Sores on labia: causes, diagnosis and treatment

Sores on labia most often caused by injuries of the genital organs. Rashes and various formations of the labia can indicate the development of sexually transmitted diseases that require urgent medical attention. So let’s see what — ulcers on labia, what diseases they may indicate and how to solve this kind of problem.

Causes of sores on labia

Ulcers may form in the following cases:

  • for genital herpes;
  • the venereal limfogranulema;
  • the primary syphilis.

Also, these formations can be caused by:

  • fever abdominal cavity;
  • dermatitis;
  • cessationism mite;
  • pseudodementia.

As a rule, the common reason for the formation of ulcers becomes genital herpes. It is a sexual disease which occurs intermittently and is transmitted during intimacy. In women, genital herpes manifests as lesions and sores in the genital area of the lips (inside and outside), cervix and vagina.

Sores on the labia can be red or white. What color they are, depends on the stage, the form and manifestation of the disease.

Red rashes

Characteristic features:

  1. Ulcers red. Often the cause of such lesions are disturbances in the hormonal background.
  2. Another danger signal could be syphilis, ulcers then have pronounced red outlines. The diameter of these formations can be different. Sometimes the ulcers can grow, then they become granular character and becomes dark red in color.
  3. Gonorrheal ulcers of the type can be recognized because the bottom of the formation is red and may be pus.
  4. Pideme expressed in circular formations and has a brown (red) color. Complications – increase in size of inguinal nodes.
  5. A disease of Nikola-favr – ulcer in the shape of round, dark red color. The first formations occur in the affected location. After a month may experience certain symptoms, which may indicate that women limfogranulema.
  6. Lipshutz-Chapin. The disease occurs in isolated cases, but overt symptoms are ulcers, covered with a purulent coating of the labia. Occurs intoxication. Acute ulcers may occur in women of any age. The causative agent of the disease is vaginal wand. Precipitation often accompanied by unbearable itching, the cause may be the HPV which enters the body through unprotected sexual intercourse. The virus threat, and this drug has not been found to be able to cure the disease.
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White sores on the external genitals

If the woman discovered a rash of white – this suggests that progressing genital herpes. In this case you need to take a swab of the vagina to identify the cause and start appropriate treatment. If the cause is not a virus, then appointed by local therapy with the use of antiviral medicines.

How does the test work

On the basis of the clinical picture, the diagnosis is impossible. Of course, if the symptoms are pronounced, the therapy starts immediately without laboratory examinations. In all other cases, resorted to immunofluorescence that helps to identify the painful bacteria that cause some sexually transmitted diseases. Methods are also used: sowing on a conference call environment and microscopy. Proper diagnosis will find out the real cause of the formations on the genital lip and assign appropriate treatment. Strictly forbidden to independently put a diagnosis. Since any uncontrolled any inappropriate medications can lead to negative health effects.

Genital ulcers: prevention and treatment

The best method of treatment is proper prevention. Remember, disease is easier to prevent than to treat long. Should:

  • to observe the rules of personal hygiene, use only personal funds (towel, shower gel, soap, etc.);
  • to avoid any contact (intimate, household) with an infected people;
  • necessarily during sexual intercourse to use a condom;
  • to strengthen the protective functions of the body.
  • to avoid personal injury and damage to the skin in intimate places.

The treatment starts only after an accurate diagnosis. As a rule, the manifestation of lesions on the external genitals, assigned symptomatic therapy. Can be assigned to antimicrobial therapy.

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Recommended observance of rules of personal intimate hygiene, the use of sitz baths with potassium permanganate, using powder of Benzocaine in combination with drugs with sulfa properties. Apply the ointment with antimicrobial enzymes and drugs (nasal spray, Betadine). Can also be used vaginal suppositories «Lorazepam» with sea buckthorn oil.

Injection treatment

The doctor prescribes injections of Penicillin or Economically— 3 000 000 – 5 000 000 the course of therapy. Irradiation is carried out with the use of lamp Minin. Recommended immune, desensitizing preparations, if necessary, eubiotics. In combination are appointed by vitamins b, E, and gamma globulin.

Can be recommended cephalosporins-antibiotics — Ceftriaxone, Tarivid. If the pain is pronounced — Analginum, Baralgin in conjunction with Diphenhydramine. Appointed as the proteolytic enzymes of the type — Himopsin, Trypsin. Acyclovir can be used in the presence of herpes. It is worth noting that to date, tested a vaccine against herpes if it is successful, all young people will be able to protect themselves from the virus.