Strange smell in nose: what is it and what can be the reasons

Why nose a strange smell occurs?

The body tells the person that it changes in different ways- experiencing pain, spasms, disorders of various kinds. Another signal that cannot be ignored is the strange smell in my nose. Causes this problem you need to find out immediately to start a course of treatment.

Symptom in 95% of cases indicates the presence of the disease, so it is very important to undergo a diagnostic examination by a specialist. The research will help to determine the causes of the emergence of odors. Initiated in the early stages of therapy helps to get rid of the problem in the short term.

Odors in the nose is the types and causes

The unpleasant smell occurs in the nose infrequently. According to the requests of patients, this phenomenon usually accompanies the underlying disease, existing medical history. Reasons for the occurrence of the symptom there are many, so thorough examination is not necessary. At the reception people are complaining about a specific unpleasant odor. Most often he clearly feels. Such manifestations indicate flowing in the nasal cavity pathological processes or changes.

The manifestation of the symptom is made possible by anatomical ability, which has a mucus membrane. It has a large number of special structures — the olfactory receptors, who quickly transmit signals from the affected region directly to the brain. There they are processed and depending on the underlying problem, the person feels one of the following odors in the nose:

  • sulfur;
  • Gary;
  • rot;
  • acetone;
  • iron;
  • ammonia;
  • dust.

The smell of burning in most cases is a side effect or reaction on long time medication. Classes of medicaments can be different, so the symptom occurs in people with various diseases.

Putrid aroma manifests itself in the nasal cavity under the influence of appropriate microflora. It is a symptom of the processes of suppuration of the paranasal sinuses, which may lead to sinusitis or sinusitis. Cause of ammonia smell is a pathology arising in the liver or the kidneys. In order that the smell is gone, you will need to take treatment, which will eliminate the problem in those bodies.

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A metallic smell may occur if there is bleeding in the nasal cavity, trauma, resulting in damage to vessels or tissues.

It can also indicate poisoning or a side effect of certain medications. In the nasal cavity penetrating particles from the environment by inhalation, as a result there is a smell of iron.

The feeling of acetone in the nasal cavity arise from complications that gives diabetes. In this case you will need a complex and long-term therapy. The smell of sulfur occurs in disorders of the liver, allergic reactions, disorders of the nervous system.

Important: the highest intensity of odors in the nose get during fetid atrophic rhinitis.

Odors arising in the nasal cavity can feel not only people, faced with their appearance, but also the surrounding.

It is therefore necessary to pass a special examination by a specialist.

All the flavors cause discomfort to the person, so getting rid of him is priority.

Outsiders, causing obvious discomfort, foul odors in 99% of cases occur in the presence in the body of a certain progressive disease – some causes, which requires an immediate solution.

In 5-6% of cases the presence of aroma in the nasal cavity turns into a form of idiopathic, i.e. constant, the reason for which, after examination, to determine failed.

The main diseases affecting the possibility of all types of smells are:

  • ozena or stinking rhinitis;
  • the acute form of sinusitis;
  • inflammatory processes in the sinuses;
  • sinusitis;
  • violation of metabolic processes;
  • problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
  • the kidney disease;
  • violations of the liver;
  • allergic reactions, occurring in the acute form;
  • the bacterial form of infection;
  • thyroid disease;
  • diabetes.

The sensation of an unpleasant smell in the nose also occurs when parosmia. In this case there are violations of the functions of smell.

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To experience the flavor does not require additional stimulation.

For getting rid of this disorder require additional treatment prescribed by the neuropathologist.

The cause of the unpleasant smell can also be a presence of foreign object/body of any diameter in the nasal cavity. As a result, the accumulation of fluid under the influence of bacteria in which is formed a purulent substance. Of the pathological violations are often due to hormonal imbalance or the presence of olfactory hallucinations.

Symptoms: what you should know

The symptoms that are actively developing and growing in size in proportion to the time that a person does not correct the problem, the result of the presence of odor in the nasal cavity, you need to know as soon as possible seek medical help. Main manifestations:

  • pronounced discomfort in the nose
  • headache (especially pronounced in the parietal area);
  • difficulties with the smell and recognize other odors;
  • dizziness (including no reason);
  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • depression.

In neglected cases, there predepression condition, weakness and lethargy, apathy, indifference to what is happening. Sometimes the nose may be formed characteristic of purulent crusts, which also negatively affect a person in visual contact.

The basic methods of Troubleshooting

Treatment – the need for the emergence of such symptoms. To start the process, as well as to self-medicate – it can cause deterioration of the General condition. Medical impact on the problem should be etiological in nature – aimed at addressing the root causes and not just the symptom. That is why there are several types of treatment, which selects the expert according to the results of the research:

  1. The conservative influence is the suppression of body infection that caused the formation of odor. In the process are also eliminated purulent or mucous crust. It involves taking medications and debridement (lavage) of the nasal cavity. The result is an unpleasant smell in your nose when you inhale or exhale disappears.
  2. Drugs – the use of antibacterial drugs in combination with other drugs (oils, drops, sprays).
  3. Treatment with herbal remedies – solutions and infusions based on chamomile or calendula and also aloe. They are used most often to conduct the flushing and inflammation.
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Sometimes, in severe or chronic cases, to help people is only possible by surgery. The procedure is used in case of blockage of nasal passage mucous or purulent tube and a foreign body. After this exposure, it is recommended to include conservative therapy, medical treatment and also use herbal remedies for future prevention.


The problem of odour is very common. Experts have developed multiple systems of influence on the foci, so issues such as the smell of dust in the nose and that is it, no more for a man intimidating. As well as the sense of the other side of unpleasant aromas.

A timely request for assistance, well-made therapy and compliance – the key to a quick recovery. To consolidate the achieved positive result, you can use traditional methods of treatment, but only after receiving permission to use these drugs from your doctor.