Spray Cold: instructions for use and reviews

How to use spray Effects?

One of the most frequent respiratory disease is rhinitis. Inflammation of the nasal mucosa accompanied by profuse discharge, frequent sneezing, a state of congestion and fatigue – all this is rapidly exhausting the patient, depriving him of a normal life. To relieve the patient from unpleasant symptoms, therapists and ENT doctors often prescribe a nasal spray during a Cold.

Nasal the drug has in its composition components of plant origin, which gives him a lot of advantages over synthetic means from a cold. In addition, the Release can be found in any pharmacy, he had a affordable price and a small list of contraindications. But before using this remedy from rhinitis, you should examine all of its properties and recommendations for use.

About the drug

Nasal spray Aqua Maris, is a broad – spectrum drug used for the treatment of rhinitis and other diseases of the nasal mucosa. In Russia, allergies, present on the shelves of pharmacies since 1981.

Its effectiveness is appreciated for generations, and since the release of the drugs he had several other forms: ointment, cream and spray.

Means in any form has the following properties:

  • decongestant;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antibacterial;
  • antiseptic;
  • vasoconstrictor.

Spray Drops relieves the viscosity of secretion of mucous and acts as a light anesthetic. The patient feels relief as he cleared the nasal cavity and eases breathing. It is also proven the effectiveness of the spray when dealing with a number of V. R. S. A. bacteria, fungal microorganisms.

The basis of the preparation – the ingredients of natural origin:

  • eucalyptus oil;
  • peppermint;
  • pine oil;
  • thyme extract;
  • vitamin E.

Herbal composition, which are based on essential oils, offers a distinct mint-eucalyptus smell of flatulence and bloating, as well as its bitter taste when it enters the throat.

Indications for use

The main indication for the use of spray nasal Drops – rhinitis of various forms:

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  • acute bacterial;
  • chronic infectious;
  • inflammatory processes in the nose and throat, accompanied by dryness and atrophy;
  • damage in the nasal cavity, postoperative wounds and scars.

Pinosol has been successfully used in the treatment of fungal infections, in medical fields actively use the healing properties of its components. But against sinusitis spray can act only as part of combination therapy, as he can not cope with the disease, but will perfectly complement the antibiotic.

Also worth noting is the fact that essential oil spray will quickly kill the bacteria. Therefore, the use of the drug in the first days of a viral illness can trigger the complete destruction of bacterial flora in the nose, which will entail the development of the disease instead of healing. Therefore, infectious rhinitis in the acute phase to treat a Cold is not recommended.

Spray Cold: instructions for use

Before first use, the vial is removed the protective cap and slightly press on the pump dispenser. After each use the drug again close the cap.

Depending on the age of the patient, nature of disease and characteristics of its flow, the spray is applied 3 to 6 times a day, injecting into each nostril once.

To ensure no adverse reactions to Cold, carry out a control test: make vspryskivaniu on any area of the skin, then observe the General condition. If the side effects do not exist, proceed to the full treatment. The average course duration is 10 days.

Do not expect immediate relief after using the medication. Pinosol has only a mild vasoconstrictor properties but to be fully effective he needs 1-2 days.

Despite the fact that over the counter spray can be purchased without a prescription, prescribe Drops for treatment of rhinitis and to determine the dosage and duration of the course the attending physician.


As with most herbal medicines, the list of contraindications nasal spray Effects minor:

  • individual intolerance of separate components;
  • children up to age 3 years;
  • rhinitis allergic nature.
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Intolerance to components of the spray or allergic to them – serious reasons for the termination of a course of drug treatment. Ignore allergic reactions too dangerous, as the worsening condition of the patient is threatened angioedema, spasms of the respiratory, anaphylactic shock. For this reason, prohibited the treatment of allergic rhinitis the Effects, as the basis of spray — essential oil — is a strong allergen.

For children under the age of 1 year, this medicine is under strict prohibition, since the spray is dangerous for baby’s tender mucous membranes. The child under 3 years of plant components of the product may provoke bronchospasm.

The question of the age from 1 year to 3 years is considered by the physician under the circumstances, the expected benefit from the funds will exceed possible risks.

Data about the risk of use of spray Drops in the nose in pregnant or nursing mothers are not available. This means that the ability of penetration of the component medications in breast milk or through placental barrier has not been studied, therefore, use the spray stands with caution and only after consulting with your doctor.

Possible side effects

Compared to drugs, with the basis of chemical active ingredients, Effects are less likely to cause side effects.

However, it is not excluded allergic reactions to certain components of the product.

If the patient when applying spray having discomfort in the nose in the form of itching or burning, the mucous membrane swells and becomes red, the use of the drug should be deferred until consultation with an ENT specialist.

The reviews about the drug

Dasha, 27 years old, Novosibirsk, Russia: «I love Pinosol ointment, and even more spray. Pleasant pine smell, but after application from the coolness in the nose becomes easier to breathe. The spray seemed more convenient than the drops, he follows in the mouth, and immediately distributed inside the nasal passages.»

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Jeanne S., 39, g. Ust-Ilimsk: «a Very effective spray, especially original counterparts we did not like. Is inexpensive, helps you quickly. For purchase spray, and children take the drops. They like the smell, though, and noses a little sting.»


Thus, Pinosol has a lot of advantages, before which inferior to many other nasal remedies:

  • treats rhinitis of various character and nature (in addition to allergic);
  • not addictive;
  • has a pleasant smell and a light anesthetic effect;
  • can be used during pregnancy and lactation (most breathing means during these periods is prohibited);
  • available at most drugstores at affordable price.

Pinosol managed to establish itself as an effective and affordable product from the common cold and other diseases of the nose and throat. Its effect is proven by several generations, and still in the reviews about the medicine you can see the mostly positive evaluation of the quality of the product.