Snot with blood in pregnancy

How to treat a runny nose with blood during pregnancy?

Blood snot due to hormonal imbalance in the expectant mother can be a normal variant or indicate a serious pathological changes. There are a number of factors that destabilisateur the tone of blood vessels, is subjected to hardening and thinning of capillary walls.

The solution of the problem requires a doctor’s participation, since initially it is necessary to correctly identify the etiology of the clinical picture, and only then to draw up a proper therapeutic regimen.

Why snot comes out along with blood during pregnancy?

In response to the aggressive actions of endogenous and exogenous stimuli sensitive inner membranes of the nose reacts by producing abundant aconselho secret. In the composition of mucus contains antibodies to reduce the activity of pathogenic microflora.

Then where in the nasal fluid appear blood streaks? Causes mucus blood in pregnancy often are the infection of the upper respiratory tract, injuries of the mucosa, disorders of bone and cartilage structures, adverse environmental and domestic conditions.

The most common internal catalysts include:

  • Cold. The development of rhinitis precedes hypothermia: sudden thermal changes, long-term effects of wind, exposure to the cold. The impact of low temperatures leads to a narrowing of the lumen of blood vessels to increase the flow of lymph to warm vital organs. Elastic tubular formation becomes brittle, sudden sneezing, a mechanical cleansing of the sinuses may damage the integrity of the vascular wall.
  • Infectious ENT diseases. Microorganisms during the phase of active growth and reproduction, produce toxins, which on the background of the expansion of blood vessels provoke swelling of the mucous membrane. Pathology peculiar state of heightened sliseobrazutee in the nasal cavity, which may be elastic mass formed in result of blood clotting.
  • Hypertension. High blood pressure often suffer from pregnant women with toxemia or other pathological changes. Special vigilance required by the presence of hypertension in the medical history of the expectant mother prior to conception of new life.
  • Papilloma. Benign tumors disrupt the integrity of the tissue structure. Also blood clots can form in the injury of the growths in the process of sharp exhalations through the nose.
  • Atrophic rhinitis. Inflammation of the mucous membranes is characterized by the thinning of epithelial tissue and placed in her nerve endings. On the background of diseases of the nose are formed, the dried peel when you remove the blood from the wound space penetrates into the mucus.
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For reference! Pregnant women should limit the use of baths, saunas, steam rooms, avoid prolonged direct exposure to sunlight, because in such conditions increases the risk of selection of snot with blood.

The root cause of blood snot, the expectant mother may be the negative impact of exogenous factors on the respiratory tract:

  • Allergic reaction. Often its appearance is preceded by contact with animals, spores of plants, household products, dust, foods, medicines. When exposed to antigen fragile capillaries in the nose burst, lymph flows into myconazole secret.
  • Unfavorable climate. Excessively dry air in the room is a dangerous drying up of the inner shell, reducing its protective functions, resulting in increased risk of damage to the capillary network, even while sneezing. Inhibit the activity of ciliated epithelium of harmful production conditions, living near industrial facilities.
  • Haphazard use of vasoconstrictor drops. Under the action of blocker of alpha-adrenergic receptors of the vessels in the projection of the nose are constantly in a spasmodic condition, with subsequent dilatation. This provision leads to pronounced rinorei, increased swelling of soft tissues.
  • Hypovitaminosis. To strengthen the vascular plexus body needs vitamin C and routine. The lack of components alters vascular tone, reduces the elasticity of the capillaries. Complicate the process of entering the active components of the problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Important! During gestation increases the risk of nasal bleeding due to the increased admission blood lymph to the nasopharynx.

To improve brittleness of closed channels through which blood is carried, preceded by an extensive list of factors.

Blood clots in nasal fluid result from excessive exercise, bad habits (consumption of alcohol beverages and tobacco products), dehydration, poor nutrition.


Vascular plexus located on the mucosal surface, therefore easily exposed to trauma. The expectant mother is obliged to care about their health. ENT diseases are easier to prevent than to cure, especially in the early gestational ages when the use of pharmaceuticals is highly undesirable.

If blood snot was observed even before the pregnancy, it is necessary to carry out preventive activities aimed at strengthening blood vessels:

  • to take ascorbic acid;
  • sports. Excellent tone up the circulatory system Cycling, swimming, Hiking;
  • to balance the daily diet, focus on fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, dairy products;
  • to give up coffee, carbonated drinks, drink more herbal teas, green tea, water;
  • to humidify the air in the room, regular wet cleaning;
  • to avoid stressful situations.

Tip! Care should be taken to carry out the mechanical cleaning of the paranasal sinuses. Before you remove the dried remnants of mucus or crusts need to drip into the sinuses 2-3 drops of moisturizer after 10-15 minutes to process cotton tips.

The appearance of snot with blood streaks does not always require the ingestion of pharmaceuticals. In some cases this phenomenon is observed when a strong blowing your nose or increased pressure in the nasal cavity.

Then therapeutic actions should be directed at strengthening the vascular wall in the following ways:

  • irrigation of pneumatic channels herbal teas, which accelerate the regeneration of soft tissues (plantain, black elder, Linden, chamomile, rosehip, willow bark);
  • to expose the body to moderate physical activity that has a beneficial effect on the process of hemocirculation;
  • moisturize the mucous preparations on the basis of isotonic sea water: «Akvamaris», «Markera», «Salt», «Humer». Replace drugstore products can be saline or Sodium chloride.

How to treat a cold blood during pregnancy, when it comes to a serious inflammatory process provoked by infectious agents? For its relief by adequate and sparing pharmacotherapy.

Often medical scheme is based on the admission of homeopathic and hormonal drugs that have anti-inflammatory action.

At strong deterioration of breathing short course to 3 days appoint a vasoconstrictor drops. Sympathomimetic eliminate the inflammation, edema of the mucosa and signs of rinorei, reduce hyperemia of the soft tissues, increase aeration of the sinuses.

The activity of pathogens suppressed by antibacterial drugs. Often they are used as a liquid for nasal lavage. Widespread in otolaryngology received the mineral-plant complex «Dolphin», «Miramistin», «Chlorhexidine».

Nuance! When snot with streaks of blood in pregnant women, appeared on the background of a cold, the best diaphoretic is tea with raspberry or lime tea with honey.

Treatment of allergic rhinitis, which, together with miconazole secret out blood clots begins with the definition of antigen, limiting contact with an irritant.

You must try to solve the problem of organizational activities: to monitor the cleanliness in the house, observe the rules of personal hygiene, adhere to proper nutrition, more fresh air. With the aim of reducing the intensity of allergic reactions, prescribe antihistamines of new generation, such as «Herbal».

When precipitating factor blood snot are benign growths of the mucosa of the turbinates is necessary to pay special attention to the daily diet, take vitamins.

Conservative therapy involves treatment with antiviral and anti-inflammatory drugs. If no positive change is inevitable surgery. For the expectant mother to be more gentle laser removal of polyps endoscopic surgery.

Reducing a tonus, eliminates the spasm of the vascular wall, adjust microcirculation antihypertensive, antihypotensive and drugs for the normalization of the local blood flow. However, the appropriateness of the use of these medicines prescribed by your doctor, pre-analyzing the perceived benefits and potential threat to the health of the parent and the child’s body.


Blood from nose when blowing your nose in pregnant women often occurs due to the high fragility and permeability of the vascular wall, close to the location on the surface of the mucosa. The main task of the expectant mother – to promptly seek medical care.

In some clinical cases, the use of local drugs, but sometimes requires complex constructive therapy.