduced into the nasal passages, and it should fit to come into contact with mucous membranes;
  • the swab is placed in a test tube with the solution.

As in the first and in the second case, the vial of material delivered to the laboratory for microscopic and microbiological studies.

The obtained results will help the doctor to understand the cause of pathological conditions and to correctly Orient the choice of drug for treatment.

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If your doctor has prescribed to do the analysis from the nose and throat, then be afraid and worry about it not worth it.

This is quite a standard procedure, which will improve the effectiveness of the treatment.

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