Sprays in the nose from allergies, allergic rhinitis (runny nose)

What are anti-allergic nasal sprays?

The impact of allergens on the body can lead to the development of allergic rhinitis. Although the phenomenon is not a serious threat to human life, it delivers significant discomfort. Headaches, loss of smell, poor appetite and other factors complicate the life of the patient.

Today there are a variety of drugs that can help people cope with symptoms of allergic rhinitis. One of such products – nasal sprays. They can help relieve the unpleasant symptoms and, consequently, improve health.

Classification anti-allergic sprays

Nasal sprays are a special kind of drugs. They contain medicinal substances, which using bottle sprayed in the nasal cavity, settling on his mucosa. In order to use the tool, there is no need to make special provision or to carefully calculate the dosage. This fact makes sprays are quite easy to use.

Manufactured from a container under pressure of the small particles of the drug can reach even the inner sinuses.

Thanks to the ingenious device of the vial, overdose when using nasal means excluded.

In addition, the risk of side effects is minimal.

Modern pharmaceuticals offers several types of sprays for allergies:

  • antihistamines;
  • hormonal;
  • steroid;
  • vasoconstrictor.

Antihistamine sprays

Antihistamine nasal drugs eliminate the cause of the common cold and not the phenomenon itself. They counteract inflammatory process that developed in the mucous membranes of the nose. The effect of the drugs in this category is achieved by blocking the release of mediators of inflammation in the blood vessels.

Antihistamine sprays work against histamine (hence their name), a substance that plays a major role in the development of allergic reactions. After exposure to the stimulus on the mediators, begins the release of histamine. This reaction is the cause of runny nose with allergies.

Feature antihistamine sprays is the speed of their impact on the patient. The effect of the drug develops within 15 minutes.

Typically, these funds are used if the patient has an allergic reaction mild or moderate severity. They are also used as a Supplement to the basic therapy, in the case of a patient of severe cold. Your doctor may prescribe an antihistamine with highly severe symptoms or laryngeal edema.

Among the nasal sprays this group include the following medications:

  1. Vibrozil. Effective drug for the prevention and treatment of rhinitis of allergic origin. However, unlike other sprays can be used not more than 7 days. The composition contains agonists. In the case of prolonged use At all can be addictive, because of which the patient may develop drug-induced rhinitis.
  2. Allergodil. The product is suitable for persons suffering from persistent rhinitis. Its use decreases the secretion of and removed itching. Since the effect of the application lasts for 24 hours, it is enough to use the medication 1 time during the day. Proven is the effectiveness of the spray at any stage of development of the reaction. Because Allergodil affects the nervous system, used while driving and working with dangerous machinery is not recommended.
  3. Sanorin-Analergin suppresses the symptoms of rhinitis caused by exposure on the body of the allergen. In addition, it contributes further to milder reactions. This allows the patient to feel comfortable, being near the allergen.
  4. Histime. Is used if other means have not yielded the desired results. The active ingredient of the drug – levokabastin. It is completely safe for the body, not absorbed into the bloodstream.
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Pregnant women, nursing mothers and children up to four years to use antihistamine nasal sprays are not recommended. In some cases, the doctor may prescribe this remedy for the woman in the situation, however, self-administration of the drug should not be pursued.


The effect of applying hormone sprays is achieved by blocking the main pathways of the appearance of inflammation, allergic including. The tool is used for continuous and seasonal rhinitis, as well as in cases of conjunctivitis allergic nature and vasomotor rhinitis.

Prescribed for severe and moderate allergic reactions. Perhaps the use of the drug during exposure to allergen or as prophylaxis (reception starts two weeks before the likely manifestations of the reaction).

Hormonal drugs are most effective in combating allergic rhinitis. The effect of the application occurs within minutes and lasts up to 8 hours.

However, these medications should be used only on prescription. Independent selection of funds may adversely affect the health of the patient.

