Something jumped in my ear and it hurts: acne or pimple inside photo

What to do if something jumped in my ear and it hurts?

Something jumped in my ear and it hurts each one of us has ever had to think about it, feeling terrible discomfortable in the ear with all its consequences. Mostly, the perpetrators of these unpleasant and sometimes quite painful sensations are pimples in the ear, pointing to failures in the functioning of the systems in the body.

Can occur as a highly-‘m harmless comedones and predecessors of purulent inflammation. In any case, without attention to this condition it is better to leave. Then we will talk about the symptoms of this phenomenon, its causes and ways of treatment.

Causes of zits in the ears

Problems of this kind do not arise just like that. The factors that cause the development of such formations is very diverse in nature.

So, to provoke the formation of pimples in the ears can be such reasons:

  • hygienically procedure, – improper or insufficient care of the ears causes clogged pores and inflammation of the sebaceous glands. Unnecessary care can also have a negative impact, as it deprives the ear cavity’s natural defence;

  • improper diet — lack of vitamins depletes the body and weakens the protective function. Including great importance is the amount of preservatives, stabilizers, dyes and other food additives contained in certain foods;

Help. For food and diet you need to follow very carefully and carefully to choose the products, paying attention to their composition. Otherwise the body will «strike», voicing his displeasure with acne.

  • Allergy effect on the skin of the ear to different allergens can cause the appearance of small itchy pimples and hives. If untreated, this rash can develop into eczema or dermatitis;

  • hormones – hormonal balance can be due to hormonal steroids, exposure to direct sunlight, a malfunction of the thyroid gland, pregnancy and lactation, and many other factors that modify the internal state of the body;
  • stress – emotional tension and outbursts are taking place in the life of every person. Stressful situations lead to a fault in metabolism, thereby affecting the condition of the skin not just the ears;
  • infection of the wound – to injure the ear, for example, when cleaning the ears can scratch the ear canal, there is the risk of infection in the wound. And as a result may develop abscess;
  • hypothermia – the cold air may cause the formation of pus pimple in the ear. It’s enough to hypothermia even on summer draught that it says here in the winter time;
  • colds and infectious diseases – this raises the so-called «cold pimple», and sometimes not one, but a valuable area of inflammation. Is characterized by pain and a long period of treatment;
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  • chronic diseases – such education may be symptoms of various pathologies (diabetes mellitus, gastrointestinal tract, dysfunction of liver and kidney, endocrine disruption).

Variations in metabolism due to food, disease and the environmental situation in the place of residence, bad habits – the main reason for the development of various pathological conditions not only in ears but also in the whole organism.

Symptoms problems

Often do not always get the time to determine what was a small pimple or blackhead in your ear (photo examples below).

Such inflammation of the skin in the majority of cases appear due to blockage of pores and inflammation of the sebaceous glands. The formation of pimples in the ears occurs in several stages:

  1. The skin in the lesion become inflamed and red and swell up, and irritation can occur.
  2. Formed subcutaneous tubercle, which can be easily felt. Can be dense, vesicle, or adipose capsule – it all depends on the kind of education.
  3. There is an accumulation of in formation content of fat and pus.
  4. After maturation occurs out the pus out or it seal and output in the form of a tube.

At the standard course, such education is slowly absorbed and disappears without leaving a trace.

Certain entities can appear and disappear by themselves, but some can deliver a whole lot of inconvenience. Allergic pimples are usually heavily scratched, and ulcers and boils are characterized by severe throbbing pain and can provoke the spread of infection with blood circulation.

Help. If formed of ordinary Wen, which is a special do not cause discomfort, it does not mean that the problem can be ignored. Rather than to tackle the situation, the better.

If you put pressure on the pimple on the sink or the tragus of the ear, you can feel a sharp pain. If the bump is deep inside the ear cavity may also be observed a certain discomfortable during chewing, yawning, talking, as it can affect the width of the auditory canal.

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Having considered the main characteristics of this phenomenon, let us consider the effective methods of its treatment.

How to treat acne in ears

If it hurts my ear like a pimple (and in fact he is just in some cases it may be very deep and see it without special equipment is impossible), it is certainly better to get professional help.

It would seem that a trifling phenomenon faced by everyone in his life more than once, of course, quite unpleasant, but maybe go through.

Help. Home treatment is justified only in those cases where it is normal Wen, not delivering any trouble.

If this phenomenon is caused by a more serious problem and observed additional symptoms, then it is better to hurry to the specialist.

Approximate treatment of this problem might look as follows:

  • disinfection – the treatment must necessarily begin with this event. It is necessary to wash hands carefully with soap and water to wash the ear and ear canal. Then be treated with antiseptic to eliminate the threat of spread of pathogens and prevent inflammation;
  • hot compress is necessary for a pimple, especially internal faster matured. To do this, take a piece of cotton, moisten it with alcohol, apply it to the bump and leave on the hour;
  • Vishnevsky ointment or Ichthyol ointment is applied in order to extrude the contents of education, thereby speeding up the healing process. Well boils and purulent inflammations, but in those cases, if they are not entrenched deeply in the ear.

If a pimple has formed in a remote place, for example, deep in the ear canal, then it is treated with instillation of various antiseptic agents (chloramphenicol or salicylic alcohol).

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In that case, if education threatens the integrity of the tympanic membrane, showing its surgical removal.

Also the problem in the ears can be eliminated, and with the help of cosmetic products for problematic skin presented in pharmacy chains in a wide range, or tar soap.

Important! The main condition for the occurrence of such a problem is in any case not comb and do not try to squeeze pimples immature.

Treatment allergic acne begins with the elimination of possible irritant and use of antihistamine medications and ointments that eliminate itching and irritation.

The emergence of acne in the ear is a rather unpleasant phenomenon and also treat it rather difficult because of its location.

The treatment can be pursuing at home, but still stands together with a specialist to find out what problems are trying to tell you, your body, and then proceed to treat not only the consequences but also the causes.