Sodium tetraborate with a yeast infection in women: treatment

Thrush is a very unpleasant disease with pronounced symptoms, most often affecting the female body. Provoke this disease the Candida fungi. When conditions are favourable (for example, after a long cold reduced immunity), the fungus begins to multiply rapidly. And can get sick and a young girl (not living sex life), and Mature lady. Constant itching in intimate areas and white allocation from a vagina – the most recognizable signs of a candidiasis. In the fight against this disease proved to be excellent sodium tetraborate.

However, the use of sodium tetraborate brings only when they are treated with infected mucous tissues and the skin. The drug also penetrates into the intestines and stomach for a few days «away» from the body of the patient in a natural way.

Familiarity with the drug

Known to all boric acid gave such an interesting derivative, as sodium tetraborate. In people, the product is known under the name «borax in glycerine». A powerful disinfectant and antibacterial action of the drug is beyond doubt. Release it in the form of a 20% saline solution. The manual gives detailed information on its composition. It is a mistake to assume that the only purpose of the described means to eliminate «women’s issue» — vaginal candidiasis. This drug helps to treat bed sores, diaper rash, bedridden patients, bringing relief fungal infections of respiratory tract, and even gets rid of thrush in the mouth.

One of the significant advantages of borax in glycerin is the low cost. But mindlessly use borax is unacceptable. Because this tool is quite toxic. Dose over 10 grams is considered lethal. So with the instruction, which indicates how and in what quantities to use borax, you need to see necessarily. There are many nuances that must be considered to successfully «repulse» thrush. Besides, with a quick result, borax is able to bring in the initial stage of the disease. But when running the thrush you can use this tool as a Supplement to other drugs that are created to destroy mildew.

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Rid of the problem properly

Some women ignore the first symptoms of candidiasis (allocation of white color and a burning sensation in the vagina), relying on the fact that «self-will». But if the disease becomes chronic, it can cause serious impact to the body.

Before you use borax, you need to do douching with decoction of chamomile (and other herbs, possessing anti-inflammatory action). Then takes a swab of gauze, moistened in the tetraborate. 20-30 minutes this should be a tampon in the vagina. If the symptoms of candidiasis is not very strong, one application per day is sufficient. With more «active» thrush prescribed 2-times the use of medications (morning and bedtime). Usually the course is one week. This period to survive, even when the signs of the candidiasis is gone. Sometimes you may experience burning sensation in the treated areas, redness of also not excluded.

For those women who have previously observed high sensitivity to medications, contact with the sodium tetraborate is very undesirable. Careless use of the drug is fraught with overdose (it always warns user manual). There are many cases when patients began diarrhea, vomiting, irritation on the skin. Overdose symptoms – weakness, dizziness, muscle twitching in the hands and feet.

Can I use borax to women in the situation?

Candidiasis is a very frequent concern of women who bears a child. In this period, the body is very vulnerable, and hormonal changes also are able to «flush him out». The expectant mother is limited in the choice of means, designed to combat a candidiasis. Although the sodium tetraborate can not be called «light» drugs, sometimes it is the only option to get rid of the fungus. This is because antibiotics can cause the body of the future mom even more damage. And local use borax minimizes the probability that the components of the preparation will be in the blood of the expectant mother.

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When the doctor decides to prescribe sodium tetraborate bearing the fruit of the patient, he explains all the difficulties associated with its use. And, of course, gives detailed directions for use. To eliminate fungus in women in the position is acceptable to use only 5% solution of borax.

There are cases when it is borax in the glycerine relieves the sensitive issue of women who have had a serious Allergy to other means.

Moderation is key

There is no doubt that sodium tetraborate is a very effective tool, eliminating the candidiasis. This is confirmed by the responses of women of different ages. The process of treatment with this substance is quite easy, besides, borax is very inexpensive (you can not say about many tablets and candles, which are also used for thrush). But, the medication delivered from the problem and does not hurt, you need to adhere to the specified dosage and be attentive to their own health. In case of any alarming symptoms (skin rashes, sharp pains in the intimate area), as soon as possible, you need to consult a doctor.