Sore inside tip of nose when pressed: why it hurts and is red

What to do if the tip of the nose is red and hurts when touched?

Inflammation on the tip of the nose, where the pain is felt when touched, is evidence that the human body is prone to some disease. And despite the fact that at first glance, the symptom is slight, it still is alarming. If the case takes a serious turn, the pain does not pass quickly. In addition to the primary symptoms can also be swelling, change in skin, increasing the affected area and increased pain.

Many ailments of an infectious nature, which develops an active inflammatory process, is fraught with serious consequences and complications. Thus, if the tip of the nose is red and hurts when touched, should first find out the cause of such manifestations, and only then think what to do.

Why is the tip of the nose is red and sore?

Frequent inflammation of the outer part of the nose, especially its tip and wings, due to the peculiarities of the anatomical structure of the body and location it on the face. The same can be said about the increased potential for deviated nasal septum for personal injury.

It is the nose is equipped with a large number of sweat and sebaceous glands, which tend to easily become inflamed failure to observe rules of basic hygiene. Factors influencing the development of the pathological process, can be external and internal.

Among the most common external causes, which can hurt the tip of the nose, there are the following:

  • furunculosis;
  • rhinitis, sinusitis;
  • of frostbite;
  • burns;
  • injuries;
  • dryness and damage to mucous membranes as a result of prolonged treatment of vasoconstrictive drops.

Internal reasons include:

  • mechanical damage, injuries and fractures of the nasal cavity;
  • neuritis.

The mucous membrane of the nasal cavity is supplied with many blood vessels and nerve fibers. It therefore has increased sensitivity to various infections and allergens.


Furunculosis is the most common cause, which can bring pain at the tip of the nose.

In some cases symptoms may be accompanied by hyperemia and edema of the nasal cavity and face.

Boil in the nose – it’s an abscess formed as a result of inflammation of the follicle.

The tumor may be any size. In most cases boils are brought adjacent areas: in this form, large inflammatory foci. The location of the boils is often the tip of the nose, although this is not always the case.

Furunculosis can be developed when a weakened immunity due to various diseases, such as diathesis, intestinal infections, rickets, and acute respiratory diseases of viral etiology. Boils can appear, if you pick open the nose, or have a habit of squeeze the acne on the face.

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These factors create a favorable environment conducive to the development of furunculosis, however, the main causative agent is staph infection in the hair follicles, sebaceous and sweat glands.

Furunculosis is most severe in childhood. And in some cases, the disease poses a serious threat to the life of the patient.

The consequences

If measures are not taken timely, you can expect the most unpleasant consequences, among which are:

  • the development of inflammation around the boil;
  • thrombosis;
  • inflammation of the meninges that develops as a result of infection;
  • abscess of the brain.

That is why it is important to fix the problem and prevent the deterioration of the situation.

The initial symptoms of boils are painful skin area and redness, the nose hurts inside when pressed.

Manifestations are accompanied by fever and chills. Area at the place of occurrence of the abscess thickens and reddens first, and only then, after some time the abscess Matures and becomes noticeable.

After opening the neoplasms of pus out, and the body temperature of the patient becomes normal.

If swollen tip of the nose, and on inflamed area begins to exude the pus, to clean off and squeeze it should not be alone, it’s better to go to the doctor.


Inside nose sore in rhinitis. In case of rhinitis of any etiology is inflammation accompanied by swelling, increased secretion and discharge of pus. Infectious or allergic rhinitis does not cause pain inside the nasal cavity, although they can occur with regular Bismarckian and rubbing the nose wings.

But hypertrophic or atrophic rhinitis as a time characterized by the occurrence of pain inside the olfactory organ. This is the result of drying and cracking of the mucosa, and damage the vascular walls. The most painful place is cracked the tip of the nose with a light touch and rubbing it, vessels are damaged.

Rhinitis, the cause of which was pulmonary tuberculosis or syphilis, lead to the destruction of septal bone. Pain appears in case of destruction of the nasal septum.

Burns and frostbite

Among the reasons that resulted in the tip of the nose might get a boil, emit sunburn and frostbite.

