Sprays nasal nasal antibiotic and vasoconstrictor

The best sprays in the nose from a cold

Although the cold seems harmless disease, it is not so. It often develops on the background of other, more dangerous diseases. In addition, the cold can cause serious complications, including sinusitis, sinusitis, frontal sinusitis. You must also keep in mind that the disease brings discomfort negatively affects functioning and performance.

Only in Russia the share of persons suffering from runny nose, is about twelve percent of the population. In favor of a wide spread problem is the fact that about thirty percent of the medicines provided in pharmacies of the country, directed against rhinitis and its consequences.

Treatment of the common cold

The most common cause of problem is a cold. The mucus that is formed in the cavity of the nose – the consequence of a defensive reaction of the organism. With its help, the human immune system tries to fight infection on their own. However, this is not always possible. In addition, the medication can significantly accelerate the healing process.

Mzhno to distinguish two main groups of drugs of common cold:

  1. Nasal drops.
  2. Nasal aerosols.

Nose drops are very popular among the population. However, in most case, they only prevent the symptoms, without effect on the source of the problem. In addition, the big drawback is the long time that passes before the start of their impact.

Usually even the most strong tools begin to act only after several days (two to three) after application. Moreover, they are not very convenient to use, since it is necessary to adopt a special posture for backfilling.

Therefore, in recent years, gaining increasing popularity of nasal sprays, actively opposing the blocked nose.

The effect of the application of such funds comes after just a few minutes and lasts for hours.

The use of drugs in aerosol form allows you to cover the entire cavity of the nose, even places that are not affected by drops. In addition, to apply such means no need to take special posture.

Today, the market represented a large number of good nasal sprays. They are all different in composition and principle of action. Most of the vials containing the drug, fitted with special dispensers, which eliminates the possibility of overdose.

Classification of sprays for the common cold

There are several types of sprays. Each type has a different chemical composition. Despite the fact that funds are dispensed in pharmacies without a requirement of prescription, use them with caution and only after consultation with your doctor. The specialist will select the specific drug, focusing on its composition, the health status of the patient and the cause of his runny nose.

The best nasal sprays treat the following nasal sprays:

  • sprays with antibiotic;
  • moisturizing;
  • vasoconstrictor;
  • homeopathic.

In some cases, greater efficiency can be assigned several types of sprays. For example, after applying the «sea» nasal spray, it is recommended to use a vasoconstrictor spray. Let us consider in detail the above-described nasal aerosols.

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Sprays with antibiotic

Mainly used in the case of a patient of protracted rhinitis. Can also be applied when there is the chance of developing sinusitis in the background of a cold, or if he already evolved. Spray with antibiotic for nasal use in the nasal cavity actively proliferate pathogenic microorganisms.

Actual therapeutic effect from such funds will be observed only if they are used to help with uncomplicated rhinitis.

If the patient has sinus trouble, sprays with antibiotics can act as part of a comprehensive treatment. In the event of further deterioration in the condition required systemic therapy.

For antibiotics of local action, in contrast to other types of drugs that are not characterized by the development of side effects. However, to use them, be careful. The fact that pathogenic microorganisms have the ability to adapt to the effects of drugs. This will lead to the need to continue to use stronger antibiotics that can harm the body.

The drugs in this group include the following nasal sprays:

  1. «Bioparox». One of the safest sprays for the nose, containing in its composition several substances, including fusafungin. The drug acts against microbes and against inflammatory processes. Can be used to treat any bacterial disease of the upper respiratory tract. The drug is not absorbed into the bloodstream. Allowed its application to women expecting a child. However, the use of a tool for the treatment of children to two and a half years old. In addition, the drug may cause tissue irritation of the nasal cavity.
  2. «Izofra». Perhaps the most popular among the population of the aerosol for the nose. Acts on a large number of bacteria, but ineffective against pneumococcus. Localizes the infection process. Absorbed into the blood. Active ingredient – framizetin. Since the study of the effect of the drug on children and pregnant women were not conducted, it is recommended to abandon the use of this drug in these populations.
  3. «Polideksa with fenilafrinom». The drug antibiotics and hormonal substances. Universal spray. Can be used with a large number of diseases of the upper respiratory tract. The drug is aimed at relieve swelling and deliverance of the patient from secretions from the nose. Relieves the sick person, but their effect on bacteria is contradictory. Most suitable for extreme situations.

Attention! «Polideksa with fenilafrinom» and «Polideksa» is different drugs containing different substances and are used in different situations. Do not confuse these medicines.

