Spray the Throat during pregnancy: instructions for use in 1, 2, 3 trimester

Can I use the Throat spray during pregnancy?

Colds and viral inflammation is dangerous for pregnant women as their consequences. Furthermore, if left untreated, there is a risk of otitis in the outer ear or the middle ear as well as unpleasant and painful sensations in the maxillary sinuses. In such a situation the immune system of a pregnant woman can no longer cope. It is fraught with dangerous processes for the development of the embryo.

Treatment of pregnant women involves the use of a minimum list of medications. Not many drugs are allowed in case expecting a baby, as most pharmaceutical drugs adversely affect the development of the baby. At the moment the baby many patients prescribed «Kameton.» But is it possible during pregnancy to use «Kameton», will examine later.

Whether the use of «Kameton»

«Kameton» is a combined tool aimed at the destruction of microbes and viruses. Its action is determined by incoming components of the drug. The main element drugs hlorobutanolgidrat. It has anesthetic, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect.

Apply this antiseptic can in several cases:

  • when inflammation of rhinitis;
  • will telesite;
  • faringite;
  • laryngitis;
  • in inflammatory processes of the nasopharynx.

The drug release in the form of a spray that can be applied in the case of pregnancy. But before using you should consult with your doctor, as the drug can cause allergic reactions or unwanted effects. For their determination the doctor will determine the nature of inflammation and its form. After that, you need to conduct some research that will determine the possibility of risk for the development of a fetus.

In the case of favorable outcome the patient is assigned «Kameton» in the strict dosage, which can not be broken.

When you can apply the medicine

In the instructions for use «Throat» in pregnancy prescribed that the treatment does not differ from the standard. In addition, the drug is approved in the case of breast-feeding. But the risk is not worth it, so do not self-medicate.

Usually, after research, the doctors prescribe without fear «Kameton» during pregnancy in the 3rd trimester, as with the seventh month of fetal development the number of used pills and other drugs increases dramatically. Therefore, to fear the consequences of expectant mothers is not necessary.

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But in the case of «Throat» in pregnancy 1 trimester you need to be more careful. At this time there is active development of the fetus and placenta, therefore, the use of medication may be restricted to the individual characteristics of the woman.

In addition, many careful mothers notice that the drug is prohibited in the treatment of children under the age of five. This is due to aerosol form. When treating young children, there is a risk of laryngospasm, therefore, the treatment of kids «Kameton» can harm the health of the child.

Wondering whether it is possible to apply the «Throat» of pregnancy in the 2nd trimester, you need to consider: how is the development of the baby. If the child feels comfortable, and the expectant mother does not complain of numerous symptoms of inflammation, to take «the Throat» without any risk to health.

Side effects

Before you apply any medication it is necessary to clarify side effects of the drug. Some pregnant women, the appearance of allergic reactions in the form of a scratchy throat, burning sensation, and irritation, and swelling of the mucous membrane. These symptoms are dangerous to the health of the mother and child, so at the first signs of these symptoms should stop using the medication.

In advance, make sure that no allergic reactions to the components included in the preparation. Most often, patients complain of the appearance of unpleasant sensation due to the menthol, eucalyptus oil or the active component of the drug – hlorobutanolgidrat. So be very careful when hypersensitivity to these substances and do not take the medicine in case of Allergy.

It should be noted that mineral oil, which is also part of the drug activates uterine tone. Therefore, when the increased tone of the uterus treatment of the «Throat» is strictly prohibited.

Remember that even in the absence of allergic reactions in preparation for pregnancy, after conception in the body occur some changes.

During pregnancy, important changes, which cause a hormonal imbalance.

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So some women have an Allergy to those products that were previously unnoticed.

Besides, in the «Throat» is ethyl alcohol, which can have a negative impact on child development. Therefore, when the first trimester a treatment with this drug should be held under strict supervision of a physician.

Self-treatment with this drug is unacceptable, therefore at formation of an infectious inflammation seek medical help.

The drug does not have the nutritional materials inside of the embryo, directing them to the focus of inflammation, does not accumulate in the mucosa and is not addictive. Proven that the active ingredients of the drugs are not dangerous to the fetus. But to be sure in absolute security is not necessary, as clinical studies on this subject have not been conducted.

Therefore, to apply the medicine on the period from 12 to 14 weeks is not desirable, as at this stage there is active development of the internal organs of the baby. For violation of any of the process is pathologically incorrect structure, which leads to impaired development of the baby.

Like to be treated «Kameton»

During pregnancy it is particularly important to carefully study the instructions and correctly apply the medication.

Otherwise, may develop pathological changes in the development of the internal organs of the baby.

The effect of the drug «Kameton» aimed at the destruction of viruses and bacteria.

In addition, the medicine has antiseptic properties. To apply medication is required only locally. Before applying it is mandatory to consult with your doctor.

  1. After you have convinced of safety of the drug is necessary to treat the oral cavity.
  2. For this rinse your mouth with boiled water or salt solution.
  3. If you type «Throat» in the nose it is necessary to clean the nasal passages from mucous secretions.

After that enter the drug in the permitted dosage. For the treatment of infectious inflammation in the sinuses should carefully enter the nozzle into the nostril, and then gently press the top of the bottle. If you enter in the nasal passages enough to have one injection up to four times a day. Dosing may change the nature of inflammation and its form.

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After the introduction of the medication in one nostril, it is necessary to carry out the same actions on the other, after washing the nozzle in warm water. Thus, you will avoid the spread of inflammation.

For the treatment of inflammation in the oral region it is necessary to introduce the nozzle into his mouth. Usually «Kameton» sprayed in the mouth three to inject at one time.

After the introduction of the drug is forbidden to take food and any drinks for thirty minutes. During this time, the active components of the drug effect on inflammation and destroy viruses and other malicious elements.

The course of treatment is calculated individually, but to apply the «Throat» of more than seven days is undesirable.

Among the contraindications the drug is separately stated on the ban in the case of painful sensations in the throat or when shooting sensations in the nasopharynx.


During the development of the baby in the mother’s stomach, it is necessary to closely monitor the health of the pregnant woman. Any inflammation should be treated when the first symptoms and try to prevent serious inflammatory process.

In case of illness not treated with traditional methods or medicines without permission of a qualified physician. This can lead to serious consequences, which adversely affect the health of the child.