Sore throat when swallowing: than and how to treat the causes of a burning sensation

How to treat pain in the nose and throat?

Unpleasant and sometimes painful sensations in the nasopharynx manifest as a symptom. Most often, they appear in inflammatory process, infectious or neurological in nature. Often the pain in the nasopharynx when swallowing is accompanied by itching, burning sensation and sore throat, and in some cases, and nasal congestion.

At this time, it is important to establish the cause of the burning sensation in the nasopharynx and as quickly as possible to eliminate all symptoms. If you do not start the treatment of pain in the nasopharynx in the early stages, you can prevent the multiplication of viruses and bacteria across the mucosa. Thus, you not only degrade its own state, but also provoke inflammation of otitis media, sinusitis or quinsy.

Causes of pain in the nose and throat

Discomfort in the nose or throat can occur for various reasons, but most often these symptoms occur because of the inflammatory process.

Education itching and sore just about symbolize the beginning of an unwanted process, so the patient has time to take appropriate action.

Before beginning treatment it is important to establish the root cause of the formation of the disease, and then to identify the symptoms and clinical picture.

In most cases the pain and burning sensation in the nasopharynx occurs due to penetration into the cavity of microbes and pathogenic bacteria.


The development and reproduction of bacteria in this region leads to swelling of the mucous part of a gradual and accumulation of mucus in the ducts of the nasal cavity. Gradually, the secret begins to move in the cavity paranasal sinuses, provoking the formation of pain in the maxillary region and the frontal lobe. If treatment is not received at this stage will have problems in the oral region and inflammation will move to the lower respiratory tract.

The result of the progression of inflammation, the formation of tracheitis, inflammation of the larynx and bronchi.

The main reason for the formation of painful sensations in the nasopharynx becomes banal inflammation. Unwanted process can develop not only in the nasal cavity, but also in the ears, oral cavity or larynx. Most often, discomfort symbolize the beginning of education of angina.

This inflammation causes the itching, color change skin, change in body temperature and other symptoms.

It should be noted that similar symptoms occur in all forms of angina.

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But, in addition, when the pinching throat, you should check this area on the subject of inflammation of the flu or a cold.

If tears up the nasal passages for a long time, then the patient can form of acute respiratory inflammation.

In this case, chills, fever, abundant mucous discharge accompanied by purulent formations in the nasal cavity and poor outflow of mucus.

A weak immune system

Common cause pain becomes weak immune system. In case of insufficient protection of the organism of various viruses and bacteria virtually no obstacles penetrate the body and cause a viral inflammation.

If in the previous case there was a risk of sore throat, viral lesions have the probability of formation of the following diseases:

  • inflammation, upper respiratory system;
  • laryngitis;
  • pharyngitis;
  • adenoiditis.

All the listed ailments are accompanied by a severe pain in the throat and profuse nasal discharge, fever and headaches.


If the pain in the nose and throat is not associated with viral or infectious inflammation, you need to check the status of nourishing nerve. Often the main cause of the pain in the cavity becomes neuralgia. This inflammation is characterized as inflammation of the eyeball and the whole of the nasal cavity.

To provoke the appearance of this type of disease can anatomical changes in the facial structure, for example, deformation of the nasal septum.

Other reasons include:

  • sinusitis;
  • inflammation of the teeth;
  • caries;
  • changing the size of turbinate.

Pain in the nose and nasopharynx is the main symptom of neuralgia. It occurs paroxysmal and is accompanied by many other symptoms.

Chronic diseases

Pain in the region of the nasopharynx can be triggered by various chronic inflammations. To this kind of diseases include sinusitis or rhinitis. Most often, the pain in the throat when this form of the disease is accompanied by painful sensations in the head and frontal sinus, and maxillary sinus suffers.

When tilting the head or active exercise increases pain and cause the patient a lot of discomfort. At the same time, there are abundant mucous discharge, stuffy nose and difficulty in nasal breathing.


