Starts on the common cold: how to prevent it when it has just begun

What to do if it starts cold?

The first symptom of catarrhal inflammation is rhinitis. Rhinitis often occurs as a signaling process to which you need to pay attention as soon as possible. If the runny nose has just started and you just noticed the deterioration of health, it is necessary to use methods of protection of the body. If you missed the beginning of the inflammation, rhinitis can cause the development of sinusitis or sinusitis.

Wondering how to prevent a cold when it starts, it is necessary to identify the root cause of inflammation. If it is a contagious inflammation, you can use methods of alternative medicine and to drink a decoction of medicinal herbs, and use of vasoconstrictor nasal drops. In addition, to cope with the first symptoms of the disease will help inhalation, baths for warming the feet and sprays based on essential oils.

What is runny

The allocation of mucous secretion from the nose is almost never an independent inflammation. Dysfunction of the nasal mucosa, as the patient feels the release of copious amounts of mucus, breathing problems, swelling of the sinuses and other symptoms. This process occurs due to a viral or bacterial proliferation in the nasal cavity.

Often, this process leads to dryness of the cavity, which can cause severe deterioration of health.

In addition, the dryness becomes the root cause of the mucous secretion accumulation in the sinuses that causes acute rhinitis or sinusitis.

Treat beginning cold necessary at this stage.

When running the process rhinitis can last about seven days. If the patient ignored this phase, the patient increases the risk of more complex pathological processes.

What to do if it starts cold

To facilitate the well-being of the patient can make use of various manipulations, however, it is important to establish the cause of education of the cold. To do this, seek medical help and diagnose.

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To facilitate the patient’s condition in the early stages, it is sufficient to use the following recipes.


Rinse nasal passages with saline. It can make your own at home.

To do this in one glass of warm water mix one teaspoon of salt and add a small amount of baking soda.

The solution will help to prevent the patient from accumulation of mucus and improve breathing.

To apply such a method can be every two hours until complete recovery.


To prevent acute rhinitis it is necessary to humidify the lining of the nasal cavity. To do this, use a mixture of tea tree oil by adding carrot juice.

The combination of these ingredients favorably affect the nasal cavity and improve the function of organ of respiration.

  1. For mixing should be clean and grate a small carrot.
  2. Then squeeze all the juice vegetable.
  3. To the mixture, you must add three drops of tea tree oil and stir thoroughly cure.
  4. For best effect, add to the mixture three drops of garlic juice.

To use this method you need every day. Enter the nasal cavity at three drops every three hours.

Natural antiseptics

To prevent inflammation of the mucous membrane will help the use of natural antiseptics.

Best puffiness the cavity of the handle onions and garlic.

For use vegetables for medicinal purposes should be ground foods to a pulp, and then add one hundred milliliters of water.

In the broth, add half a teaspoon of honey and leave the mixture dark place for one hour.

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The resulting tool insert in the nose for three drops every six hours.

Beet juice

To avoid complications of rhinitis, you can use beet juice. To prepare the medication you need to clean a small beetroot and finely slice it. Then squeeze the juice from the fruit and put it in the fridge to in another case.

The mixture should be applied to the nose in a diluted form. For this, five drops of beet juice, add three drops of clean water. To enter in the nose is recommended as often as three times a day.

Decoctions of medicinal herbs

At the initial stage of rhinitis to the patient is useful to take a tincture of rosehip and raspberry, as well as during the day to drink decoctions of medicinal herbs.

It is best to buy ready teas at the pharmacy and take them throughout the day in small SIPS.


To relieve the patient from symptoms of rhinitis helps inhalation. It is best to steam-based treatments chamomile, fir, Bay leaves, sage and thyme. Add your chosen ingredient into boiling water and inhale the vapor for ten minutes.

At the time of the procedure, the head should be closed with a large towel.

Ensure that the pairs were not burning. Otherwise you can provoke a burn!


If the rhinitis was formed immediately after a long walk in the cold swipe warming of the nasal cavity.

This will rascality small amount of salt in the pan and pour it in the pouch.

Lotion wrapped in a napkin, attach the salt to the inflamed areas.

Keep a cloth pouch on the nose at least thirty minutes or until, in another case ingredient.

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In addition to salt, the patient can use cereals or boiled egg.

Essential oils

At the first sign of a cold use essential oils. Inhalation of eucalyptus, peach, orange and peppermint oils have antiseptic and antibacterial effect, and strengthens the overall immunity of the patient.

Inhale the aromas during the day for fifteen minutes at a time.


To prevent rhinitis will help the foot bath. Warm feet in hot baths with the addition of sodium chloride or sea salt, as well as a small amount of mustard. Immediately after steaming, put on woolen socks and lie down under the blanket.


To get rid of rhinitis at the initial stages is easy. These recipes will have a positive impact not only on the nasal cavity, but also on the entire body. So feel free to use the recipes and be healthy.