Soap for the common cold kids: reviews and how to wash

How to rinse soap?

Stuffy nose will be out for a long time. This phenomenon deprives both the disability and the possibility of full rest and sleep. In a situation of ordinary colds or infection, provoked by a mild infection can be treated with cold soap.

Paradoxical as it may sound, but this tool effectively treats nasal congestion.

Advantages of funds

Disinfecting effect of the detergent is manifested by the fact that alkali and the carbonate destroy a favorable environment for reproduction of microbes and viruses, so it is actively used in the cold.

Dignity hygiene products is the absence of any additives and chemicals.

Accordingly, it is possible to eliminate the possibility of allergic reactions.

Optimum choice for cold – soap (dark color) with a content of active substances 72%, this can be seen on the box and the soap.

How to rinse soap

During outbreaks of influenza you can protect yourself by regularly washing the nose with household soap. This procedure facilitates the destruction of pathogens on the mucosal surface of the nose. So you need to do immediately after a walk or interact with the carrier of the virus.

To protect yourself from infection, you can rinsing the nose with a solution prepared from this tool. To do this you must give to dissolve a small piece of soap in warm water. The obtained liquid by means of medical pear to wash out the nasal cavity.

Caution: it is Forbidden to wash the nose of a jet under heavy pressure.

Ointment at home, with the addition of soap

A simple means of hygiene has long been used for getting rid of colds, besides it is possible to make a healing ointment. Well-known prescription of traditional medicine, which contains the following components:

  • tincture of honey;
  • vegetable oil;
  • milk;
  • alcohol solution;
  • onion juice.

For the manufacture of a therapeutic mixture for treating nasal congestion you will need grated part. Then all these components in equal proportion are placed in tightly closing dishes.

By means of a water bath the resulting mixture is brought to a homogeneous condition.

Next, prepare the mixture to cool and place in sealed containers for long term storage in the refrigerator.

The resulting treatment mixture is used in the following way. Wadded turundy impregnated with the mixture and place in the nasal passages 10-15 minutes.

For a complete cure from the common cold this mixture will need about three weeks. If necessary, you can do a 10-day break, then continue the treatment.

Attention: to prepare the therapeutic mixture from the cold only need to use detergent dark color, dark shade indicates the absence of harmful additives.

Use soap when cold in children

Perhaps many people wonder whether it is appropriate to appoint a soap from a cold children. For kids also used for therapeutic purposes, the tool. Manipulations are the same as in adults. In the treatment of nasal congestion in children can be applied directly soap pure and its mixture with defined components. Anyway, therapeutic actions consist in soaking the cotton harness with the mixture, then place them into the nasal passages of the child.

Last this procedure needs about 10 minutes, which is less than in adults. Permitted data manipulation 4 times a day. Duration of treatment course – 4 weeks. If there is no desired result in the treatment, after 15-day break, you can resume the course of treatment.

When soap is not recommended in the treatment of rhinitis

This means hygiene is effective in the treatment of acute rhinitis of any etiology, sinusitis, chronic rhinitis and sinusitis during periods of exacerbation.

However, despite the harmlessness, it does have some limitations when using. Should abandon the use of detergent in the following cases:

  • chronic diseases of the nose, this may exacerbate the dryness and histoncal it;
  • inflammatory disease of the nasal mucosa, allergic reactions to soap.

The duration of treatment in this way should be 7-10 days so as not to hurt the nasal mucosa.

It is important to remember that from the action of soap die not viruses, and bacteria, for this reason it is more effective in diseases of bacteriological aetiology.

Of course, not all agree that it is possible to use the means of hygiene in the treatment of rhinitis.

Many doubt whether soap to wash the nose.

Undoubtedly, this hygienic product very common.

Its availability and cheap price conjures up thoughts of safety and naturalness. Moreover, in the minds of many people left a memorable moments when soap was almost the only means of disinfection.

Now there are many other alternative means by which you can get rid of rhinitis with the least damage to the nasal mucosa. In addition, it will take much less time. If, however, the choice in the treatment of nasal congestion fell on the means of hygiene, you should always consult with a specialist.


Below are the testimonials of people who used soap from the cold.

Olga: I am an employee of a medical facility, and during the epidemic of influenza we often are by using this tool: rinse the nose. It helps not to get sick upon contact with the ill. When you realize that you are sick, then immediately wash your nose with soap and water. And it makes me feel better.

Elena: I Learned about this effective method from a neighbor, which the doctor advised to treat sinusitis foam soap. She helped this method, it is strongly sneezed. Began to use the soap itself when cold, and found that it is effective. The tool copes with the pathogens.

Michael: Sometimes I use a similar method of getting rid of a cold. The result is visible almost immediately, breathing becomes much easier. But there is a dryness in the nostrils. Still prefer a more neutral agent in the treatment of nasal congestion.

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