Stuffy ear for colds — how to get rid of

How to cure a stuffy ear during a cold?

The ears often occurs as the first symptom of the disease of the organ of hearing. This process provokes a temporary loss of hearing level, increased resonance, twang, and a number of other symptoms. Not to pay attention to causes of ear stuffiness during colds is impossible, as with the establishment of the factors of formation of inflammatory process starts the treatment. Therefore, if you suffer nasal congestion and pain in my ears for more than one day, seek medical help.

To get rid of the blockage of ears with a cold snap. Enough to determine symptoms of inflammation and to establish the localization of the disease. Most often the disease affects the middle part of the ear, causing the formation of otitis media, or acts as a side syndrome after prolonged rhinitis or respiratory infection. In this case, it is important to know how to treat a blocked ear when you have cold and time to take treatment.

Why pawns ears

The reasons for the congestion is to find out first, as based on these data, the doctor will prescribe further treatment. To identify the factors of formation of inflammation the patient should perform their health conditions. If the survey is not spend on time, the patient may receive a number of complications that can cause the formation of otitis in the inner ear or inflammation of the meningitis.


The main cause of congestion becomes ear infection in the middle part of the ear device or of the nasopharynx. Due to the development of inflammation, the patient may note a decrease in hearing level, the appearance of unusual sounds, feeling of gurgling in the ear and other symptoms.

In such a situation it is important to determine the type of infectious inflammation and to take anti-inflammatory medication.

Dysfunction of the Eustachian tube

At a congestion of the ears is necessary to diagnose the condition of the Eustachian tube. Very often, when bridging the cavity, the patient notes the acute symptoms education not only in the cavity of the nasopharynx, but also in the middle ear. Patients usually complain of nasal congestion, the appearance of extraneous noises, the resonance of the voice.

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If the functions of the Eustachian tube does not recover in time, the patient will suffer from pain in the eardrum, disruption of the pressure in the outer and middle ear, and also violates the perception of the sound signal.

Inflammation of cartilage

Often congestion occurs because of prolonged catarrhal inflammation, when there is a dysfunction in the cartilaginous part of the auditory tube. When inflammation of the mucous membrane of this cavity, in the ear can appear mucus. Such a process leads to serious disease of the middle ear and swelling of the tissues.

The ears in this process acts as the first signal.

Changes in anatomy

If nasal congestion bothers one ear for a long period of time, the patient should check the function of the drain part in the Eustachian tube. Cold can cause pathological changes in the structure of ENT-organs, which causes disruption to the structure of the entire cavity of the ear.

Deformation of the membrane or disruption of the integrity of the tympanic membrane causes not only congestion, but also severe pain. Treatment in such processes is required immediately, as there is a risk of hearing loss.

Rhinitis and inflammation of the throat

Colds or viral infectious nature causes rhinitis, which becomes another cause of stuffiness of the ears. Very often mucus violate the basic functions of ENT-organs, but can also go in the chronic stage. This process is dangerous to patient’s health, so take medication.

When inflammation of the nasopharynx, the infection often moves to nearby tissues. Affecting the cavity of the throat, the disease disrupts the many functions. In this process the ears acts only as one of the signs.

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With hypothermia, infectious inflammation, decrease the immune system caused by cold, the patient can diagnose otitis media middle or inner ear. In addition to congestion of the organ of hearing, inflammation of the otitis media patients complain of pain inside the ear, which goes to temporal region, fever, reduced hearing level and so on.

Treatment of otitis media begins with the establishment of the reasons of its formation. In the future, the patient is prescribed an antibacterial or anti-inflammatory therapy.

Other reasons

In addition to these reasons, the ears may appear due to the following factors:

  • cerumen impaction;
  • violation of the rules of hygiene;
  • inflammation of the meninges;
  • swelling of the lymphoid tissue;
  • inflammation of the auditory nerve;
  • complications of colds;
  • the decline of the immune system;
  • the development of pathogenic flora;
  • swelling in the mucosa in the Eustachian tube;
  • hearing loss;
  • perforation of the eardrum.

In such diseases, it is important to consult a doctor, and only then begin the necessary treatment.

Treatment of ear stuffiness during colds

To remove unpleasant sensations in the ears by using conservative therapy. However, first we need to understand that the ears is only a symptom, and the treatment will be aimed at the root cause of the disease.

To destroy negative flora in the cavity of the ear, the patient is assigned to anti-viral drugs, and vasoconstrictor drops.

  1. To maintain the functions of blood vessels and reducing swelling in the ear necessary vasoconstrictor drops «Galazolin», «Taufon».
  2. In acute inflammation of the ear, the patient is assigned a combination of drops «Garson», «Sofradeks». They will reduce the pressure on the eardrum and destroy the catarrhal form of the disease.
  3. For mild symptoms the patient is assigned to anti-inflammatory eye drops, «Drops» and «Otinum».
  4. In the course of treatment includes using anti-inflammatory ointments «Oksikort», «Hydrocortisone».
  5. A more serious development of the disease the patient was prescribed systemic antibiotics «Amoxicillin», «Dexon». They prevent the growth of bacteria and reduce the severity of symptoms.
  6. To reduce inflammation and pain in the ear canal of the patient required ear candles «reamed», «Alkion». In addition to a favorable influence on the organ of hearing, they improve immune system function.
  7. In case of allergic reactions patient is prescribed antihistamines «Zyrtec», «Aerius», «Effective», «Ketotifen». They will reduce swelling in the tissues and improve the function of the Eustachian tube.
  8. At a congestion of the ears should improve blood circulation in the organ of hearing. This is assigned anticoagulants «Slaughtering», «Fragmin».

In addition to standard treatment, your doctor may order alcohol lotion. They can be applied only in the absence of purulent discharge.

Remember! The patient must follow the diet, drink plenty of fluids, more time to relax.

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The appearance of stuffiness in one or both ears, and when pain and other symptoms, remember that this is only the first signs of the beginning of the inflammatory process. Therefore, if timely treatment to the hospital you will be able to avoid a number of complications, including acute otitis media and permanent hearing loss.