Among the nasal sprays this group are:

  1. Fluticasone. For the manifestation of therapeutic effect it is necessary to use a nasal spray for 4-5 days. Adult is sufficient to use Fluticasone 1 time during the day. The tool is suitable for the treatment of allergic reactions and its prevention.
  2. Nasonex. Perhaps the use of children under the age of two years. Can be used if the patient developed allergic rhinitis or aggravated a chronic sinusitis.
  3. Aldecin. The active substance is beclomethasone. It is not absorbed into the bloodstream. Valid only in the area of spraying.
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Hormonal drugs, quickly removing the discomfort can be dangerous for the body. Among the side effects of hormonal drugs – bleeding, irritation, perforation of the nasal septum. Their excessive use threatened by the development of disorders of the adrenal glands and can lead to hormonal issues. Use sprays of this group with caution.

Steroid means

For steroid nasal means is characterized by pronounced anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressive and antiallergic effect. Their use gives the opportunity for a short period of time to remove the symptoms of allergies.

Follow the following sprays in this category:

  1. To lower blood pressure mother. Effect after application of the drug occurs after six hours, which is slower than in the previous cases. In addition, the lower blood pressure mother has a number of side effects, including bleeding and a heightened sense of thirst.
  2. Flixonase. It has strong anti-inflammatory effect. Almost not absorbed into the bloodstream. Produced in the form of bottles with dispensers.

Steroid nasal sprays are used only in case of severe allergic reactions involving swelling of the larynx.

If you are using steroid sprays more than 7 days, the patient can develop a tolerance, which means ineffective. In addition, these drugs have inhibitory effect on the immune system, increase blood clotting. In some cases, an increase in the weight of the patient.

Vasoconstrictor sprays

Vasoconstrictors increase vascular and capillary tone in the nasal mucosa. Relieve swelling and decrease mucus secretion. Unlike antihistamines, after the use of vasoconstrictor sprays the release of mediators of inflammation is not blocked. The body’s response to the allergen is not inhibited.

Nasal tools in this group do not have a common therapeutic action, can not be used by children and pregnant women, and in the case of prolonged use cause the development of addiction — in most cases within 5-7 days from the start of application.

The most famous sprays in the nose from allergies with vasoconstrictor effect:

  1. Sanorin. Reduces swelling. After the application the patient’s condition improved for about 3-4 hours. In hypertension of the use of the vehicle is prohibited. To use Sanorin more than 5 days are not recommended. The daily dose is one injection three times during the day.
  2. Tizin. Active ingredient – Xylometazoline. The effect of the treatment lasts for 6 hours. Perhaps the use of the drug by children under the age of 6 years. Adverse reactions from the use of the nasal spray should include headache, reactive hyperemia, burning sensation.

The use of vasoconstrictor sprays is advisable only in case of an unexpected allergic reaction and the urgent need to eliminate its manifestations.

In the case of the prolonged use of vasoconstrictor drugs, the effect of their use is leveled because of the addiction. Apply specific remedy is possible only after doctor’s prescription.

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Selection rules due to low funds

Each of the funds described above are designed for a specific group of patients.

The choice of a particular drug is based on the kind of allergic reaction, its severity, and characteristics such as the age of the patient and his physiological state.

When selecting specialist funds focused on:

  • efficiency;
  • safety for the patient;
  • the duration of the possible storage;
  • the presence of the device automatically controls the dosage;
  • the speed of onset of therapeutic effect.

Use this mask alone is not recommended. The doctor takes into account the presence in the body of the patient pathologies, determines whether there are any drug of dependence, and will not follow any reaction in the application of a specific preparation. Only after this is done the appointment.


Thus, today the market is anti-allergic sprays from different manufacturers with different from each other by mechanisms of action in the body. Depending on the active substances and influence on allergic reaction there are several varieties of nasal funds.

With fast action, some sprays for allergic rhinitis can provoke the development of side effects. Their uncontrolled drinking may adversely affect the health of the patient. Given this and the possible contraindications, use of nasal drugs against allergic rhinitis only after consulting a doctor.