Soar feet in the cold child: what and how to soar

Is it possible to soar legs in the cold?

One of the most basic cold symptoms is a runny nose. And this applies to both adults and children. Unfortunately, kids are prone to illnesses more often. The age of six the child’s immune system is not yet fully formed. That is why the child’s body, subjected to viral and bacterial infections, are not protected fully.

Small children can become seriously ill even from hypothermia. Anyway they often appear snot from the nose begins to flow, the mucous membrane swells, and breathing becomes difficult. It is therefore important to know what’s the easiest way to get rid of unpleasant symptoms. Any cold, including the nozzle, are much faster, if you hover legs. Many natural question arises: can the children soar feet when cold and how to do it properly?

Than hot baths useful for foot?

For colds, there are many medicines, including folk. One of the proven techniques and and quite effective is the heating of feet. This procedure is of special difficulty. It is only necessary to prepare a basin with warm water and add the appropriate means to enhance the effect.

The therapeutic effect of steaming of the feet is achieved due to the effect on the reflex zone, whereby the heat distribution throughout the body.

Observed that the hypothermia of the feet, for example, when a child got caught in the rain, he observed the characteristic signs of a cold: the throat starts to tickle, stuffy nose, snot appear.

This phenomenon is explained by the fact that hypothermia stop provoking a negative impact on the nose and nasopharyngeal area.

Due to the warming of the feet of the respiratory tract are subjected to treatment action.

High temperature promotes vasodilation, resulting in increased blood flow, allows for rapid outflow of liquid from the spread of inflammation, reduces the swelling of the mucous, easier breathing and improved well-being. When activated, blood flow is the movement of leukocytes and lymph is greatly accelerated, which stimulates the body’s defenses. Therefore, soar feet in the cold is highly recommended.


Soar feet properly. Can’t do that at a high temperature, even if it is minor. It is therefore to be treated in this manner is best in the beginning of the disease, not to create additional stress on the body. In addition, the height of the disease, this procedure is inefficient.

Warming of the foot with hot tubs need to be approached in cases when the child in history to have heart disease or suffering a vascular system. This therapy has already burden on the heart, so before soar feet, it is recommended to consult a pediatrician or therapist.

When symptoms of runny nose and cough without fever, with steaming of the feet may significantly alleviate the primary symptoms.

As an additional component for this procedure is usually used dry mustard, of course, if she’s not allergic.

If necessary, mustard powder can be replaced with essential oils, herbs or not add anything.

It is impossible to warm your feet in the presence of rashes and allergic manifestations on the skin:

  • the sweat;
  • urticaria;
  • dermatitis and so on.

Caution! Like mustard and essential oil can enhance skin irritation, which will undoubtedly aggravate the course of disease, and will alleviate the condition.

How to soar legs?

To achieve the greatest effect, soar feet is best at night. Although, in compliance with bed rest you can do it three times a day. Thus, the rhinitis will be much faster, especially if the disease is not yet had time to develop. Needless to say, that to go outside would be impossible.

It is not necessary to use much hot water. It will be enough to heat it to a temperature of — 40 degrees. For the procedure it is recommended to use a basin having a depth to immerse the limb in water together with the lower leg.

When warming up of the legs is the activation of mechanisms to combat infection. Duration should be approximately 10-15 minutes. Throughout it will need from time to time to pour hot water to maintain the original temperature. While adding the boiling water the legs will have to take out and put them back after breeding water.

After the procedure is completed, wipe his feet dry with towel first put on a simple thin socks and then a wool or Terry and lie under a blanket. It would be nice just to fall asleep.

To soar feet?

You can enhance the therapeutic effect of the procedure with a cold, soar if the child’s feet with mustard. To do this, pour the water, dry mustard at the rate of 1 tablespoon per 1 litre of water. The same effect can be achieved with essential oils of eucalyptus, fir and sage: it is enough a couple of drops.

Suitable as decoctions:

  • juniper;
  • mint;
  • pine;
  • chamomile;
  • series.

A decoction of medicinal herbs after cooking it is necessary to insist and then add water for steaming.

At what age can soar feet?

Soar feet in the cold, at any age. The procedure for adults and children has virtually no significant differences. The water temperature in the tank needs to be 40 degrees in both cases.

Before soar feet in the cold, to enhance the effect, you can make the baby a light massage of the legs and on the bottom of the basin lay a Terry towel.

Will fit in this case and a sponge. Thus it is possible to provide a light weight foot massage.

If we are talking about young children, it is hard enough to get to sit in one place and do not remove feet from the basin.

In such cases it is recommended that the procedure to an interesting kid’s show or favorite cartoons. At this time, you can read the child a book or to inspire his playing.

What would the child has been busy, mostly, so he remained sitting in the place allotted amount of time.

With regard to children at older age, problems with them on this score does not happen. Do not forget to wear warm socks after the procedure.


That for colds and runny nose can soar feet, known a long time. The greatest therapeutic effect is achieved when the first symptoms of the disease. In some situations, the symptoms quickly only thanks to this procedure, and it is sometimes possible to achieve only ease symptoms and improve well-being.

A runny nose will happen much faster if treatment is carried out comprehensively. If the disease is accompanied by cough, sneezing, sore throat and inflammation of the nasopharyngeal region, in the course of going and mustard, and compresses, and herbal teas, and medicines. While not useful to hover legs.

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