Snot and runny nose after DTP vaccination: could there be and what to do

Can after DTP vaccination to be cold?

Today, parents fear are vaccination, as heard about negative consequences. In preschool and educational institutions prior to vaccination, notify parents and take written consent for vaccination.

Can after DTP vaccination to be cold

Vaccination is performed to prevent the occurrence of various infectious diseases. Each vaccination has its contraindications, can cause side effects.

The most common are:

  1. Personal intolerance of the drug components.
  2. The increase in body temperature.
  3. Cough, runny nose.

The vaccinations must be approached responsibly. Before vaccination, the specialist informs parents about possible side effects.

Before vaccination it is recommended to take the tests and to see a doctor. Therapist doing the examination of the patient: easy listening, evaluates the condition of the throat, and also identifies possible symptoms of acute respiratory infection.

Important! Before vaccination, you must make sure that the baby is completely healthy. If you have a runny nose, cough, red throat vaccination need to be migrated to a full recovery.

DPT may cause allergic rhinitis.

To reduce the allergic effects of vaccination on the body, by taking antihistamines.

In some cases, there is an increase in body temperature.

The house must have a means to lower the temperature: it can be candles with paracetamol, Nurofen syrup Forte Allergy to «livarol».

If, after the DTP had snot is a signal that the body’s defenses directed against bacteria. After vaccination the child forms antibodies to counter these infections.

If a runny nose after DTP vaccination began a few days after the injection, do not worry. It is recommended to consult a specialist. Among all vaccinations, the DPT has a strong strain on the body. It is composed of three components of diseases such as pertussis, diphtheria, tetanus.

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Experts tend to believe that the pertussis component gives side effects. Today, specialists launched the integrated product, in which there is no component of pertussis. The vaccine is called ADSM and causes a minimum of adverse effects.

There are also foreign analogs of this vaccine under the name My-Dex, Polideksa.

What to do if you get a runny nose after vaccination

What to do if you get a runny nose after DPT? This is a pressing issue among most moms.

This reaction is a minor symptom, but at the same time the rhinitis is very annoying and interferes with normal life.

After vaccination, parents should observe the child’s state of health.

The common cold can manifest itself in a few days, and a month later. This problem is common among most patients.

If the rhinitis began in the first days after the vaccination and went for a few days, then treatment is not required. In the long cold that persists for two weeks and more is needed to diagnose the body to determine the cause.

A doctor will be assigned to a combined therapy to combat a cold. Protracted rhinitis may have a negative impact on other bodies, and manifest in the form of cough, ear pain and so on.

The drugs market is full of medications for rhinitis.

Initially it is necessary to use drugs that help restore normal nasal breathing, reducing swelling.

Common facilities include: Nazol, Sanorin or saline according to the method of Komarovsky.

The next phase of treatment involves getting rid of the infection, which provoked rhinitis. Positive effects have anti-inflammatory drugs, which are used at the initial stage of the disease. Providing a soft impact on the body, almost does not harm the body. Vitamin C helps strengthen the immune system.

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The next step is the hydration of the mucosa. In the nasal passages may accumulate mucus with pathogenic flora that you want to delete.

You can use Nasal, Sanorin Aqua, and Throat.

These products are based on salt water, which perfectly moisturize and disinfect mucous membranes. The positive effect of flushing the nose with saline. Water for washing can be made at home from kitchen salt or sea salt.

A positive effect on the respiratory system inhalation. They can be carried out using boiled potatoes, broth of herbs. All these procedures can be carried out at the initial stage, when it is difficult to say what was the cause of the common cold. Snot began after DTP vaccination, or joined infection.


Before vaccination, you must make sure that the baby is healthy. If possible, before the time of vaccination it is necessary to strengthen the immune system. Before the procedure, abstain from eating allergenic foods.

If there is personal intolerance of the drug components, as well as the presence of symptoms of acute respiratory disease, vaccination should abstain. Vaccination can protect yourself and baby from the risk of serious diseases, so the implementation is necessary. Be healthy!