Stuffy ear and noise in the ear without pain: causes and treatment

How to treat nasal congestion and noise in the ear?

Many people do not know what a blocked ear and noise in the ear. Usually these symptoms disappear after swallowing movements and do not cause strong discomfort. But in some cases discomfort last for the whole day or even several days. In this case, the patient has to undergo a diagnosis and determine the causes of congestion and noise in the ear. Probably in the organ of hearing there is a major dysfunction, which subsequently can cause a number of complications, including complete deafness.

The formation of extraneous noise, accompanied by pain, require a comprehensive examination and a thorough examination of ENT. The sooner you seek medical help, the sooner you can eliminate disease and restore perfect hearing.

Why pawns ears

Reduction of hearing people should be alerted and be a good reason for seeking specialist. The ears and the formation of extraneous noise is only a symptom, not an independent disease. So the sooner you determine the cause of the disease and remove it faster, the better. To take risks and put off going to the doctor in this case not worth it.


The most common cause of stuffiness in one or both ears is an inflammation of the middle part of the organ of hearing.

Otitis media is accompanied by purulent discharge, pain, fever, feeling of bubbling and other symptoms.

Cure otitis media using anti-inflammatory drops and ointments pain.


If the formation of extraneous noise is accompanied by painful sensations, it is necessary to check blood pressure. Often such symptoms are experienced by hypertensive patients.

Changes in blood pressure can cause painful vascular spasm.

This process causes a shooting sensation and the appearance of stuffiness of the ears.

For the same reason can be attributed to the pressure change in the external environment. Usually patients notice the congestion at take-off or landing of aircraft or when traveling in the mountains. Congestion can occur when you jump into the water or scuba diving.

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The common cold is a frequent cause of the formation of congestion. Because of the connection of the nasal cavity with the Eustachian tube, it forms a certain pressure in the middle part of the ear.

In this process, patients notice swelling, formation of copious amounts of mucus and a feeling of bubbling in the hearing aid.

Sulfuric tube

If ringing in ear for a long period of time, you must pass an examination at the ENT for the presence of cerumen. Sometimes, when the accumulation of a large number of secretions, sulfur causes pain and sudden hearing loss.

Feelings can intensify after taking a shower, since sulfur swells and presses against the walls of the ear canal. In this state, they can take up to eighty percent of the ear canal and cause inflammation.

Foreign objects

In the formation of nasal congestion after a walk check out the ear canal. Congestion can be caused by the penetration of a foreign object or small insect. Often these situations are accompanied by sharp pains and dizziness.


Congestion may appear after hygiene in the shower or after swimming in lakes and rivers. This symptom indicates the ingress of water into the ear canal.

In this case, it is important to dry the organ of hearing. Otherwise there is a risk of acute otitis media or other diseases.

Allergic reaction

Another important reason for the formation of a sense of nasal congestion and allergic reaction. It can be caused by prolonged treatment with antibiotics or other medicines.

The tumor

Prolonged noise in the ear is impassable to check the health of the doctor-otolaryngologist. In some cases, the patient may form severe inflammation of the paranasal sinuses or tonsils. In addition, five percent of patients are diagnosed with the formation of a tumor or cyst.

Hearing loss

If nasal congestion is not accompanied by pain, but the hearing drops quickly, the patient can diagnose hearing loss. This inflammation is often manifested as a complication after ORVI, a flu or cold, and also undertreated otitis media.

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To test the degree of hearing loss using audiometry.


Noise in the ear and nasal without pain can become a companion for the duration of the pregnancy. In this case, to worry and not to worry, as these symptoms act as a natural hormonal changes and not dangerous to the health of the patient.

A deviated septum

Oddly enough, but the ears can be diagnosed in almost all people with a deviated septum. In this case, the patient has to undergo surgical intervention to restore patency in the nasal cavity. Otherwise this symptom will be accompanied by the patient’s life.

Treatment of nasal congestion and noise in the ear

To cure a stuffy ear can only after establishing the cause of the disease.

If the reason for the congestion was the formation of cerumen, it is necessary to eliminate the selection via drops «Remo-wax» or «HHonors».

Drops you only need a small tube. If the size of the deposits is more than fifty percent, the patient should seek medical help.

In the case of pain and congestion due to the penetration of a foreign object the patient needs as quickly as possible to go to the emergency room. To extract an insect or a detail of the toy is not desirable, because you can push the object further in the auditory canal.

If the cause of the inflammation is the swelling of the mucosa, the patient is administered vasoconstrictor drops «Snoop», «Vibrocil» and «Nazol».

With otitis in the middle ear the patient is prescribed anti-inflammatory ear drops – «Drops» or «Otinum». In the case of acute illness needs stronger drops with antibiotics — «Dexon», or «Sofradeks». They can be used to prevent the risk of complications.

Viral inflammation are appointed by antiviral medicines. Usually the doctors advise to use «Kagocel», as it is for a short time removes puffiness and eliminates congestion in the ears.

Important! In the absence of the inflammatory process, the patient may use alcohol compresses. They effectively relieve pain and return the sensitivity of the hearing aid.

If discomfort in the ears associated with trauma to the head or when a deviated septum, the patient may need surgical intervention. Violation of anatomy can result in chronic sinusitis and more dangerous characteristics.

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If extraneous sounds are the result of diseases not related to the health of the ears, you must undergo therapy aimed at the underlying cause. This is necessary in hypertension, hypotension, and low back pain.

Remember that the lack of medical treatment can lead to inflammation of the nasal cavity and mouth.


If the ears are constantly torments the patient, not to postpone visits to the doctor. With timely therapy, the patient will be able to stop the beginning of any disease, and quickly go on the amendment.

Do not start treatment without consulting a doctor, and do not use drugs without fixing the root cause of the disease.

After recovery, try to stick to a healthy lifestyle and watch your diet. Spending more time in the fresh air and strongly quenched the body.