Nasal sprays containing antibiotics, are used against the common cold, only if it is caused by pathogenic microorganisms. Otherwise they will be useless because it will not affect the source of the problem.

Moisturizing nasal sprays

Moisturizing nasal sprays are relatively small cost. They contain in its composition of sea water or sodium chloride solution. Depending on the concentration distinguish hypotonic, isotonic and hypertonic sprays. They are good clean the nasal cavity from dust and moisturize it.

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Drugs have no contraindications. They have no side effects. Due to the use of moisturizers damage to the epithelium is not observed. Since tolerance to their effects is missing, they can be used for several years. Used for the treatment of most pathologies of the upper respiratory tract.

Following nasal aerosols belong to the group of moisturizing:

  1. «Akvamaris». Contains water of the Adriatic sea, which affects the price. Has a cleansing effect on the mucosa and soothes inflammation.
  2. «Aqualor». Contains natural sea water. There are sprays separately for adult citizens, and children.
  3. «These». In the composition of sea salt, thereby works against edema, allergies and moisturizes the nasal cavity.
  4. «Dolphin». In addition to sea salt in its formula, there are also substances of vegetable origin, making its use a positive effect on the healing of small wounds. A good antiseptic. Can eliminate itching.

Drugs of this group «wash out» of the nasal cavity pathogens and particles allergic components that overall charitable impact on therapy. They are also able to localize infectious processes.

Vasoconstrictor nasal sprays

The most recognizable and common group of funds in the form of spray against the common cold. As the name implies, the use of such drugs leads to the narrowing of blood vessels, resulting in swelling resolves and nasal discharge. This improves the patient’s condition, gives him a chance to regain normal breathing. Most of such products – Xylometazoline hydrochloride.

Caution! Feature of vasoconstrictor sprays for the nose is rapid habituation of the patient to their effects. As a consequence, long-term use the drug efficacy may be reduced.

Besides addiction, the drug is not affected by the source of the problem, saving the patient only on its symptoms (symptomatic effect). Another disadvantage is the presence of extensive list of contraindications, side effects and possible reactions. However, all of them fairly well known. There are sprays almost instantly and can be used by both children and adults, which is an advantage vasoconstrictor nasal sprays.

Among the drugs in this group it is necessary to allocate:

  1. «Llanos». Available in two forms – one for adults and children. The difference lies in the content of active substance – in the first case it twice. The effect starts to be felt in a few minutes after application. The effect of ten hours (depending on the specific body figure may differ).
  2. «Snoop». A feature of the aerosol is the content of sea water. This distinguishes it from other vasoconstrictor agents. Sea water enhances the decongestant effect, additionally moisturizes the mucous, allows it to dry up due to the action of other components of the drug. It can be used with any chronic and acute diseases of the upper respiratory tract, leading to the appearance of cold.
  3. «Ferveks.» The maximum duration of use – no more than three days. Otherwise can be triggered by the increased swelling that will completely block the breath with your nose. In some cases, there is the impact of the drug on the CNS and CVS.
  4. «Nazol», «Nazivin». The drugs begins ten minutes after application. The duration of effects up to twelve hours. The number of contraindications and side effects of these aerosols is minimal.
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The speed of onset is a distinctive feature of the above-described drugs. However, the fact that they are addictive, does not allow to use them for a long period of time.

Homeopathic sprays

The funds, which contain substances of natural origin, also have an effect on the common cold.

Homeopathic nasal sprays are safe, but their effectiveness is slightly lower than that of synthetic analogues.

Herbal nasal sprays have a beneficial effect on removal of edema, have moisturizing and antiseptic effect.

Some of them can fight bacteria.

In most cases the composition of these preparations contains menthol or peppermint oil, eucalyptus.

Among the drugs group is to provide:

  1. «Pinosol.» Has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial action. It provides the relief of nasal breathing. Contains a large number of natural ingredients, including oils of mountain pine, and thymol. Contraindications: before age three years and the presence of allergic reactions to components.
  2. «Euphorbium Compositum». Contains natural herbal ingredients, but also minerals. Works against inflammation, swelling. Prevents dryness in the nasal cavity.
  3. «Sinuforte». Active ingredient – extract of the root of the cyclamen. Helps in the presence of acute or chronic sinusitis.

Important! Despite the natural framework to apply these tools for a long period of time are not recommended as they can dry the mucous and provoke allergic reactions.


Today, the market represented a large number of funds against the cold. Lately increasingly popular nasal spray. They act quickly, but the effect from their application lasts for an extended period of time.

However, the use of such medicines should only as directed by your doctor. Only a specialist will be able to determine whether it is effective or that the cough from a cold in your specific case.