Smoker’s cough: symptoms and treatment how to get rid of, treatment of folk remedies

How to get rid of smoker’s cough?

The harm of Smoking has been described repeatedly, but statistics are not changed and the people who threw the addiction does not become noticeably smaller. If the person has an dependence on Smoking, the first thing affected his lungs and bronchi. To determine the presence of harmful habits can be DC-specific cough, which affects almost all lovers of cigarettes. In order to determine how to get rid of smoker’s cough, you must consult a qualified physician. However, the first thing you need to quit Smoking.

We should not naively believe that this pathology will not occur. As a rule, cough suffer eighty percent of all smokers. If you don’t want to put himself in dangerous conditions for life, we should get rid of addictions today. If your day begins with a painful, long and loud cough, should immediately undergo treatment. The inability of the expectoration of accumulated mucus, as well as dangerous processes, which already occur in the respiratory tract, causing a risk of generating a dreadful pathologies.

The reason for the formation of cough

«Smoker’s bronchitis» is the most common diagnosis among those who like to spend time in the Smoking room. To get rid of Smoking and coughing, you need to undergo a serious treatment, but, first of all, it to win yourself. While the patient will not throw the addiction, any medical therapy will be ineffective.

Why smokers cough are easy to identify. Tobacco smoke contains over 300 toxic chemicals and poisonous elements that irritate the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. When Smoking these components accumulate in the patient in the bronchi and bronchioles. Soot, which is formed day after day, causes the formation of viscous mucus that violates all the functions of the respiratory system.

Essentially a cough in a smoker is a chronic disease of the bronchial tubes of non-infectious nature.

For reference! Keep in mind that tobacco smoke disrupts the function of ciliated epithelium of bronchi, which leads to the development of bronchitis and chronic lung inflammation.

Often the cough appears in the morning. The first symptoms of the inflammation of the bronchi manifested through two years of constant Smoking, when there is soot build up in the respiratory tract.

When the duration of Smoking increases, the cough manifests itself as a continuous process. It prevents not only the patient but everyone around. Over time it becomes a hard, long, shaft-mounted and is accompanied by severe pain in the sternum. Often such a process in the respiratory system is accompanied by a feeling of suffocation and lack of air.

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Definition of the symptoms and treatment of smoker’s cough begins with the office of a qualified physician. Unfortunately, to get rid of pathology in the respiratory organs in this process by yourself is simply impossible. As a rule, the cough is accompanied by debilitating symptoms, so patients wouldn’t wait to visit a specialist.

Reception should tell you about the symptoms that plague you not only at the moment, but throughout the entire time of Smoking. Typically, patients notice the formation of the following factors:

  • prickly pain in sternum;
  • occasional coughing;
  • back pain behind the sternum;
  • temperature is normal;
  • no sharp signs of deterioration of health;
  • the coughing intensified in the morning;
  • often patients shortness of breath is formed;
  • copious sputum;
  • loss of appetite;
  • the decline of the immune system;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • there is irritability.

As a rule, at the initial stage of pain and phlegm are present. These symptoms develop with increasing experience of Smoking. In addition, the early dry cough may go into productive. Wet cough is accompanied by colourless. But in some cases, the mucus becomes green, yellow or gray. Sometimes allocations are accompanied by impurities of the blood.

To determine further treatment, the patient must undergo a consultation with doctors-pulmonologists. During a call, do not forget to specify the experience of Smoking and number of cigarettes smoked per day. After that, you will be referred for chest x-rays and other examination in which should be tested blood and sputum.

How to treat smoker’s cough

Treatment of smoker’s cough medicine is possible only after the elimination of harmful habits. If you use drugs and continue to use tobacco products expect the effect is just silly.

After that, the pulmonologist assigns expectorants cough for smokers. They are needed to cleanse the lungs and bronchial tubes of accumulated mucus, as well as to eliminate different toxic substances. To achieve this goal is usually prescribe these drugs – «Ambroxol», «N-AC-Ratiopharm», «Tabex». If the inflammation is non-infectious character becomes uncontrollable consequences to the patient are assigned to the antibiotic «Ampicillin», «Cefaclor», «Fuzidin».

