Snoop in pregnancy: instructions for use in 1, 2, 3 trimester and reviews

How to take drops of Snoop during pregnancy?

Rhinitis in pregnant women is a common problem, especially if the period of gestation occurred in autumn-winter period. Swelling of the nasal mucosa is a consequence of the fact that the secretion of mucous glands stagnate, not moving away fully. As a result, the patient formed a physiological (natural) cold. He is an excellent breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria and microbes that penetrate from the outside into the nasal cavity and cause a cold.

Currently, there are many effective means to eliminate unpleasant symptom in pregnant women. One of these is the drug Snoop. It is quite harmless and can be used to treat children aged two years. Still before applying should make sure if pregnant to use Snoop from the cold.

Runny nose during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special state of the female body that require the mobilization and hard work (for two) all organs. Because of the enormous stress on the body and hormonal changes immune to the diseases of different kinds is greatly reduced.

As all the bodies of women during pregnancy operate with the increased load, blood circulation increases, its volume increases. As a result, the mucous membranes swell, which becomes particularly noticeable in the last months of pregnancy.

Often rhinitis in pregnant women is allergic in nature – from an overabundance of hormones, the body responds to all external stimuli.

In any case, this unpleasant condition is not only annoying woman, interferes with restful sleep and relaxation, but also dangerous for the cherished fruit. Stuffy nose makes breathing difficult and can cause the lack of oxygen the child (foetal hypoxia), and hence a runny nose should be treated.

Spray Snoop is an effective remedy for the common cold

Drug Snoop (Germany) recently appeared on the Russian market, but immediately established himself as a pretty effective remedy for the common cold and is very popular among the population. Snoop is made in the form of a spray, the principle of operation is the narrowing of blood vessels.

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Part medications include:

  • Xylometazoline hydrochloride is the main acting component;
  • kalium dihydrophosphate;
  • sea water supports the physiological condition of the mucous tissue of the nasal cavity.

Spray Snoop as child and adult, is the first drug that contains Xylometazoline designed to get rid of the swelling of mucosal tissue to facilitate breathing. The tool starts from the first minute, the effect lasts about six hours. It is sufficient to apply the spray 3 times a day.

The drug has a local effect, and the percentage falling into the blood is very low.

You should pay attention on possible side effects from the use of the funds:

  • respiratory – dryness, sneezing, burning of the mucous membrane, in the case of allergic intolerance – severe swelling of the mucosa of the nasopharynx;
  • Central nervous system – headache, sleep disturbances, vision problems;
  • the cardiovascular system responds manifestation of tachycardia and hypertension.

Snoop: instructions for use in pregnancy

So after all whether or not to use spray during pregnancy? Judging by the instructions, unequivocally — no. Drips and spray from the common cold have a vasoconstrictor effect, and this can hinder the access of oxygen to the placenta and cause oxygen starvation of the fetus. Especially dangerous is the use of Snoop with early pregnancy.

But on the other hand, if you refuse treatment of the common cold, to suffer from stuffy nose, it can also trigger adverse consequences for the pregnant woman and the child. In such cases the advice of your doctor is necessary. Only he will be able to properly assess the risk and, if necessary, to appoint application of Snoop in pregnancy, especially in the 1st trimester.

In addition, while not carried out effective research on the effect of the drug on the fetus. As a warning and prevention of possible negative actions is considered to be a medicine harmful for the mother and child. But the evidence of this fact is not revealed. Therefore, if the pregnancy proceeds without complications, the medicine will help to alleviate the condition in the case of bacterial or viral infection.

Some doctors, based on the General health of the future mom, prescribed for use during pregnancy child Snoop, as it is a lower dose (0,05% baby spray 0.1% spray for adults).

But there is another opinion: the dose of drugs are appointed taking into account body mass, so the baby dose not be able to provide the necessary medical action on the organism of an adult. At the same time, the side effects from any medication are the same.

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The use of funds in different periods of pregnancy

In the first months of pregnancy formed the vital organs of the fetus, Central nervous system, the placenta of the mother through which the baby receives food and oxygen. So you need very very careful to approach the medication.

In term 2, the tab and the formation of the main systems and organs of the fetus is completed, therefore, the use of Snoop during pregnancy in this period is not dangerous. But since there are General contraindications to the use, caution can not hurt.

In the last months of pregnancy there is an intense development of the fetus, it needs to get the most nutrients. All the organs are already formed and if there is no pathology, the appointment of Snoop during pregnancy in the 3rd trimester carries minimal risks to the fetus.

In any case it is impossible to ignore the contraindications and before you use the spray, you need to weigh all «for» and «against» in order to avoid dangerous consequences.

Snoop in pregnancy: reviews

In the Internet you can find a lot of feedback from women about the use of a spray during pregnancy. Most of them speak positively about the drug and acknowledge that when using the quickly a relieved breath. This helps to normalize sleep, appetite and General condition.

Valentine, 28, Surgut: «I was Afraid to use the last months of pregnancy, but it was impossible to breathe. Could not sleep and eat too. Decided,»come what will, because the nerves are on edge!» Experienced great relief especially pleased that sleep was possible. Enjoyed the Snoop 3 days, very helpful.»

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Alla, 24 years old, Krasnoyarsk: «I helped spray and no consequences! Drip on health, but without fanaticism. Still better than torturing yourself. Breathe calmly, and the baby will also be oxygen!»

Ekaterina, Moscow: «Almost the entire pregnancy received the baby drops, no other way they could – they suffocate at night. Nothing, the baby is healthy, everything is normal. I even said that to use a baby drop during pregnancy is not scary.»

Apply Snoop during pregnancy is possible within a short period of time, taking into account the body’s reaction to the medication. It is best to use before bedtime to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep. In case of detection of any discomfort, you should immediately abandon the use of the spray and consult a doctor.