Sofradeks drops in nose children runny nose: instructions for use and reviews

Is it possible to drip in a nose children Sofradeks?

Despite the fact that colds are not uncommon, to treat them must. It is worth noting that if you do not take action, even the most harmless cold can turn into a more serious condition such as sinusitis, frontal sinusitis, or result in the deformation of the nasal septum.

The danger is the cold of any nature or etiology, including allergic origin. Especially hard to handle c disease with chronicity of the process. So do not expect that snot are accidental or temporary. At the first signs of a cold, accompanied by runny nose, it is recommended to consult a otolaryngologist, who will be able to prescribe the right treatment. Among the effective tools that well help in these cases, the doctors isolated eye and ear drops Sofradeks.

What is the Sofradeks?

Sofradeks is a combined medicinal product intended for administration into the nasal passages, ears and eyes. These drops for quite a long time gained popularity on the domestic pharmaceutical market. Sofradeks found widespread use in otolaryngology and ophthalmology.

The drug has a strong antibacterial effect and are able to exert rapid anti-inflammatory effect. This drug is prescribed for infectious diseases of the ears, olfactory organ and eyes. Its impact extends to all of the ENT organs at the same time. Sofradeks well reduces inflammation and successfully cope with allergic manifestations.

Sofradeks drops can be used simultaneously for treatment of the ears, eyes and nose.

The drug

The main active components of Sofradeks are:

  • antibiotics gramicidin and framizetin (as sulfate);
  • anti-inflammatory corticosteroid remedy — dexamethasone (in the form of sodium metasulphobenzoate).

The preparation includes a number of supporting components:

  • methylated and phenylethyl alcohol;
  • lithium chloride;
  • Polysorbate;
  • sodium citrate;
  • citric acid;
  • purified water.

The spectrum of action

The drug successfully cope with pathogenic microbes, including:

  • Escherichia coli;
  • streptococci;
  • staphylococci;
  • dysenteric infection.

These microorganisms – causative agents of serious diseases, to cure which can be quite difficult. With the help of dexamethasone, part of Sofradeks, prevents the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria and the spread of infection. In addition, this substance contributes to the removal of active inflammation.

The action of gramicidin and framizetin aimed at the elimination of pathogenic microbes with the aim of relief of inflammatory processes developing in the body.

After several days of treatment, the disease begins to recede, and his apparent signs such as itching and burning in nose, pain in the eyes and puffiness are gone. Using this drug the patient’s condition quickly returns to normal and feel better.

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Method of production

Today in pharmacies can meet eye and ear drops Sofradeks that has been widely used in the treatment of eye diseases, rhinitis, sinusitis and even adenoids.

Drops are available in dark glass bottles with a capacity of 5-10 ml. To each medicinal product is attached to a special dropper with a dispenser designed for its introduction. In addition to the drops, Sofradeks available in the form of ointment in 5, 15 and 20 g in each tube.

The concentration of the active components of each form of the drug is identical. The drug after the opening is not more than one month.

Is it possible Sofradeks to drip into the nose children?

On the question of whether Sofradeks children, difficult to answer unequivocally. Drops are absolutely contraindicated in infants, and young children they are appointed with great care. This is due to the development of many side effects. Prolonged use of Sofradeks leads to disruption of the functional characteristics of the adrenal cortex.

Some pediatricians and pediatric specialists in ENT-organs have long embraced the fact that Sofradeks good help from a cold. Despite the fact that the drops are produced only for the eyes and ears in many cases are encouraged to bury their child in the nose.

Instillation Sofradeks in the baby’s nose is performed to treat:

  • allergic rhinitis;
  • bacterial rhinitis;
  • inflammation of the adenoids;
  • rhinopharyngitis.

If we talk about the treatment of simple rhinitis in children, Sofradeks in such cases, use undesirable. It is best to use a more gentle drugs, the application of which minimize the development of side effects.


To avoid negative effects, the drug is not recommended for use in concentrated form: drops must be diluted in proportion 1 to 1. Very suitable for this distilled water or saline. Thus it is possible to reduce the aggressive influence of the active ingredients to the nasal mucosa of the child.

The effect of the treatment largely depends on correct medication administration. For this the child must take the situation lying down and not toss and turn in different directions. Ask the child to tip the head back. Enter 2-3 drops of the solution into each nostril. To manipulation should be 3 times a day until improvement occurs. The course of treatment should not exceed 5 days.

Attention! It is not recommended to treat with antibiotics without consulting a specialist.

Scheme of treatment for adenoids

When inflamed adenoids in kids may assign Sofradeks according to the following scheme:

  • the first 10 days — 4 drops in each nostril 3 times a day;
  • next 5 days — 2 drops 2 times a day;
  • last 5 days — 2 drops 1 time per day.
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During the procedure, the medication should be instilled into the nostril so that the liquid flowed on the surface of inflamed pharyngeal tonsil. Only in this case can be expected to reduce the size of the adenoids. Usually positive dynamics is visible after a week the swelling subsided, nasal breathing comes back to normal.

The above scheme of treatment of adenoids Sofradeks unimportant. In each case the doctor finds the dosage and duration of therapy individually. The specialist takes into account the peculiarities of child’s organism, the nature of the disease and the presence of pathological complications.

Side effects and contraindications

As for the side effects upon instillation into the nose Sofradeks, among them we can note the Allergy in the form of dermatozah rashes, accompanied by itching and burning. This is due to the presence of drops of glucocorticosteroid. In some cases, the treatment ends with the accession of bacterial infection. This can occur due to poor immune system.

Like a number of other drugs Sofradeks has its contraindications. Drops cannot be applied in pulmonary tuberculosis, glaucoma, in the presence of the herpes symptoms and the development of purulent infections, including viral or fungal etiology.

Medication is not administered to children under 3 years of age. Also from the use of Sofradeks when cold, it is recommended to women during pregnancy and during breast-feeding.

The reviews about the drug

In many forums on the Internet you can find reviews of the patients about the drug Sofradeks, and they are not only positive. However, it is worth noting that negative reviews written by those who do not adhere to the instructions for use of Sofradeks and incorrectly uses nose drops. If the treatment is taken seriously, then the result will justify itself by 100%.

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Maria, 27 years old, Novosibirsk: «I Have a small child, who has reached the age of 4 years. The doctor gave us a Sofradeks drops for the treatment of rhinitis. Sopelki and swelling passed very quickly. The bottle is comfortable and has a dispenser. In General, drops is we approached, and I stopped them a choice.»

Alena, 22 years old, Vladivostok: «my daughter had a bad cold and took a long time. After the application of vasoconstrictive drops snot was held for a while. I had to go to the hospital, and the pediatrician prescribed us Sofradeks. Loved it. The effect came almost immediately, we passed a full course of treatment and were satisfied.»

Anastasia, 25 years old Krasnoyarsk: «Dripping child Sofradeks. Before using the drug had to be diluted with saline 1:1. The tool was very effective, but it is said that for a long time to apply it is impossible, as can develop allergic. However, I took these drops for myself. And despite the fact that they eye, I advise you to use them and the others, and that’s when the treatment of rhinitis.»


In conclusion it can be concluded that Sofradeks is an effective and potent remedy that helps with the common cold and other diseases.

The drug assigns the attending physician and dispensed in pharmacies by prescription. Before use it must be done qualitative diagnosis: Sofradeks effective only in bacterial infections. Diseases of viral and fungal etiology, and inflammation accompanied by purulent flow, are considered contraindications to the use of this drug.

Sofradeks do drip in a nose children, but as a rule, it is prescribed only if there are serious indications. Despite multiple contraindications, this medicine is highly effective.