Strep throat: photo + raster rinse

What to gargle in laryngitis

Called laryngitis inflammation of the larynx, involving the vocal chords, is treated quite effectively at home. It uses a series of therapeutic interventions designed to relieve acute symptoms and to improve the General condition of the patient. Helps gargling with laryngitis. All the details about this procedure, you can learn from our article.

What is laryngitis

Laryngitis is a common and well-studied illness. He overtakes, and adults and children developing, as a rule, after infectious diseases affecting the upper respiratory tract. Patients first began to be troubled by discomfort in the throat, which causes inflammation of its mucosa. It increases rapidly, turning on the vocal cords, which become hypermasculine and swollen, causing hoarseness, scratchiness, hoarseness and even complete loss of voice.

What looks like strep throat, photo on our website shows very well. On the mucous membrane of the larynx clearly the types of signs of inflammation. Expressed hyperemia and severe swelling visible on the vocal cords, the epiglottis and the walls of pidholosoviy cavity. To suspect this disease you can own, but the final diagnosis is made only by a qualified doctor.

Looks like the laryngitis is a disease of the throat, we find out, we can proceed to techniques and methods of its treatment, which not only speed up the recovery, but also facilitate General condition of the patient, effectively removing all unpleasant symptoms of this disease.

The principles of treatment of laryngitis

Laryngitis is a common disease whose treatment is not difficult. Hospitalization is shown to children with acute stenosing laryngitis, when the probability of occurrence of laryngospasm endangering their lives. In all other cases, inpatient care is not needed, rather, only compliance with all recommendations of the doctor and the disease, later 7 – 10 days, will have to recede.

Treatment of laryngitis will be to get rid of the disease that caused his appearance and the withdrawal of its acute symptoms. First and foremost, it is necessary to eliminate swelling of the larynx and vocal cords, which violates the tone of voice and causes significant discomfort. How to remove swelling of the throat laryngitis will depend on the degree of severity and identified the causative agent of infectious-inflammatory process in the larynx. With the viral nature of effective antiviral agents, and bacterial will need antibiotics.

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In the symptomatic treatment of laryngitis participate and physiotherapy, and traditional medicine. It is believed that all ENT diseases need to be treated with heat. No exception and this disease. Is it possible to warm the throat laryngitis will say doctor, usually, it is not prohibited in the absence of high temperature. But it should be remembered that warming should be shared. It is impossible to prevent hypothermia, in heat need to keep not only the throat, but also feet.

General principles of treatment of this disease are the following:

  • Complete voice rest;
  • Bed rest;
  • Drink plenty of liquids;
  • The exception of the diet hard, sour, salty or pickled foods, i.e. everything that will injure the inflamed mucosa of the throat;
  • Quitting Smoking and other bad habits;
  • Medication;
  • Frequent gargling and regular inhalations.

The correct way of life and observance of all doctor’s recommendations will allow to get rid of all the symptoms of laryngitis for a week. But assuming that to be resolved is a common disease causing inflammation of the vocal cords.

One very effective «home» method of treatment of this disease, dwell. The gargling will be dedicated to our next section.

Options gargle in laryngitis

Young children, pregnant and lactating women, Allergy sufferers and people with some chronic diseases, many drugs, taken orally, is prohibited. In getting rid of painful manifestations they come to the aid of gargling.This procedure is effective at different stages of acute inflammation of the mucosa of the larynx, including and recovery.

What to gargle in laryngitis and pharyngitis will tell the attending physician depending on the severity of symptoms, characteristics of the disease and your medical history. It can be:

  • Herbal teas;
  • Apple cider vinegar and honey;
  • Soda-saline solutions;
  • Fruit and vegetable juices;
  • Ready pharmacy drugs.

The effectiveness of gargling is that it promotes not only the relief but also treatment. Because in this way local effects on the causative agent of the disease, he seems to be washed away with the mucous membranes of the throat, thereby reducing swelling and relieves inflammation.

In phytotherapy laryngitis involved calamus root, chamomile, sage and nettle. Contained active substances promote relieve irritation of the throat, than for coughs and sore.

At an early stage of development of the disease effective is calamus root. Rinse it with infusion throat to immediately after the appearance of discomfort. This infusion is prepared very simply. It is sufficient to pour boiling water and infuse. Rinse their throats have no less than 6 times a day. Calamus root can be mixed with dry collection of medicinal Potentilla – this will increase the treatment effect of gargling.

About the healing properties of honey many people have heard. This bee product is a real storehouse of vitamins and other useful for our organism, substances. It can lubricate the affected by inflammation of the mucous membranes of the throat and vocal cords. He will act abrasive, cleansing them from the infection and to relieve irritation and swelling. Honey together with Apple cider vinegar can be used for gargling. To do this in 2 liters of water to dissolve 2 teaspoons of vinegar and 1 teaspoon of honey. To the resulting solution rinse the throat at least 5 times a day.

Soda and salt, preferably sea, are widely used for the treatment of many ENT diseases and dental problems. Suitable soda-salt solution for gargle in laryngitis. It cleans the mucous membranes from the accumulation of germs and prevents their reproduction.

Great options than soothe a sore throat laryngitis are freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices. They are particularly effective at the initial stage of the disease. You can gargle diluted with water beet and potato juice. Wonderful relieves inflammation and swelling of the carrot milk.

In addition to the popular ways to gargle in laryngitis, the doctor for this procedure and may designate the use of special drugs. It will be a special dry mix or tablets for cooking and medicinal antiseptic mouthwash – furatsilin, efficient and others.

Other ways to quickly get rid of laryngitis

In addition to medical rinse effective in getting rid of laryngitis at home are:

  • Steam inhalation;
  • Sprays;
  • A hot compress;
  • Syrups;
  • Mustard.

For steam inhalation will need a nebulizer – a special device that turns liquid drugs into steam with malchishki medicinal particles that, when inhaled, enter deeply into the respiratory tract, the mucous settling on them. For their use of alkaline solutions, mineral water, herbal teas.

The throat spray is intended to eliminate significant discomfort, decrease irritation and soreness, as well as to minimize the coughing. If the inflammation of the vocal cords is accompanied by a barking cough, you will need a antitussive syrup.

Hot compress on the throat causes expansion of vessels mucous membranes, which helps to improve blood circulation in the vocal cords and the return of the old voice.

All of the above procedures allow to quickly deal with laryngitis acute stage of its development, to prevent its transition into the chronic form and the development of complications. It is important to note that self-medication is an infectious inflammation of the vocal cords is not acceptable. At the first sign of change of tone of voice, you need to urgently visit a doctor for diagnosis and prescription of effective treatment.