Snot in the nasopharynx in an adult: treatment, viscous snot in your mouth

How to get rid of mucus in the nasopharynx?

During a seasonal outbreak, because of allergic reactions or penetration into the sinuses bacteria, runny nose phenomenon is quite natural and easy to remove. But if the mucus is collected in the nasopharynx is the reason for going to the audiologist.

Besides the fact that the snot in my throat cause discomfort, it is necessary to determine the cause of their appearance and apply the appropriate treatment in this case.

The reasons for the formation

Sinuses are lined with mucous membrane, which generates a secret to protect from viruses or bacteria. At the time of infection triggered a defensive reaction of the immune system, stimulating the production of mucus significantly.

Place of concentration of the sinuses but often accumulate snot in the nose and throat.

Help. The presence of mucus in the nasopharynx, it is to protect the body from penetrating into the bronchi and lungs infection.

After the relief of the disease, the development of secret normalised and ceases a runny nose. It is not uncommon when an uninfected person there is a feeling of a «lump» in the throat because:

  1. Irritating external factor in the form of dust, hot drinks, alcohol or the use of sprays for the nose.
  2. Pathologies associated with the respiratory tract, which during the disease rhinitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, accumulated mucus, as snot runs down the back wall of the nasopharynx.
  3. Inflammatory processes in the paranasal sinuses and nasal passages (sinusitis, sinusitis). They form a clot of mucus, in the interval between nose and throat, unpleasant odor and yellow-green.
  4. Diseases of the digestive tract, which increases the production of mucus and its concentration in the nasopharynx. An unstable pH, hydrochloric acid emitted by the stomach and irritates the throat.
  5. Allergic reactions, when increased production of the secret is designed to protect the body from foreign agents.
  6. Prolonged use of nasal preparations, which led to deformation and hypertrophy of the mucous membrane (drug-induced rhinitis).
  7. Diseases of the endocrine system, pregnancy, age-related hormonal instability.
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Are formed and stand out clots from the nasopharynx for the reason associated with anatomical abnormalities (polyps, nasal septum, throat swelling), usually removed by surgery.


To eliminate rear rhinitis there are several methods: treatment by medication, the use of folk remedies, lavage of the sinuses, inhalation. Often appointed complex therapy, which includes two or more method.

Drug therapy

If present for a long time a lump in the nasopharynx are not expectorated, it is necessary to address to the otolaryngologist for treatment. With this diagnosis apply:

  1. Ingalipt, Iodinol, Lugol belong to the group of antiseptics with anti-inflammatory effects, have no contraindications, spray on the mucous membranes of the throat, removing, thus, swelling. Used drugs after each meal.
  2. Mucosolvan spray refers to mukolitiki, apply three times during the day. Syrup children over 12 years: 5 milligrams three times a day. Form of tablets or plates, allowed to receive 6 years of age, the dosage is determined by your doctor.
  3. Syrup Bronholitin diluted in cold water (the proportions specified in the instructions for use) is taken after meals (3-4 times). The drug is not shown during pregnancy and lactation;
  4. Mukaltin expectorant with a mucolytic effect, is contraindicated with a diagnosis of gastric ulcer. Tablet is diluted in water, taken three times a day.
  5. Treatment of viscous mucus in the nasopharynx in an adult, if they are caused by bacteria, takes place with the help of antibacterial drugs: Solutab, Co-trimoxazole, flemoksin. The latter has a lemon taste, is not contraindicated for women during pregnancy.
  6. Amoxiclav also relates to antibacterial preparations, taken three times daily one tablet is dissolved in water.
  7. Arbidol is contraindicated in children up to two years, belongs to the group of antiviral drugs used in acute respiratory diseases and influenza for 2/10 of a gram three times a day, a course of treatment from 5 to 14 days.
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If the snot in the nose a result of allergic reaction, is appointed Suprastin or loratadine.

Attention! A large portion of the drugs for the treatment of rhinitis rear have side effects. Before application it is necessary to consult the attending physician.

Folk remedies

Traditional medicines are used in combination with medication, they reinforce the effect of the latter. A few tips on how to get rid of mucus in the nasopharynx, with the help of folk medicine:

  1. Is inhalation of steamed in water with sprigs of raspberries. To do this, take 100 grams of dried branches of raspberry or 200 grams of fresh, chopped about five inches. Pour a liter of cold water, bring to a boil. When the water is boiling, inhale the steam, covering your head with a towel. Follow the vaporization temperature. Steam of high temperature may damage the respiratory tract.
  2. Apply inhalation if snot expectorant through the mouth. Principle of the procedure is the same as in the previous method. The composition is done on the basis of sage, chamomile and marigold, mixed in equal parts (2 tablespoons). The mixture is poured a liter of water. When the broth has reached boiling point, add a spoon of honey.
  3. For instillation into the nasal passages is the infusion of the purified aloe Vera and honey. The middle leaf of the agave finely sliced, pressed juice, and is added to the solution (a spoon of honey, dissolved in 50 grams of water).
  4. Rinsing with a tincture of the pepper (for adults only). The crushed pod of bitter pepper, pour boiling water (0.5 liters), insist during the day.

In folk medicine provided a composition of calendula and honey for internal use. To do this, take equal parts of honey and petals of calendula, mixed, taken inside three times a day for 0.5 tablespoon.

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The procedure is available for use at home. Washing out the excess of secretions, removes bacteria and viruses, eliminates dryness of the mucosa. Apply mortar, if coughing up mucus a consistency like snot thick consistency:

  • a saline solution (two teaspoons of salt to one liter of water);
  • the solution using soda (a teaspoon of baking soda in 0.5 liters of water);
  • a solution of manganese (fluid should be light pink in color). Not fully dissolved in the water manganese can cause burns of mucous.
  • furatsilina solution is prepared respectively the annotations to the drug;
  • a decoction of the color of chamomile and sage (two tablespoons of chamomile, two tablespoons of sage) brew in a liter of water.

Wash nasal passages is possible with the help of a rubber bulb with a tip. Alternately infusing a solution into the nasal passages. It is advisable to carry out the procedure in the morning after sleep, when accumulated during the night a significant amount of mucus.


Drug therapy like the use of traditional methods of treatment of rhinitis rear, should be under medical supervision. Early diagnosis will rule out further complications such as pneumonia, asthma or bronchitis.