The nose protrudes on the face quite clearly. That is why the body most exposed to sunlight.

Prolonged exposure to the sun, there is a real risk to burn, then can be expressed pain.

The same can be said about the likelihood of frostbite of the tip of the nose.

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Exposure to cold wind and frost often lead to lesions of the skin. That nose frostbitten evidence of cracked and reddened inflamed skin, as well as the occurrence of pain on the tip of the nose.

Injuries of the nose

Mechanical damage and injury, leading to the development of deformation processes in the nasal septum and fracture of the bone and cartilage of the nose, often accompanied by prolonged pain and difficulty nasal breathing. The cartilage hurts more when taps and touches. The bridge of his nose hurts even with a light touch. Particularly sensitive becomes the tip of the olfactory organ.

On the background of the injury often experience swelling, nose swelling, and breathing is disrupted. In this scenario, there are frequent nosebleeds. In addition, the inflammatory process leads to deformation of the nose and cause headaches. In severe cases, symptoms are accompanied by nausea and loss of consciousness.

How to provide first aid for trauma to the nose? Read in this article.

Neurological disorders

Sometimes soreness of the nose can be due to disorders of the neurological plan. In this case, an active inflammatory process extends to the facial part of the skull, affecting his nerves.

Trigeminal nerve neuritis is characterized by the occurrence of sharp pain in the nose, eye sockets and jaw, and a reduced sense of smell or its temporary loss. Coryza when these manifestations are usually absent.

When to see a doctor?

In the case where a sore nose when you touch, blushing his wings or strikes the inner part as well as appears swelling, increased body temperature, there are other alarming symptoms, it is recommended to consult a doctor or call an otolaryngologist at the house. The doctor will determine the true cause of developing pathology and prescribe the right treatment.

Not to drive the disease deeper with the appearance of the above symptoms, a visit to the doctor to tighten strongly discouraged. It should be noted that in some cases requires urgent hospitalization. So the situation with redness of the nose is not a joke and requires serious relationship.

Treatment of pathologies of the olfactory organ doing an ophthalmologist and a dermatologist.


The treatment of furuncle of the nose depends on the stage of the disease. Conservative therapy may be applied in the infiltrative phase. The method involves the application of antibacterial drugs for local effects, antibiotics, as well as tools to relieve inflammation and allergies.

Necrotic boils treated through surgical intervention. The operation is as urgent opening of abscess at the tip of the nose and providing the drainage of pus. After the intervention the plot are treated with antiseptics to prevent the spread of infection.

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The treatment of rhinitis requires a comprehensive approach. The treatment plan is developed by an otolaryngologist for each patient individually, and it depends on the variety of rhinitis.

For example, in allergic manifestations, enough to eliminate the main stimulus, while in other cases necessary treatment carried out to eliminate the main symptoms.

In cases of frostbite and burns, apply:

  • vinegar lotions;
  • regenerative medicines for skin;
  • antibiotic ointments;
  • corticosteroids.

Traumatic injuries to the nose require x-ray examination, then the doctor will prescribe treatment depending on the extent of the incurred damage:

  1. If we are talking about closed injuries, as first aid suitable applying cold.
  2. The cases of epistaxis do the tamponade of the nose. Treatment of open wounds the purpose of removing pus and avoid blood poisoning.
  3. In the case of serious damage of the bone tissue and cartilage, assumed surgery.

Treatment of neurological disorders is to remove the reasons causing them and taking action on pain relief and relief of inflammation.


Thus, the redness of the tip of the nose may be due to completely different reasons, which in most cases are separate diseases that require diagnosis and treatment. So if you have a reddened nose and sore when touching, do not tighten with a visit to a specialist. Self-treatment or lack of in this case can have serious consequences.

The occurrence of pain in the nose is very unpleasant. They can be avoided by observing basic rules of hygiene. Thus it is possible to prevent the development of dangerous diseases such as furunculosis. In addition, it is recommended to exercise caution, avoid injury, frostbite, and chemical and mechanical damage of the nose.