Sore Breasts during ovulation: causes and features

The female body is a complex mechanism and its processes ensure conception, gestation and birth of the baby. This happens every month. Many women ovulation may be accompanied by different manifestations, which can determine a favorable time for conception. So, often women note breast tenderness increased sensitivity and soreness. Why sore Breasts? Is this the norm or some disturbances in the body? Do I need to take any action? How to ease the condition?

First of all, you need to understand what is an ovulation.

What happens in the female body during ovulation?

If a woman’s health floor plan, every month the body is a natural process which is called ovulation. At this time, the egg Mature in the follicle of the ovary, breaks it and leaves, then heads to the fallopian tubes through the abdomen. If at that time will be sexual contact, a high probability of meeting the egg and the male sperm, and after fertilization occurs. After the egg has already been fertilized, it embeds in the wall of the uterus, where the fetus will grow and develop. So pregnancy.

If there was no sex, the egg is not fertilized by sperm in the absence of, its rejection together with the endometrium of the uterus during menstruation, which gives the beginning of a new menstrual cycle. At this time, in the ovary, only to have the other, begins to Mature new egg.

All of these processes in the female body are associated with changes in hormone levels caused by the release of hormones in large quantities. This can cause pain in the pelvis, discomfort in the Breasts, nausea and violent mood swings.

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Why sore Breasts?

After the rupture of the follicle and release of ovum in the female body significantly increases the level of progesterone, which affects the organs and systems, and the Breasts are no exception. So a woman’s body prepares for possible pregnancy. Glandular breast tissue starts to grow rapidly, the breast swells and can be a pain.

The fact is that the connective tissue that composes the breast, can’t stretch.

Increases the sensitivity of the nipple, which may also cause painful sensations in their region and area halos. When ovulation occurs, the normal level of progesterone in blood and milk glands are the same shape, the soreness disappears.

If the Breasts remain swollen, the pain persists, it suggests that she’s pregnant. In order to verify this, or refute the need to do the test.

Norm and deviation

Soreness can be not only the day of ovulation sore Breasts in some women even a week after it. If it happens not systematically, but only in a single menstrual cycle, do not panic. If the symptom recurs each month, you need to visit a gynecologist and mammologist.

It is also important to check the status of their breast after a month. This period is characterized by their relaxed condition, prevent any discomfort and pain. If these symptoms are also need to see a doctor. It’s all in the level of the hormone estrogen, which affects the swelling, increase, seal the chest. If the level is high, this leads to the appearance of tumors. First, they are benign, but if untreated can develop into cancer.

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The appearance of discharge from the nipple tells about some disorders in the body. Such a norm should not be. Selection of milk or dark color say about excessive prolactin levels. You also need to know that even if there is no pregnancy, when an elevated level of prolactin, the breast may be released from the colostrum. This hormone contributes to the emergence and growth of cysts and to understand the exact cause, you need to consult with a specialist. Requires doctor’s consultation and examination of the area of the pituitary gland.

When breast pain goes away?

The severity and duration of chest pain during ovulation each woman is different, so exactly how many days it will last, is impossible.

If a woman tracks the day of ovulation, maintains a calendar of the menstrual cycle, a few days before the onset of a favorable period for conception marks the onset of discomfort in the chest and increased sensitivity of nipples. The feeling can last for several days that is the norm. If the discomfort continues, you need to consult with your doctor.

That will help alleviate the condition?

If sore Breasts during ovulation much to alleviate the condition will help:

  • a warm shower or bath, but not hot;
  • gentle massage of the mammary glands, which is better to use essential oils. Movement should be light, gentle, stroking;
  • lack of stress, which can lead to a greater increase in prolactin levels;
  • vitamin complexes, containing vitamins b and A and E – consult with your doctor;

Breast tenderness during ovulation is considered normal and may last for several days. If the pain is severe and does not stop, it is better to visit the doctor that will help eliminate the development of various undesirable processes in the body. Also the woman should make it a rule to visit the gynecologist and mammalogy for routine inspection at least twice a year.

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