In addition, is assigned a complex effect on the respiratory tract using these medicines:

  1. «Bronhogen». The drug is prescribed for nicotine addiction. The tool should be used to improve the functioning of lungs and bronchi. The drug has improving effect on the respiratory tract after one week of treatment, but to provide a therapeutic effect «Bronhogen» should be applied not less than thirty days.
  2. Another effective cough Smoking — «ACC». This drug belongs to a group of mucolytics. Remedy liquefies thick mucus and removes the accumulated phlegm for a few days. Usually, «ACC» is appointed for a term of one week, but if the experience of the smoker is long, the drug should be used for three weeks.
  3. For the prevention of bronchopulmonary diseases, especially in smokers, is assigned to «Fluimucil». The drug increases the effectiveness of complex treatment of acute and chronic bronchitis, as well as relieves the symptoms of inflammation when Smoking.
  4. Another cough medicine smokers – «Libeksin». It has a blocking effect on the cough center, but the drug does not suppress the breathing and not addictive. Besides the fact that «Libeksin» has a local anaesthetic function, the tool provides anti-inflammatory effect.
  5. In addition to the pills, patients are prescribed a cough syrup for smokers. One of the most popular tools include «Dr. mom», «Geelix» and other drugs based on liquorice. These medicines reduce cough and make it softer. In addition, syrups enhance the outflow of a sputum, and enhance local immunity. Apply syrups and solutions should be clearly instructed otherwise, the formation of side effects.
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How to apply syrup «Dr. mom» can be found in this material.

For reference! During treatment many patients swallow the mucus. They should not do that, because the phlegm accumulate harmful microorganisms and toxins. In addition, thus may accumulate pus in the lungs. To get rid of secretions to need a surgical intervention.

Traditional methods

Treatment of smoker’s cough folk remedies acceptable, but only as additional therapy. Get rid of non-infectious inflammation of the methods of alternative medicine is completely impossible. As a rule, decoctions of medicinal herbs, lotions, and warm compresses can only reduce the symptoms and improve the local immunity.

Below we describe the most common recipes that can improve the health of the patient.


For treatment of bronchitis smoker you can use a balm with a bow. It is known that this product reduces coughing and visibly improves function of the respiratory system. For the preparation of the mixture:

  1. Grind 250 grams of ordinary onions to a pulp.
  2. Add to the mix 200 grams of sugar and half a liter of clean water.
  3. For best effect in the cure, add one teaspoon of honey.
  4. Mix all the ingredients and put the mixture on a slow fire. Boil the slurry for thirty minutes, then remove the pan from the heat.
  5. Allow the mixture to cool in a dark and dry place. Then move the medication into a container with a lid and store it in the refrigerator.

To apply the balm to lubricate the sternum of the patient up to five times a day. In one application it is acceptable to use ten milliliters of media. The treatment lasts until the complete elimination of all symptoms of cough.

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Radish juice

Known healing effect has radish juice mixed with honey.

For the preparation of the mixture to extract the juice of black radish. To do this, grate fresh vegetable on a small grater or grind using a blender. From the resulting mixture, squeeze out all the juice, and then mix it with one teaspoon of honey.

The cough syrup should be taken orally one teaspoon twice a day. For a full treatment course lasts up to three weeks.


To cure a smoker’s cough at home, it is recommended to use herbal. Decoctions of medicinal herbs to alleviate cough and bring the sputum from the bronchi.

Usually, doctors prescribe the following medicinal plants: mother and stepmother, St. John’s wort, rosemary, mint, the roots of the oak, the nettle, sea buckthorn. For solution preparation for oral administration should:

  1. Mix selected ingredients and place them in a saucepan.
  2. Add three hundred milliliters of pure water and boil remedy.
  3. Allow the mixture to cool to a temperature of forty degrees Celsius, then strain.
  4. Mix the broth with black tea in equal proportions.

Drink five days in a row. Every day is recommended to prepare fresh broth. The therapeutic effect will occur on the third day of treatment.



If the cough is not treated, it can cause the formation of acute bronchitis or lung cancer. In addition, there is a risk of inflammation of the mucosa of the lungs and tuberculosis. In particularly dangerous cases, the smoker’s cough can trigger emphysema, abscess or cancer. To avoid these processes, it suffices to watch over health and not to start Smoking.