Stuffy nose after drinking: why lays

Why, after alcohol stuffy nose?

Nasal congestion is a very common problem. This can happen for several reasons: swelling, increasing the amount of the production of mucus, tumors, narrowing of the nasal passages etc. But why after alcohol stuffy nose?

In fact, a stuffy nose after drinking alcohol, is a normal condition due to the expansion of blood vessels. Besides the discomfort, it may be the result of problems with the mucosa or even the heart.

Allergic reaction to alcohol

Despite the fact that the reasons can be a lot, in almost 8 cases out of 10, the problem is Allergy to ethanol, which is present in all alcoholic beverages. To remove the feeling of stuffiness, just enough to remove the irritant, however, in the case of ethanol, will have to wait a few hours.

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If there is an overwhelming desire to drink, it is necessary to consult a specialist who will be able to consider all nuances and to choose the optimal course of treatment, even though the very first recommendation would be to avoid alcohol.


Under the influence of alcohol is vasodilation, as ethanol relaxes the vascular wall. Some doctors even recommend against this background their patients with high blood pressure, drink alcohol, thereby reducing the pressure.

It’s not quite right, because the good of this there is no cure. The more alcohol enters the blood, the more your heart rate increases, that speaks about the increased volume of blood that the heart ejects into the arteries, accordingly, the effect of such «treatment» will not.

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With the constant use of alcohol in the vessels can appear another problem – fat. It is their clog, which may appear not only dry in the nose, and difficulty breathing.


Of course, the polyps are quite difficult to reconcile with the admission of alcohol. It is known for only one thing, that they develop much faster in people who abuse alcohol.

The process of the growth of polyps, may be entirely asymptomatic for many years. There are only three stages of increasing polyps:

  • partial overlapping of upper part of the septum;
  • the almost complete overlap;
  • complete overlap.

Any of the above stages may be a reason for laying the nose and as a result complications of breathing. It should be noted that not always, removing polyps is the best solution. Make it can only be a specialist.

Other sources lay the nose

In addition, there are other causes of nasal congestion:

  1. Vasomotor rhinitis. Very often, people who drink alcoholic beverages, is diagnosed with this form of rhinitis, which is only one nostril. Moreover, mucus is often not observed.
  2. Inflammation of the mucous membrane. Difficulty breathing can be associated with it. Ethanol, in principle, is a poison to humans, so once it enters the bloodstream and spreads throughout the body, in fact is a complete local inflammation.
  3. Hypertension or angina. As soon as large amounts of alcohol enter the bloodstream, the cardiovascular system experiences a severe blow, which is a strong rapid expansion of the nasal mucosa.
  4. Nasal congestion is a common thing, if used together with alcohol occurs systemic administration of vasoconstrictor drops.
  5. Can also be a thinning of the mucosa. It is a gradual phenomenon happens to all, but the alcohol only exacerbates the capacity of the organism to function normally because of what is happening prematurely.
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Any form of congestion after alcohol, it is necessary to go on reception to the appropriate specialist.

How to remove nasal congestion?

To relieve can only be based on the specific cause. If after alcohol stuffy nose, often enough to wait until the alcohol disappears from the blood. It is possible to use vasoconstrictive drops, but their efficiency is in this case controversial.

Very often used cryotherapy. This is a fairly effective method is the following. In the nasal passages, you must enter the special turundy, previously cooled to -200 degrees Celsius.

Thanks to this extreme cooling, the blood vessels are damaged and almost instantly recovered and narrowed. The nerve endings also recover quickly. No side effects this method has, however, not everyone has the opportunity to carry out such a procedure.

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Definitely the best and most effective option is a complete rejection of alcoholic beverages. The problem of alcoholism is as relevant as ever. The entire body is suffering because of alcohol, so it’s best really to abandon it.