Spray Kviks during pregnancy: instructions for use

How to take the spray «Kviks» during pregnancy?

Any of us familiar with these unpleasant signs of a cold: nasal congestion, swelling, accumulation of mucus. And if the common man is available the whole range of drugs for the treatment of this condition, the pregnant woman is in a very difficult state because many drugs are contraindicated just.

So next we will discuss the choice of drugs, and more specifically talk about the instructions for use spray «Kviks» during pregnancy.

«Kviks» — all about the drug

«Kviks» — drugs local action in the form of hypertonic saline, used as therapy and prevention of various pathological conditions of the nasal cavity.

Manufactured exclusively in the form of a nasal spray with fine spray.

Is a colorless, odorless liquid.

Packaged in vials (30 ml) equipped with a dispenser and a special anti-bacterial system.

Help. This filter protects the drug solution from contamination with pathogenic agents for six months after opening.

The basis of this farmcrest is water of the Atlantic ocean, with a unique combination of therapeutic substances. Among them are silver, copper, gold, manganese, which is especially valuable for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Due to this content of trace elements in solution, the drug has the following therapeutic properties:

  • germicidal solution has a devastating effect on pathogenic flora that promotes elimination of an inflammation of the mucosa in the nose;
  • decongestants – saline facilitates efficient movement of excess fluid and mucus in the passages of the nose, so that eliminated the swelling and normal breathing;
  • mucolytic – liquefies mucus, accelerates the breeding process.
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In addition, a pronounced osmotic effect of the substance supports the necessary humidity to the mucosa, thereby contributing to the normalization of its functions.

In this regard, the increased resistance of the mucosa to the effects of pathogenic agents, that is, there is an increase in local immunity.

Help. «Kviks» contains only natural ingredients, is safe for continuous use and is not addictive.

Indications and side effects

The main indications for the application of spray are the following diseases:

  1. Rhinitis, acute or chronic in nature.
  2. Sinusitis.
  3. Rhinosinusitis.
  4. Rhinitis allergic nature.

In the preventive purposes is used mainly during the seasonal increase in the incidence of various colds and viral illnesses.

Help. Apply the solution to both adults and children from 3 months.

Dosing with as follows.

Adults Children
1-3 doses 2-3 times a day 1-2 sbrazhivanija 2-3 times a day

The drug is well tolerated by the body, so any side effects were found.

Among the contraindications to this therapy, there is only one thing – the intolerance of the main component of sea water.

Use in pregnancy

According to the instructions, «Kviks» in pregnancy and during lactation allowed to use. With applying this spray, the woman does not have to worry about the condition of your child, because this solution is made from natural substances.

Against the background of many illicit drugs, this drug is a real helper for mothers because it not only effectively resists the cause of the disease, but in the short term relieves the symptoms and makes breathing easier.

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In addition, if you use the product as a preventive measure during the epidemic period, it is possible to avoid infection.

Spray «Kviks» during pregnancy is used in the same dosage as for adults (listed earlier), that is, from 1 — 3 irrigation to 3 times per day. However, it is better to consult with a specialist, because the number of irrigations depends on the type of disease and degree of nasal congestion.

For intranasal use, it should do the following:

  • open bottle;
  • direct the nozzle to the side and do a test tap (to check);
  • perform the desired number of irrigations;
  • to handle the nozzle and the cap.

It is worth considering that at the beginning of the irrigation will be felt the burning sensation in the nose, which itself passes. This is due to the fact that the spray produced from hypertonic saline.


«Kviks» in early pregnancy as well as during the entire period of carrying a child is absolutely safe.

Based on this the drug should be in every home medicine Cabinet as emergency help at the first signs of a cold. But still its application to better align with the attending doctor.

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