If the pain in the nose and throat accompanied by a hearing impairment or complete loss of sensitivity to sounds, shooting sensations in the ears, feeling of bubbling and crackling, perhaps the patient has otitis media middle or inner ear.

These symptoms occur simultaneously with a strong deterioration of health, increased body temperature, inflammation in the cavity of the auditory ossicles. Sore throat occurs as one of the symptoms.

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Inflammation of peripheral nerves

If the pain in the nose and throat attacks, it is necessary special attention to the problem. It is possible that the patient’s peripheral nerve lesion. This illness is accompanied by sharp flashes of painful sensations in the nasopharynx.


Common cause of pain in the nose or throat becomes trauma. Most often this kind of pain affects small children and active Teens. During the game the kids are often put in the nose or mouth small parts of toys that lead to traumatization of the skin.

Often this form of inflammation occurs when the intake of solid food.

Small animal bones or fish bones are pretty much injure the integuments of the person, causing a sharp pain.

This kind of trauma is not treated independently, as the consequences can be quite complex.

Besides, it’s dangerous further injury of the nasopharynx.


If the attacks of pain not associated with a mechanical impact or other causes, should receive accurate diagnosis. Sometimes painful sensations arise in the formation of tumors or cysts.

In addition, the pain in such a cavity may indicate cancer of various stages. In this case, need urgent hospitalization.

Other reasons

To other causes, provoked pain in the nasal cavity include:

  • professional activity, associated with frequent contact with harmful substances;
  • violation of safety measures in contact with chemicals;
  • violation of the rules of hygiene;
  • increased radiation;
  • adverse environmental conditions.

Painful sensations in the nasopharynx impossible to predict, so it is important to start treatment of the disease at the first signs.

Often pain in this area can occur during the period of gestation. If a sore throat during pregnancy, you should not be afraid. Probably in the body is hormonal changes. If pain torments you for one week or more, consult your doctor.

How to treat pain in the nose and throat

Further treatment of discomfort in the nasal cavity is determined by the reasons for its occurrence.

If the inflammatory process resulting from destruction of the body by viruses and infections, it is necessary to take anti-inflammatory medication.

If a negative process occurred due to bacteria, the patient will prescribe antibiotic treatment.

In addition, the treatment includes drugs symptomatic actions. They will eliminate the symptoms of the disease, will reduce the burning and itching, and will have a favourable effect on the mucous nasal cavity.

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Treatment of respiratory inflammation

In the conservative treatment of respiratory inflammation include the following list of drugs:

  1. Antibacterial drugs, is designed to eliminate the source of inflammation. In addition, they will not let go inflammation on the heavier phase and prevent the formation of pus. It is best to take the following medications: «Azithromycin», «Ceftriaxone», «Clarithromycin».
  2. To dispose of the necessary antiviral drugs «Arbidol», «Immunal», «Anaferon». In addition to mainstream, such medicines strengthen the immune system.
  3. To restore mucosal and elimination of mucus are appointed vasoconstrictor drops «Tizin», «Galazolin», «ksimelin».
  4. Treatment will not be effective without taking anti-inflammatory drugs, «Ibuprofen», «Panadol». They will reduce the inflammation and improving the condition of the upper respiratory tract.
  5. The final stage will be to take antihistamines «Tavegil», «Zyrtec», «Effective». They will reduce swelling, relieve itching and inflammation.

Respiratory disease be cured quite easily, so do not delay going to the doctor on the back burner. Otherwise you can provoke the formation of serious diseases. Treatment of otitis media, sinusitis or quinsy is much harder.

More serious cases

If the pain is associated with the formation of a tumor, cyst or cancer is assigned strictly individual treatment. In most cases, patients are prescribed antibiotic therapy, which only precedes the operation.

During the operation, the patient removes the tumor, and then prescribe a course of rehabilitation.

The results

Pain in the nose and throat may occur due to various reasons. If it stings the nose for a long time, you need to urgently go to the doctor. Remember, the faster you will pass the diagnosis, the easier it will be to cure the disease.